[LCN] Syndicate Quests Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    What is "Complete 50 Challenges"? Challenges being High Roller or Turf Wars? Each mobbie would have to do 2 each which would take how many days if they don't use FPs? This is a stinker!
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  2. Manysheeps

    Manysheeps New Member

    When and where do we get to open boxes. Personally I would like to see what sort of stuff is in them before I continue spending so much on trying to complete ever increasingly expensive tasks.
  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    You get the Loot Cases at the end of the event. Not to give too much away, but the Medium and Hard cases have a good chance at dropping decent amounts of FP and some Loot and Legendary tier items.
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  4. Angel or Not

    Angel or Not Member

    Complete 10,000 Jobs
    147/10,000 .... I understand this is one of the hard Quests but really? Seems like the points for the jobs would b relevant to the lvl player, being almost unattainable I can see future alts being made to achieve this goal.... (ie NY jobs at 1 stam...I can hear the clickiing) :(
  5. Relax its a game

    Relax its a game New Member

    This was not well thought out. 4 days do do this. Major fail
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  6. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    IMHO, this is very boring event, 2 quests at a time, is the dumbest idea ever..... please open all 6 quests at same time , it should be difffernts task quest, no same 2 quest repeating!!!! Kano , wake up!!!!
  7. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    Kano should consider change event expiration from 4 days to 7 days (same timeline format as daily game point) because 99% of my syndicate members are either 15 min player or part-timer or too bizzy in real life, 4 days defeated the purpose of unfairly rewards , doh
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  8. Trouble

    Trouble New Member

    LOLOL im just glad i've given up this game already monthes ago .. was just only checking in to help my family out .. but from what i see this quest is bullcrap .. just another try to make people spend money .. well done kano .. NOT
  9. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    Well said - that was the VERY intent from the very beginning: generate income for KANO. It is also probably hoped that the fight quests will create uneasiness within different syndicates in order to, well what else but to generate income.
  10. Manysheeps

    Manysheeps New Member

    Now we completed one quest - which opened another quest doing the same thing as the quest we had not completed.
    So... basically the easy quest stopped counting what we were doing so will not now finish.
    Only the medium quest is going up.

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  11. Manysheeps

    Manysheeps New Member

    And now it appears to be moving again
  12. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    Quests are working fine on Kongregate. From what I've heard on the other games/servers, the quests aren't worth the effort and I must agree. Here are the quests we at [KEY] have completed and are working on. upload_2019-4-27_12-45-42.png upload_2019-4-27_12-46-23.png

    Although the easy and medium tier challenges have been good and are at least fun in the sense they reward us as a syndicate for doing more of what we already do, that last challenge takes the absolute p**s. I mean, do insane number of jobs in your highest city (an extension of one of the daily challenges) would be fine in my books, but complete jobs you haven't already completed?? That's ludicrous for higher level players that aren't paying to level. For example, I'm about 20 levels off my next city at level 8155. Yes, not a massive level but still it will take me more than 2 days to reach that new city and the new jobs associated with it. So I am effectively unable to contribute to this quest without dipping into my pocket if I want to level up (not going to happen, certainly not outside of raid season). So, that's annoying point #1 on that quest.

    Annoying point numero 2 is that even if I did unlock a job within the time of the challenge, I can only contribute 140 jobs before I am again useless to further completing the quest. This raises an even more pressing issue, if we say that everyone in my syndicate was magically my level, then even if we all completed a new job 25*140=3500. Still well short of the 10,000 required for the achievement. To actually get the achievement with a syndicate of people at my level, then you'd need all 25 to do 3 new jobs IN THEIR ENTIRETY. That's a little silly in my books. Particularly when we factor in (I think it's 50 levels per new job - I might be wrong as I'm at the end of Antarctica so I can check when the different unlock levels) about 150 levels required in a 2-3 day period (50 levels a day is fair shifting even during raids I might add - or at least for me it is) and a total of about 1.4 Million energy (140*10,000 as a rough low end estimate. It would actually be a lot more in my synd as I'm mid-lower level in their ranks).

    So yeah, not entirely happy with the new quests. Certainly good to see new features and that you guys are still putting work into the game. But this job related quest in particular needs revising. I also recommend potentially revising any level related quests where new unlocks are required to get the ball rolling as the non/low spend players will be less than useless. As for the repeated quests, ehh they're a bit boring but at least for fights/boss attacks we were doing a lot of that anyway. I assume these are just the intro quests anyway so it's not like this will be all we ever see. *fingers crossed*

    EDIT: Repeating the last job on my job list is now counting towards this quest. Not sure why this wasn't happening earlier or if this is a patch. Still, I agree with Rockwell. 1 job for 170 energy in my case is a bit steep.
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  13. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    Our Quest #5 is
    Complete 10,000 Jobs
    2,552/10,000 (26%)
    The LOWEST cost job I can do for quest credit requires 137 energy for me. This credit system for jobs appears to be rather inappropriate considering the disparity that will exist between what individual players have to invest in energy to get a single unit of credit. Why can't you make the credit system for doing jobs just like that for attacking bosses: 1 stamina = 1 point attack credit for Quest, so 1 energy should = 1 point job credit for quest. This would make the scoring much more fair across the spectrum of levels. It could still remain a requirement to do the jobs at the proper city corresponding to level. It just seems rather strange for some players to be able to get 1 credit for 20 energy expended while others such as myself have to invest well over 125 energy to get the same 1 unit of credit toward a job Quest.
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  14. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    While this is a great idea in theory, the execution misses the mark a bit. People need to realize that this game isnt mafia wars. Why these quest style events worked so well in mafia wars is because well it was a completely different game just with the same theme. You cant ask families to do 7000 fights which is fine. However we have all sat around with full loads of stamina for 2 days and have no opponents on the fightlist. No where near completing the med task of 7000 fights. This appears to be the hardest single task. Tons of stamina, no targets or only just the same 1 account for 2 days. This worked in mafia wars because everyone could attack anyone high or low across the fightlist and it was just attacks. Even if it was only wins it was still possible. This game is too restrictive. If you want us to win against people who spend there entire life savings on this game in my fight range then i have my doubts we finish. We should at least have more whacked mobsters for this event like 200 and have them faster accessible in a day after you have used them. If we cant just attack anyone we like. Tired of attacking the only 1 or 2 accounts on my fightlist i have seen all event each time they log in and heal. They must think i am a bully. On top of that all i get out of it is like 20 or 30 fights wins in total. Keep checking, checking the fightlist off and on but there is just no one there. The do jobs in highest location should be changed. You should assign different jobs at different locations. Like for example do 9000 jobs in chicago as an easy or med task. Assign specific jobs that are reasonable for all players and not just highest location. Would allow you to mix the event up more and not have it so predictable. Simply just doing the highest location is rough and most have next to no chance to get anywhere close to finishing this event.
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  15. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Like this idea! However:
    1. The timing regular timing shouldn't overlap BA or Raids, but perhaps be over a SW weekend would be nice.
    2. There should be a way to monitor who is contributing (and how much) to these tasks.
    3. The 10k Jobs (Hard) is brutal; in fact the Jobs category is significantly harder than any others at all tiers.
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  16. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    I get the feeling even if job completion is part of this event, it is still more of an individual goal. Everyone has their own job among their own level rank that they do alone. This honestly leaves no planning, no interaction. Just a bunch of people doing who knows how many different jobs in a "family" event. If we all had common jobs we needed to attack together it would be better from the family side of things. Also if we knew what we invested into the job. Some could team up and attack one job we all needed while others could do another job or prepare for it accordingly. Depending on who had which jobs we needed, opened or unlocked from level and location. That would require that all task be open from the beginning or if not unlocking all task then at least show us which task will appear in which case order. Why does their always need to be a restriction included in every aspect of this game. You dont need to hide the task in the cases. There are only so many variations anyway if this event is ongoing. Allow us to hoover over the cases and see the task needing completion even if we cant start them yet so we can plan better. Some will even have the feeling they saved the day when they have jobs open others cant do yet. Some will try to make it there beforehand to help if they are close enough to unlock that job. Make it so that everyone of all level ranges have a sense of purpose. Take away the do job in highest location. This just makes it too random, unorganized and difficult unless you are only targeting a certain player base. Rather set it up to where a family based on the number of members in their syn might need 5, 000 or 3,000 job hits in london but only 600 or 700 job hits in miami. Still difficult if not many in a syn has reached that location, and if we can view that task in the case some could get there beforehand. Dont include locations that are too high for the event. Something along those lines that is more achievable than 10000 jobs in highest location. Unlocking this task with a day or 2 left is an unrealistic goal for people who need to work. If you are really feeling frisky and creative while we are on the topic, you can bring out a limited location where you need to finish the location in a certain timeframe for rewards and skill points before it goes away forever.
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  17. Ana

    Ana New Member

    LOL But does it count 2 x 1?
  18. Ana

    Ana New Member

    Could you help me reason?

    My particular case: I can do 16 jobs per day counting the recharge. So it would take 625 days to do 10,000 jobs. Or what is the same = 101 refills = 1010 FP = U$S 185

    Assuming that there are 25 people in the synd with twice the energy that I have (and I don't have little) and doing a job of less than 100 (which is difficult at higher levels) it would be more or less like this:

    32 jobs x 25 people = 800 jobs per day.

    You put last of all that quest, missing a day, suppose two. Do you really think that people are going to buy energy to do this work? What do they get in return? a .jpg, a .gif?

    Do you really think we can finish this job? If it is a joke!
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  19. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    here come the Hard.... 10k job.... really kano? does kano expect us to buy $200 fps worth just to hammer this insane number quest, only to find a 20 fps reward?, no thank I'll pass this quest as it is not worth it

    something is not right, if job call for 139 energy, it should be counts as 139 points, (currently, kano's flaw math 139 energys = 1 point, THIS IS SO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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  20. Trouble

    Trouble New Member

    ummmm yes .. win 7k fights with an empty fighlist <facepalm>

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