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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Jeffrey Tisdale, May 6, 2016.

  1. Jeffrey Tisdale

    Jeffrey Tisdale New Member

    We started our old mafia wars name MwG and three or four days later someone else did.
    I can only imagine what will happen when this starts multiplying.
    I spoke with Kano and they seem to think it's not an issue - I beg to differ
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  2. Hm, well if this was a game where everyone knew each other, it might not be necessary. But if you dont, you might withhold one family responsible for the actions of a member of another. Maybe the tags themselves are not that SUPER important, but family NAMEs should be unique. I am not sure though how many people will really other to check the complete name of a family before attacking. But then again - this whole game is about fighting...
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  3. Jaegermeister

    Jaegermeister Active Member

    in all my years of playing, i never even thought about this. why would you want to use the same tag as a group that you don't even know? and i believe that names ARE unique, but I may be mistaken.
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  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    it will probably add to the fun :)
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  5. Some people might just not bother to check if the tag already existed or they intentionally want to bring trouble to the other family out of a rivalery. I saw a lot of that in Mafia Wars and with the threats of getting the ex Mafia Wars players out of the game, there might be many ways to try it.
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  6. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    This is a complete non-issue. You can always haunt the copycats until they cry uncle.

    Now, while enforcing unique syndicate tags might sound appealing, there tend to be groups of syndicates working together and if they can no longer indicate belonging to a group, that would be counterproductive.
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  7. i understand that. it would always be possible to add numbers to the tag though. like if you have MwG you could have MwG1, MwG2 etc. i hope it will stay a non issue, i have seen different in Mafia Wars and have already seen some players with the same ego that caused it there in Mob Wars too. lets wait and see
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  8. Mabest

    Mabest Well-Known Member

    I can tell you from previous experience in PC with same name tags, Kano doesn't care. I was told that pirates will always have something to fight about. Kano wouldn't make the upstart change the name of his armada or his tag. It's a pita I know.
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  9. Jeffrey Tisdale

    Jeffrey Tisdale New Member

    It causes some confusion at a small level - sounds ridiculous to copy a syndicate name - if they didn't know it, they do now. Easy to see who got the name first - bottom line
  10. SSsssSSnake

    SSsssSSnake New Member

    Slapshot, you are obviously mistaken. YOUR syndicate was created a whole week AFTER ours. Ours was created 62 days, 20 hours ago ... see for yourself

    Look at your syndicate page and it CLEARLY shows yours was created after ours. .... created 55 days 9 hours ago
    So this makes your syndicate name the "COPY CAT"
    This is NOT Mafia Wars ... this is Mob Wars LCN

    If YOU didn't know it ... you do now. VERY easy to see who got the name first!
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  11. SSsssSSnake

    SSsssSSnake New Member

    Had to edit my reply to show our syndicate link. Not that KANO will do anything about it but there is the proof WHO had MwG first!
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  12. Fang

    Fang New Member

    Muppets with Guns Tag [MwG]
    Created 62 days, 22 hours ago

    MwG Tag [MwG]
    Created 55 days, 11 hours ago

    Seems to me that we had the tag first. There hasn't been a problem up to this point. In fact, I've got a number of the latecomers in my mob. With 2 different names, I really don't see an issue.
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  13. Fang

    Fang New Member

    You're correct. It is easy. Muppets with Guns had that tag a full 7 days b4 your tag was created. In fact, we had that tag 2 days b4 you even started playing the game.
    *Edited to add the last sentence*
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  14. SSsssSSnake

    SSsssSSnake New Member

    On your syndicate page under EDIT - Changing your Syndicate and tag name will cost 25 Favor Points. Your current name and tag will be reset.
    Hope this is helpful ;)
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  15. food

    food New Member

    its funny not one of the gods said any thing in email,inbox, or in game inbox about this. and most are in my mob. including slapshot.
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