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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SparkleMotion, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    We're aware of the ongoing issues with sharing Help requests. This is a Facebook issue, but they know about it and are working on it. We will keep you posted as updates come, sorry for the inconvenience!

    Update: We are posting a work around on our end, this will not change your ability to post to Facebook as they haven't resolved the issue that's causing this on their end at this time, but it should no longer hinder in game actions. If you have any issues please report them at

    Update #2: We're pretty sure this is fixed on Facebook's end, and is being released on a rolling basis as some of us in office aren't experiencing this issue anymore. Hopefully it gets to everyone soon!
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  2. donna williams

    donna williams New Member

    hopefully it will be sorted soon.. it also prevents us from communicating with our crews on kanoplay..nochats available..we have to open a seperate FB page to communicate?? very frustrating..especially with the wars not too far away (in 2 days)
  3. Log in on Kanoplay and share your jobs/challenges. its unaffected there
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  4. I willl just go to server 1 and that is it there is alots of issues like gift sharing, and gift cards not working on fb
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  5. ajui

    ajui Member

    no longer play on facebook. only play on kano server 1. yesterday still ok, but today i have this adventures ask for help issues.
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  6. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    i've had no problems , i avoid the FB servers and play on server 1 .
  7. Renato Biléu

    Renato Biléu New Member

    Hello. I'm having problems in server 1
    I hit the help button in adventure but nothing happens. No request is posted in my feed.
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  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    ya have to scroll done a tiny bit, to see the box
  9. ajui

    ajui Member

    hey! how come i got no problem posting ask for help on FB . instead all those problem is on with server 1. now all fb player need to play on server 1. while server 1 player need to play on fb to fix the problem? seriously?

    no wait, did you say facebook fix it? so what about kano server 1?
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  10. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    Can you send us a ticket to with any details / screenshots you have around this situation? As far as I know this issue was not affecting KP1, and the fix we pushed should not have affected KP1, but I'll talk to our dev team shortly.
  11. ajui

    ajui Member

    ticket? sorry not sure how to do that. but i do have pic if you want. see the time

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  12. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    Hey Ajui, I'm not able to address this for you on the forums. Please go to, sign in with Facebook, then click on Create a Ticket.
  13. Furbo

    Furbo New Member

    Same here! OK on KP2, but nothing on KP1 - does not post help for jobs/challenges etc, button just disappears after pressing...
    Just tried FB - working OK there!!
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  14. ajui

    ajui Member

    perhaps the fix you guys push just hasn't yet kick in. well, i will wait for a day or 2 first. and see how it going. if it still not fix by then, then i will send a ticket regard this issue. also from what i see in this forum, clearly i'm not the only one facing this issue.
  15. --Mz--

    --Mz-- Member

    Since i got the stupid game room on FB i can not play on i am on sever help buttons work for me..not adventures..not boss's ..not Challenges....not help at all :(
  16. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Use for help's if not working.
  17. --Mz--

    --Mz-- Member

    Thanks Jades..i submitted a ticket
  18. tomTm

    tomTm New Member

    Mob wars: it does not work on Kanoserver 1 as well. nothings runs. on server 2 all is fine. Annoying, despite who is responsible!
  19. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Annoying indeed. We'll get this looked into. Apologies on the delay on this.
  20. Simes

    Simes New Member

    I havent submitted a ticket yet but is there any progress on the Kanoplay server 1 not posting Jobs/Challenges issue? - I haven't been able to ask for help for about a week now on Mob Wars LCN
    Oh - and I don't use Facebook
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