[LCN] Raid Tier Adjustment for Aug 30, 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Steve how long you been playing this game? You are entitled to your opinion but your still full of sh*t and clearly know nothing about how this game functions. Kano you need to remove the cap or face losing yet more players.
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  2. Annita Flannery

    Annita Flannery New Member

    Top 5 or 3 players in each raid should get a superior drop. Otherwise whats the point of doing so much damage without a superior reward.
    Also you quite clearly have players now that can not get people to join their raids as they are at 30.
    I would be curious to know how many raids have failed
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  3. Miles

    Miles Member

    Many hundreds will have failed and time is running out for heaps more both public and private. they give everyone access to free set of keys to get the figures good but they stuffed up with the 30 limit,then they all decided to go away on there long weekend not worrying about the mess they left,they will also find the money tin pretty empty as no one was bothering to buy refills when they couldnt join raids,i do hope they dont send a pop up asking how do they rate kano and how likely would you recommend to a friend,wouldnt be very good timing with a lot of people lol
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    You do get levels it is not like ya get only an end reward.
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  5. Kat Tyrrell

    Kat Tyrrell New Member

    I participated in 38 successful raids. The damage I applied to raid bosses ranged from 18-44 mil on each raid and when I collected I received the common loot 95% of the time (438/237) .....wow..... that stinks. Also, I used 345 favor points and blew through them like water. Did the applied damage per attack on the raid bosses change in this event? And did the health boost drops reduce too? Seems like it. Thank you.
  6. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    Yeah you get levels, but levels without strength ain't worth jack. You see it all the time with small players levelling fast and then can't win a fight because it's all levels with no real reward. If you're going to go heavy on levelling during raids then you have to factor that in.

    As for asking for better rewards, nearly everyone in the bottom two tiers of levels have seen a decrease in superiors to common ratio. With a fair number putting in more actions for less in terms of rewards! So I'm not sure why you're trying to cut someone down with a valid suggestion...
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  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I actually have not done many in LCN but got a few but in VC and PC where I do a lot of raids I noticed the superiors were dropping pretty good, I don't have the resources in LCN like I do in the other two games, but we did not have this stupid Cap, but Kano is planning on keeping it for VC and PC, and I for one am not gonna do the close to 200 I do normally do there, after watching the debacle. I have played for many years so i have built accounts that can withstand a lot of leveling, in two of my games especially , of course I cannot compete with the newer players who get to my level in a few months and buy huge amounts of crates, as well sometimes, but I can hold my own, I played many years before raids were implemented, So plenty of coop boss and jobs/adventure drops , calendars drops the whole shebang. Newer players have to spend on crates and limited considering all the locations they blow thru. For years before raids, some players leveled with a partner, was not as fast as raids but it was popular , not for me, I felt it was boring :)
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  8. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Last raid I collected on:


    It had a couple hours left and wasn't going to finish so I took it down. My reward? A lousy common. Yes yes, it's better than my weakest whatever. It's a lousy reward for so much E & S.

    But it's in keeping with how this raid season has gone. 8 superior. 43 common. 16% supe rate. Versus a 32% supe rate last raid season and this raid season I'm doing easily 30% more actions. (And, I only do 20 point actions, not the weak 1 stamina click some do just to get their 2K exactly)

    I'm so salty over this Kano. You make a major change to the game and launch it on a holiday weekend when you're not around to monitor, respond or help. Why not give us the 275fp for $25 sale today and lift/expand the cap so all raids can finish?
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  9. Mouseketeer

    Mouseketeer New Member

    Thank you so much for flooding the game with raids by giving everyone 4 keys and at the same time, limiting players to only 30 raids. I am currently in 2 that will expire without being completed as everyone is maxed at 30. What were you thinking? Also what happened to "We will be monitoring this change closely and if we plan to change anything about it we will let you know."
    Are you monitoring and laughing at us? I did enjoy raids but without tiers and with limits, they cannot get done, so I'm out of raids until this is fixed. I won't even get started on the superior drops do not exists any more.

    You may want to consider giving us all a piece of loot for the raids that expired due to the flooded market, and also a 50% off FP sale for all the ones we spent to have raids "defeat" . Boo on Kano for this change.
  10. Harrys Mum

    Harrys Mum Member

    the cap on the number of raids you can join really does suck. gave it a go, but honestly it has slowed the play right down and some raids have been close to expiring because of it, especially if your raid fills up with lower level players who just don't have the strength to kill it (not that they haven't been trying their hardest)
    all of those free keys meant that there was a deluge of raids that all started at the same time, but not enough people to fill them up because of the 30 raid cap.
    personally i don't feel this has worked, i preferred the previous system. :(
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  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    How did people get free keys ?? just curious
  12. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

  13. Thank you Kano. You saved me enough money to upgrade a flight from business to first class! Have a great day!!!
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  14. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Kano didn't say hey everyone open raids at the exact same time with these free keys and flood the game with too many raids. The opening of the raids was a choice not a requirement. The keys could have been held onto to be opened later on during the raid session.

    Now if you think I am serious and believe what I just typed above please go to dictionary.com and look up sarcasm.

    Now me being serious, the drop rate has been abysmal. The least amount of damage I have done on any raid is 20 million and I have had many 2nd place finishes by doing much much much much more. On those I have maybe two superior. I've gotten more by stopping at 20 and finishing 8th-10th than by finishing 2nd-3rd so much for increased chance for superior for doing more actions. I really don't believe doing more actions results in a greater chance at getting the superior unless of course you are #1. Of course I don't have access to the data. My information is limited to chatting with other players and my own experience.

    As far as the limit goes I don't like it but at the same time I kind of do like it. I'm not doing any more damage than I did in the past however raids are finishing quicker and at least those in the raids I am in are contributing more actions. Yeah sucks having to wait for a raid to finish to join another but the campers get stuck in public raids (the true victim of this change) but the folks who enjoy raids have banded together and are making the best of it.
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  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    How many raids do you usually do, joining and or opening your own, and what platform are you on??
  17. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Kong. Usually open 6 or 7 myself. Depending upon how much effort I put into it. If I go all out I join 140-150. When I take it easy 60-70. I'm currently at 75 completed, maxed out at 30, with probably another 30 I'll be able to slip into as I make room. And I have joined zero public raids.
  18. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I don't play there I play on FB, and from what I see it is a totally different outcome and not a positive one. There are a lot more players so more that get capped faster and the lower levels are not able to get enough strong high levels with the resources to take these raids down, I joined about 10 public ones, this is not my main game and some are running out of time and some of those are not even full, I am dreading VC and PC where I go all out , and have come to terms with not doing that if participating at all and in those two games I open 5 to 6 of my own and in PC last event I did 193 raids, if I remember correctly. and I join mostly private raids. I am glad you had a successful run, we don't need to be capped, that is for sure.
  19. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    I totally agree that FB and KONG are totally different game worlds. Most changes to the game are driven by FB with little thought how the affect the smaller platforms. Believe me they aren't making any changes to games based upon the handful of us on Kong. I've played on FB and still have a little account there I use to pop in now and then however I prefer KONG. It might be a smaller base but it is a good core of players who thanks to KONG chat can play the game but interact outside of the game.
  20. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yeah they aren't making most changes that many players want, that I know for sure, I have played on Kano games on FB since 2010 I know a lot of people especially when they play multiple kano games, and I have yet to have anyone tell me this is something they wanted, most liked the no tiers, a few mid levels were concerned, but when they played with the not tiers seems they like it after all, but this cap, NO. There are times we ask Kano when they all of a sudden throw us a curve and ask who asked for this and, cause it many times is nothing asked for in the forum, but supposedly in support tickets. The things we actually ask for in the forum usually take a long time if at all to be considered, but kano in their infinite wisdom as game creators who don't actually play like we do , decided this was a good idea.

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