[LCN] Raid Tier Adjustment for Aug 30, 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. Starmaster

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    It's quite possible that something along the lines of say 5x minimum removes it from the 30. That way those actively helping aren't punished waiting for the rest to finish. That would also stop active people from being punished if they wander into a whole raid of campers. It's happened. I've done far and above minimum just to lose the raid due to it timing out. This happens most often from Job Chat raids. The part that worries me is I will have almost no chance of getting a superior since I am a lower level player. I don't have the massive amounts of stamina and energy to get in the top 3 even if I used to be top in my level.
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  2. tamer

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    i think limiting the contribution will shorten the raid time, as player will focus on low number of raids....if any raid is defeated then you'll be able to join new one
  3. Penny N

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  4. Miles

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    How stupid can you get !!!......Once you kill and collect a Raid, you will free up a slot in your total of 30
    What you are doing here by limiting raid limit to 30 is you are going to stop the top 50 players from joining any open job raid,that means all the public raids will fill up with small and medium mob and a lot will not finish as there will be no top players to do the heavy work.,some times public raids take time to finish and may take as long as 3 days so no player that plays in a lot of raids will enter as it will tie him up .
    Sometimes the bigger players will have done 15k plus on over 200 raids at a time and dont collect to they want ,so you want to stop that and make it max of 30 ,what you will do is drive the top raid players into just doing selective private raids that will finish in a shorter time ,which will result in a lot of other raids that will not finish.
    I will play my normal raid game and when i hit 30 limit it will be down tools time ,and i guess i will be $1k richer lol
  5. Mad Moses

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    Sounds good to me Mi7ch, Thank you. :) :D
  6. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    I like the idea of open raid tiers at least from a sharing standpoint and filling raids with "the best" team. However, has the variability in power/capability been factored in for this? Because surely filling with 30 players all over level 7k would make it substantially easier than having 30 players below level 1500 for example (at least on a skills and therefore a power standpoint). So, if that is the case...What is the incentive to invite low level players? Feels like this "gatekeeping" issue could be become a problem for the lower level player base that I thought we were trying to encourage.

    As for the 30 limit on raids...It doesn't affect me as I usually sit in the 20's on concurrent raids. However, I feel this unduly punishes the big hitters (10k+ levels) that are easily capable of being in that range of open bosses. I'm personally of the mindset of you need to know your own limits. If you join too many and end up slacking/in a lot of failed raids that's your fault. Likewise, it's up to the boss owner to avoid inviting known slackers in the future. I don't think this limit will stop the slacking on public raids, as slackers will be slackers regardless! Also, at least with the kong/armor server, as public raid involvement is very much on the decline I fail to see if this will have a massive impact in fail rates of public raids as those of us that mauled them in the past don't want the hassle now (I don't know how this stacks up in the Kano meta as a whole though).

    Thoroughly agree with Rafe on this point as well, at least w.r.t. filling a raid not so much with work priorities (you do you boo). The earlier a raid is filled the better. You do more damage and get a better return on your stam & e so why leave a raid with players missing into even the 12 hour mark, let alone a day. If it's a fact that you're concerned the lower level player base can't find raids then may I refer you to my earlier point...what is the incentive to invite them now? At least with a guaranteed 0-2k tier there was a chance for low levels to make a name and get on terms with people. Now I think the middle and upper tiers will just crowd most of the good raids out.

    Aaaanyway, let's see how this season goes and if my crystal ball is properly tuned. Rant over. Reesy over and out.
  7. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    Thought I'd chime in as I play all four games and have already experienced the changes.

    - eliminating the raid tiers in the other games means that any raid posted publicly will fill VERY quickly. On Thursday and Friday, any public rade will fill completely within seconds of posting. Later on weekend, theyve lasted up to a few minutes.

    In Viking and Pirate, people of all levels and abilities were joining every raid posted. Might be ok for super high levels and/or those with big bankrolls but a lot of joiners were low levels with no business being in 5 raids at one time, much less 50. This appears to be reason for the 30 raid limits.

    - If you want to make sure friends and syndicate members get in, need to send invites first and/or post only on syndicate page initially and give them time to join before opening up.

    - the removal of tiers didnt impact play much. I actually found that mosts raids I was in finished faster. In Zombie, the raids that went public were all completed within 24 hours of sharing.

    - I received superior reward in about half raids I joined. Down a bit.

    - the raid limit didnt affect me in Zombie at all. I can see that the raid hounds will not like. I think 30 active or uncollected raid limit is acceptable.

    I would suggest tweaking so that completed but uncollected raids dont count against cap.

    I dont know if due to changes, but most of raids I was in got plowed through and completely quickly....people stopped waiting for others to get mins and just got the job done.
  9. Donkrako

    Donkrako New Member

    I happen to like this idea much better than what has been going on in previous raids. Some members of the raid only hit a very minimum of times and then abandon the raid instead of trying to beat the boss. Also many attack but never heal the raid party which forces a very few to heal in order to even begin to attack the boss. I have poured most everything into several raids only to have the campers do nothing but take up a position in the raid party and many never even try to beat the boss at all. This is a step in the right direction but there should also be a minimum standard that requires raid party members to attack the raid boss a minimum of times. This could be tiered by level where higher levels would be forced to do more damage to the boss than lower levels.
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  10. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    There is a min actions on a raid already 2 k actions of which 1 K have to be heals, as far as public raids , there are no guarantees, so keep and join raids private, I also feel, if an owner cannot take their own raid down, they IMO should not be opening a raid, I have seen many times an owner, usually a lower level, open a raid and disappear for days , then the rest have to post that raid mentioning time is running out.
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  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    ""There is that I would imagine, but I also feel a 30 raid limit is gonna turn a lot off in PC and VC... but the players may save themselves some of their hard earned money, if that is the case, that works for me "":)
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  12. What a load of sh@# the idea sucks because now those little campers at the bottom will hinder and I've always had more than 30 active during middle of raid season. Well I guess Its now time to think about leaving this game as you do something good with no raid tier but completely destroy it by limiting to 30. Disappointed Mi7ch I guess you guys are gonna lose a lot of $$$ now.
  13. Tony Dias

    Tony Dias New Member

    OK I've tried it and the 30 limit is all wrong. Total BS, I won't waste FP on Raids again
  14. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    One suggestion if you are going to put a cap of 30 on the raids how about a raid boss counter on the page like on the regular bosses page. How about making the raid boss page sortable: time left, damage left until finished, name.
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  15. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    Not understanding the cap idea either. Who is it helping? People are going to hit that 30 cap limit pretty fast and then what? Spend more to to kill off raids yourself to free up room so you can join more?
  16. Miles

    Miles Member

    What a mess ,obviously no admin is watching the game , most players are now grid locked because of this stupid 30 limit,raids cant get filled even in private ones ,public ones are just getting posted with no takers,whose brain dead idea was this ????
  17. Rudy Kwan

    Rudy Kwan New Member

    30 caps limit sucks
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  18. Cowboy

    Cowboy New Member

    The cap sucks. I do anywhere from 17-25M in an average raid and do up to 100M in ones that are running out of time. I am not doing over 100 in every single raid just to do more raids. Guess those favor points I bought will last me through Christmas. Certainly not going to keep buying with the cap.
  19. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    Newbies and other lower levels are getting negatively impacted by the cap. They are low on Stamina and Energy and need more time to do all their actions. But now, with the cap, not everyone is being patient and the lower levels are getting shut out of rewards as the raids are being killed so the bigger levels can free up a spot in the cap.

    The blockers are still blocking. The campers are still camping. And the slackers are still slacking.
  20. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    The dropping of tiers was a great idea thank you!

    Unfortunately the cap to 30 raids wasn’t as well thought through as this also hurts KANOs pocket. Saves people from spending as much to help out. My kids thank you as I can’t keep spending their inheritance on the game

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