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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Fox, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Fox

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    Raid Killers are starting to become more predominant by hitting the parties health down to where when the next person hits the raid party is killed. Big Bad Wolf has done this on a couple of raids that I participated in. One of the raids he was able to effectively kill the party 7 times, but he was not locked out because it was someone else killing the party. Rather than a minimum health contribution is it possible to limit attacks if a certain percentage of heals is not met?
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  2. Kirsten

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    First off, do not invite him , second, do not join public raids, third check if an player like that is on , and don't join, , 4th always , always heal when joining a public raid, even when going back to do more, hit the heal button, to avoid accidentally killing a raid, 5th do not name players in the forum. and I imagine you are referring to PC raids, the header is for VC
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  3. 6th before joining a killed raid, see whom and why killed it. If player killed the raid cause does not know better.contact player so to be sure player does not hit. If killed the raid for fun and sport, enter the raid when player off line and close it
  4. Grand Master Fielding

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    That doesn't do any good. And most of these players who kill raids are alt accounts. What is necessary is for KANO to suspend the account of any player who kills a raid. Drastic yes, but will help solve the issue
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  5. Grand Master Fielding

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    Now the calendar will come up, but I got this error message: Game not found!
  6. As much as I would like to defend the punishment of raid killers . Truth is the only responsible is the raid owner. He opens the raid , has the links and decides what to do with it , whom to pass.
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  7. Guys a player has been banned from raids for perishing raids. It may not be correct. this season there is a group of accounts that riggs the raids, meaning, players often enter raids with 1 att action, and that is enough to kill the raid. I have so far 4 raids (have the links and posted the pics) where this players are doing this stuff. I am not sure if is the situation of this player , just wanted to give you heads up
  8. Backdoor Boo boo

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    Well if thats the case and they have being banned from doing raids so should a certain syn that was doing that also other wise its a double standard and thats not right!

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