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Postpone Raid Bosses across all Kano Games during the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

Poll closed Apr 1, 2020.
  1. To postpone Raid Bosses until the scare has passed and people are back to work.

  2. To continue on with Raid Bosses despite potential financial hardhip.

  1. LV Rebel

    LV Rebel New Member

    Because the current outbreak of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) a lot people are or will soon be laid off from their various positions in various industries across the United States. I feel that it would be in their best interest to not offer Raid bosses until this epidemic has passed, the reason being is that financial resources have to be considered and to be frank, these raid bosses require us to spend a lot of money. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. hlhncr

    hlhncr New Member

    I realize some may not have the resources to pay the raids. Some of us do though and we should not be penalized. Raids are after all optional.
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Uhm, raids are free if save FP's up, corona virus has nothing to do with games IMO.
  4. Zombieland

    Zombieland New Member

    I feel your concern for other people. However others have made valid points. Maybe a compromise can be meet if the outbreak shuts down businesses longer than expected?

    EASY/NICKY New Member

    Various compromises are already offered :
    - Don't join raid, or too much of them.
    - Don't spend money, or no more than what you can afford to loose.
    - Take a break from the game for the time you need.
    - Postpone yours efforts for the next raid season, or the one after... or etc. ^^

    Please remember that you only play a game, it is not a part of your work. Nobody is asking you to provide a specific amount of effort in terms of : time or money if you don't want to.
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  6. also consider the fact that many people are stuck at home(or should be) and playing online will help them keep busy. A player does not have to spend money if they don't have it.
  7. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    You don't have to spend, and the U.S. is not the only country affected with the virus , which has nothing to do with a game, in the first place.
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  8. Joel3256

    Joel3256 New Member

    Raids are optional, not necessary to pay to play. No need to cancel or postpone them due to the virus. Please keep them on as scheduled.
  9. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    Raids are optional. One can successfully participate spending zero dollars. Save up your FP over course of a month. Yes, it means limiting the number of raids you participate in but doing 100 raids and leveling too fast has its drawbacks
  10. TyRayd

    TyRayd New Member

    I do not agree with stopping Raids, This is a option to the game!!! it is not mandatory nor do you have to spend money to play . This should be up to the player to participate or not . We all understand the situation that we are in ... For some, this game is a outlet for many to interact and build friendships Don't be another Mafia Wars and shut Raids down !!!! many will be very disappointed and turn this game away and even stop playing ----> as a gamer, this is our right to play, pay, or not to play, give us that respect KANO !!!! If you do what is next ? are you going to stop AW's ? Armada Wars is in the same aspect , you will be ruining the game for many players.... stop controlling players let us play !!!!!
  11. Chevy

    Chevy New Member

    Home here because of Corona so i'm glad i can play a game do AW Raids , and play VC LCN and PC let some things stay normal please!
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  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    good point
  13. Thank you for making the Raids sortable!
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