Raid Boss Exploit (IMPORTANT)

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by oXo Q u a n t u m oXo, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    that answers some of the questions .... some are still unclear.. 1. how long was the exploit available ?
    2. were any bosses checked for this?.... players shell out big $$$ for stamina and energy to fight these bosses .. what we as player find harmful and what kano clarifies as harmful are different things , when i see damage posted by a level 200 greater then a 5142 in less attacks .. damage i paid forty dollars to inflict .. i feel cheated .

    your response of "It would have been "particularly harmful" if a top or even mid level player could have gained as many levels as you stated above which was not the case. Therefore this was not particularly harmful at all." .. it tells me That yoiu didnt look at the bosses at all to see how many were affected and by whom (or number of who's) 16 raid boss rewards to one player ..

    what does 10 good weapons cost 300 gp .. say there are 7 people spending money to be able to beat an acct .. lets say i spent 60.00 and got 3 rewards the rest got sabotaged or reset.. thanks again for that .. that is what 70.00 dollars i need to spend to stay equal.. x7 players whats that 500.00 ? id say that is a particularly harmful . where as you may not..

    ..and being unable to screen are boss invites to keep those that sabotage out ... you think type of product nonperformance promotes customer satisfaction? if you spent 60.00 on something that preforms in a store would u take it back for a refund?

    we understand you are human .. And understand things need worked out... Conversely you need to understand you are selling a product to us,, a product that did not preform as promised.. AND AT THE VERY BEST ..HAD THE POTENTIAL CAUSE A VERY REAL IMBALANCE TO THE WHOLE APP.. and all you say is we shut it off when it was reported.. and never checked the bosses to see.. only the level gain.

    I think the raid boss is a good thing..
    i dont think that everyone who got there bosses wiped because your product didnt work right .

    add to that the exploit which may or may not lead to unfair gain in rewards items.. an unfair gain by an unknown # of accts to an unknown # boss

    .. because you never even checked for it...

    "It would have been "particularly harmful" if a top or even mid level player could have gained as many levels as you stated above which was not the case. Therefore this was not particularly harmful at all... " so u shut it down and waited a week ..until i reported a level gain and then looked at mid to upper levels level gains to determine if the exploit was particularly harmful,?

    Mi7ch said "When it comes to exploits in the game we do lift all of our fingers and place them on the keyboards to put a stop to them. Depending on the nature of the exploit, warnings are given out and if actions persist before the exploit is stamped out then measures are taken. If the exploit was particularly harmful, any ill-gotten gains from said exploit are removed."

    When did you determine the harm again? mi7ch says one thing as far as the the timing of this determination see above . and neither one of you have said anything about correcting or even looking the bosses.affect by this.. nor admitted the length of time this exploit existed..

    and you have to ask how i could suspect of foul play ..

    bottom line is this guys..u presented us with a product and it preformed unsatisfactorily..and either you have no idea how harmful it really was , or (like the unanswered time question) you dont want to tell us. you have alot of unhappy customers who want some answers. And you are hiding behind terminology and telling us nothing..

    side note** we wouldn't be so upset if we didn't truly enjoy the app and all the work you do.. All we ask is you clean up the mess left from your"bumps" . Is that too much to ask?
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    As Smack and Mitch said, it's been taken care of. Carry on....
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  3. Daniel Pejchl

    Daniel Pejchl Member

    Dream on Buddy...
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Wow so ya still have a problem when it was explained
  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I know I said I was going to provide more answers, but this thread has gotten severely off topic from the original post and some of the questions posed are things I can't necessarily spell out due to us not divulging information about accounts to anyone but the account holder for privacy reasons. I'll be locking this thread and if people have anymore questions about our process around exploits, they can feel free to contact Support.
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