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    (Hi everyone first post here for me :) )

    What I propose is to keep the old reward system unchanged (well bring it back actually), and add an additionnal case (per quest completed) for the efforts something like "Bonus for contribution 2% (and all the next value up to 100%)" you bet it, the higher the percentage gonna be, the higher the FP reward gonna be, maybe with some items.

    Seems fair to me, a bit of randomness because well, it's a game, and a bonus reward :). Who gonna complain about that ?

    Also it would be great if the specificity of each game (=Zombie, pirate etc) get respected by the requirements, I mean if you play VC and have to do the hard fight boss quest the max you can get from yours free refills is 60% of 7500 stamina x2 per day (iirc), so you probably gonna have to use some fp, for the zombie game you gonna have to coordinate with an insane amount of player to get the fights done. Not all are asked the same effort for the same quest.

    Also high lvl player (or middle lvl actually) are limited for the job quest, while they probably get advantaged when doing the fight boss compared to new player and vice versa. That mean a lvl 10k who do 4% of the job quest have already do an insane effort(even if it's the real minimal), the same goes for a 1 k lvl who do 4% of boss fight quest.

    In the TGIF thoses two variables weren't mentionned (lvl and game specificity), it is so, (probably indeed) accurate to say that nothing have really changed (in the good way) and even more people gonna be pissed by their incomming reward.

    The true is : this change wasn't needed anymore, because one season ago you added the possibility to see the contributions of each members. It was already enough to make most of the changes needed to succeed (maybe with a few more season because stuff like that can take time indeed).

    In all honesty the quest is already the most rewarding event (and I wouldn't mind if the old system come back without any additionnal improvement), it would make more sense like one of my team member mentionned that the wars event get rewarded proportionnally to the effort, here, if you do your max you cannot even hope to get your fp back, at least with the quest you can get lucky. But please don't make it like a competion between teammates like what you tried for quest, this is just bad.
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  2. Gazzaaaa

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    The addition of the 2% rule has made the Quests simply not enjoyable and I haven't heard a single good reason for introducing it.

    Who does it benefit? No-one. The slackers/absent/busy lose out (no FPs) and those with ample resources lose out (cant use them).
  3. Hobo

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    So let me get this straight. Half of our syndicate helped the other half of our syndicate finish a quest but will not get fps because they dont have 2% even though we would not have finished the quest without them helping. :rolleyes:

    should be at 1% you qualify. 1% is still part of the total progress to completing a quest. that way if you help in anyway take some of the load off others you still earn something even if its just 5 fps.
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  4. Hobo

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    Not really too thrilled about all this i must say. I understand others who do more want more but to punish everyone else who i can see are trying their very best but just cant make the 2% is ridiculous. What sense does it make to let one part of the syndicate get stronger while the other part of it remains weaker as a result.

    How is that concept logically helping everyone? How can you as a 'team' player be proud and ok with earning more for you effort when some others in your group didnt get nothing and we are all in the same syndicate trying to get strong together. Yes. Some will have more resources available. That is how it will always be no matter what.

    But that is why the ones that have more should put the other members who dont have it yet on their backs so that everyone get strong together. Not complain someone else got more than them. They should actually by glad they have the resources to make themselves and everyone else strong at the same time. Not whine thet got 10 or 20 fps less. All members in the same syndicate should get a respectable amount of favor points when the quests is complete period.
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  5. Steven Jordan

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    4% of a quest would be an equal share of the goal. I dont see 2% as unreasonable to get FP in your loot case

    EASY/NICKY New Member

    @Steven Jordan it's not unreasonnable, it's just different. Before it was a PVE event, now it's PVP.
    It's just gonna cause problems inside each team, even if it's unspoken.
    If you want to be nice you have to wait like an idiot when you reach 4%, each time, wasting ressources along the way, if you want to finish the quest because time run out : then you gonna feel guilty. It's a looser/looser situation.
    They just achieved to kill all the fun because some player complained months ago... Nobody asked them to put some unreasonable effort btw, why they just didn't try to recruit new players ? And were are they now ? I suppose they wait greedily theirs huge rewards and gonna come here to explain to us why the quests are now so great... I can't wait.
    I personnaly liked this event before, but I doubt this gonna continue.
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  7. Hobo

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    yeah everyone wanted better rewards for their effort but not to stab their team mates in the back. That was kanos idea. This event is already causing problems in my syndicate and players are arguing and ready to just leave.

    When one or more members run pass everyone else to get the most percentage for the best turn out but leave all the others without enough room to get 2% then thats an issue. What about the officers who can see if they are in the lead or not and have an advantage over the members who cant see.

    What about near the end of the event when a quest seems lost because of short time or depleted resources but a few members who dont have 2% save it for everyone to still get the fps reward but dont get that reward themselves. How is that fair and why would they even want to do that knowing they would not get anything for it.

    Medium challenges only hold 40 spots. So when all your 25 members do 1 challenge that cuts 10 members out of a better reward instantly. We all need to trust the officers more than ever now that they wont just demob a friend and tear through like 6000 fights on their own and tell the rest of the members the syndicate broke even.
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  8. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    Its not syn quest it's individual quest , it sucks big time !
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  9. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    so now one person can do all of the send 500 gifts since someone had the bright ideal to change it to 500 per person , this new quest suks big times .
  10. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    By the time i get on to play all the easy stuff is done i left with the medium and hard and my chances of getting descent drops are gone , i can already tell you i will get no drops next time , cause i ant playing this stupid quest again !
  11. kari

    kari New Member

    Medium quests finish in hours. With the start time, the mediums pop up in Europe during our night and are often done when I wake up. Other parts of the world are at work. The 2% requirement is unfair on mediums, and not really even necessary.
    As for the hard quests, I did get much more than the 2% on both, but I agree with Hobothat without some of the smaller accounts, the quests could well fail. My account on s2 only has 600 stamina. Putting forth full and complete effort, using all boosts and saving all cases, it takes me forever. A couple of people in my syn on s2 worked on it for 3 days and basically came away dry.
    And if the 2 % is here today, everyone in the syn needs to see the numbers. A synmate of mine didn't get the award because someone kindly finished the quest a day early and she narrowly missed qualifying. He'd have waited if he had known.
    And they must be combined. A low level account levels fast and can smack the heck out of the Jobs quest. They basically finish it for the team. But because they don't have much stam, they now do not get the Boss jobs rewards. This was started as a family effort, which it really should stay! It is not right that a person can do 20% or more of the Jobs, but gets no award for 1 % of boss fights, while another gets both awards for doing 2% each, which is half of what is necessary to finish. Food for thought.
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    EASY/NICKY New Member

    No worries, the easy quest don't bring any FP even if you do 100%, it was like that before and I suppose even if you do nothing you still gonna have a case ?

    I repeat my idea (as nobody reacted to that) : bring back the old reward system, and implement the contribution thing as a bonus, not the main stuff.

    Like that everybody gonna be happy, the changes don't have to be this radical. Even more when it's adding potential new flaw. It would be great when the dev want to change something drastically that a thread get opened before the change get implemented, because this time the problems was really evident to spot.
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  13. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    i actually like this new system It makes players who did nothing before now help out lol. it just hasnt properly been thought out. Players who help should earn favor points. Not at 2% but right from the beginning. Even if they only get 1 favor point. Helping is helping. Players who contribute and want to help shouldnt be discouraged from doing so because they cant get 2%.

    The rule as it stands just leaves low level players out of any favor points at all when they can just make it to 1% even though their trying. It is already a pain they cant do many raids yet now they are cut from some quests rewards. My experience, I dont have much energy but i was helping and doing my part. The entire time I was on pins and needles waiting for a boost so i could get my 2% as a had to watched the quest nearing completion.

    It was more panic than fun lol. I barely made it. And still got 0 favor points for it. As I found out later from our leader 2% needs to REALLY be 2%. It might show 2% but if you do the math and it is a still little less, lets say 78 of 80 on 4000 jobs you miss out on fps.
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  14. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    All i know is that i did not get anywhere near what i put in for FP so why would I bored using them , i can only play a few hours a day .
  15. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    That happened to me for fight quest, just came up short and got nothing.......But what really ticked me off that i did almost 10% on the advent quest and got 42 FPs for it.....sounds decent right? Not compared what another member got from another quest......Compared to 144 my payout on the hard advent quest really sucked....

    Next time this stupid event comes along ill just do my 2%, not a thing more.....Ill sit on my energy and stam until the end just because i can if they dont tweak it better......maybe a FP ladder so you can see what you need to do for a higher payout?

    For example the 4000 advent quest...2% is 80 advents to be eligible for FPs right? But why not make so we can see what that minimum pays out? Maybe 10 FPs.......if you make 3% you get 20 etc etc
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  16. slayer serge

    slayer serge New Member

    and this is what i was saying , this new system will rip apart some syns
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  17. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    I`m sure some will......Maybe a better solution is to make it a personal quest instead......Lower all requirements.....Maybe like a 1000 advents for the hard quest and everyone can play for themselves
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