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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by susan leonard, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    Hi , can anyone tell me at kano, just how this 2% is done,

    i have been told, and it is not something i have noticed before, that i could , as an instance ...do 2% on say bosses, and go to bed, and then someone who is not in my timezone, comes online and does say 10% and being a diverse faction, we have many members that are online when i am not , so if that quest was completed, it would show me as doing 0% ,

    I cannot say i ever noticed this, that my percentage would go down , the more someone else did ....is this correct ? and if so, how do we go forward with it ? nobody can be here 24/7.....? :)
  2. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    You need to do 2% of the total for that goal.

    If the goal is to atack bosses 100,000 times, you need to do 2,000 to do to obtain any FP.

    Personal goal should be to do twice that. That would be an equal share.
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  3. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    i had something completely different in mind. I thought the med and hard cases would start out with a base level payout to all players. So everyone who is part of the syndicate benefits if that syndicate finishes the case. Everyone thereafter who hits a higher target on a specific case than base level would gain more fps as a result or need to reach checkpoints. The way it is set up now you need to qualify as a single person to earn fps. If your syndicate finishes the challenge without you that chance is lost.

    This way really puts everyone at a disadvantage and adds a stress element. So I cant just work away. I need to wait for all my other syndicate members and make sure they qualify but how can i tell if they do? How do I know that just by playing I could be taking away the chance of one or more to qualify when they are offline and havent done their share yet.

    This will be rough. Some will just do more to get a bigger reward and not care about if anyone else qualifies or not. It cant be that just because im at work, sleeping or just busy I lose my chance to gain something from my effort in the quests if there is not enough of the percentage i need left when i log back in, or the case is already finished. On the flipside those of us who dont want to steal away someones chance will need to wait around for eveyone to qualify first, ask officers if we can continue working on the challenge or just sit around unsure as the time on the event ticks down. :mad:
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  4. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    The officers can tell who has done what and can communicate with the rest of their team if they need someone to so more or to wait.

    That said, I figure it's open season if a quest goal has been open 24 hours. That should be enough time for everyone to do their share
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  5. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    Yes i agree, it will depend a great deal on certain things like communication, and Admins ensuring that everyone plays fair , but kano really need to stop the percentages dropping, because i forsee problems with the players that only play once a day , after all we all only have a certain amount of time to finish quests, so players really need to take responsability for getting their quota, or the syn must move on, or no quest completion, meaning nobody gets rewards... its a real between the devil and the deep blue sea scenario, so would like kano to tell me if it plans on assisting us in any way ?
  6. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    It's a flat %, it doesn't change. For example, if a Quest requires 100 actions and you do 2, that is 2%. If another player comes in and does more, that doesn't change your total percentage.
  7. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    Thank you so much Mitch :):):):)
  8. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

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  9. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    mi7ch said:
    It's a flat %, it doesn't change. For example, if a Quest requires 100 actions and you do 2, that is 2%. If another player comes in and does more, that doesn't change your total percentage. Sorry Mitch , i just noticed you said TOTAL percentage, but what about individual percentage, would in that scenario , my 2% stay 2% ? and not drop by another member doing more ?
  10. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    i maybe not be making myself clear , so will try to ...if say we are doing the 8k fights and i do say 3% and i then go offline , and then return to find that quest completed, would i still have my 3% or because others have done MORE, would my 3% drop , ?
  11. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    The 3% is total % of the quests completion, not current % of what has been done overall. Your 3% will remain same.
  12. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    I understand. Just thinking quests have gone from a team event to something more cut throat like the raids with this system. People with tons of stamina or energy will just buy a refill or whatever while others will just struggle each time to earn a good reward on the same challenge.

    Most dont even have fightlist targets during syn quests at all and it always tells you no targets come back later.

    The officer might just be 1 person running a full syn and will need to keep track all on their own. They will need to organize now. Send messages to everyone or tag them in post to make sure they understand and dont miss out on a reward. More stress on top of all the other weekly events. When the only concern before was making sure the event got done. Too many factors are in play now. Dont want members leaving because a challenge got finished before they had the chance to qualify but we will see how it goes.
  13. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    I can certainly agree on rewarding those who drag the rest of the team on certain quests ( adventures for example ) with better rewards BUT it is still a team effort and by making this a run for percentages really sucks.......All team members should benefit from finished quests even if they do 1%...

    Why not make it a dropdown reward system? The person who does most gets the highest payout of FPs and downwards until lowest payout , lets say 5 or 10 that everyone gets
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  14. Lady Linda

    Lady Linda New Member

    I would like individual quest ..just like Raids and Battle arena are individual is this something in the future ?
  15. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    it will be rough this go around. Checking the last syn quests only a few got 2% or more. Everyone else barely hit 1% and struggled. Especially with fight wins. The strongest of us... the ones that pay still struggled to find targets they can win against or targets at all. The ones that cant fight well rely on those that can, so now they are on their own and will never get any fps for that challenge anymore.
  16. Fat Fingers

    Fat Fingers New Member

    the 2% participation thing is wacky. It should be 2% of total actions needed to finish all quests. If you start quests at 12pm a majority of players maybe at work an unable to help, thus lose out. You folks up there need to rethink this
  17. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    If you need to keep the 2% in play then it should work completely different and be more team based. Easy quests stay the same. Starting at the med quests the highest payout for both of them should be 50 fps. To begin, favor point payouts on all med quests start at zero.

    When syn members join in on a med quest then 2 favor points are added to the overall payout for it. So if 6 members have worked on 40 challenges and finished it by themselves. The highest payout they can gain for that med quest is 12 favor points. If all 25 members have helped then when the quest is complete everyone gets 50 fps. So each member adds two favor points to med quests when they help.

    However their favor points only are added officially to the pot if they do their 2%. If they dont, they still get what is already in the pot when others have already done 2% for that quest and the quest is completed. So if a player can only do 1% they have not added 2 favor points to the pot for that med quest. But they still helped and get what is already added to it.

    the more players who help the more fps you gain. If 1 person does lets say boss fights by themselves everyone only gets 2 fps for that med quests. With hard quests 2% equals 4 fps instead of 2 fps that adds to the pot with the maximum payout being 100 favor points for each hard quests for everyone. Teamwork based. No one can complain they did more because everyone benefits from everyone. Everyone needs to help but if they really have not been able to they still gain something on completion.
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  18. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    Only drawback with that is that not all teams operate on full capacity.....Otherwise an excellent idea
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  19. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    Well, that and if you end up with the jobs hard quest it can take some rather considerable time to complete. My team have always blasted through the first few days of quests to give us some slack on the final hard quests should they be boss attacks AND jobs. I personally haven't seen this " lots of players have let us know that opening a case after putting a lot of effort into a Quest to get less FP than they were hoping could be a bit deflating." that Kano has talked about in the TGIF (I've only just seen the post that "explained the reason for the change".

    My team managed quests without having to spend fp and never felt that rewards were not fair across the board. Likewise, now we're caught in a catch 22 of do we blast through med quests to ease pressure on hard quests or do we try and draw the process out? Either way, I missed the fight and the challenge med quests as I've been busy at work and wasn't on when they were active. So is this more fair that I get no fp despite never having a say in the matter? Don't even get me started on the whole investment of resource thing. Someone that does say 50% of the medium fights has not invested anywhere near as much resource (stamina) as someone that has done 10% boss fights (med or hard) but will potentially get a hefty payout of fp's for less investment...

    2% thing is bs and if people feel certain players are mooching off others' hard work and aren't contributing then they can always remove them from synd.

    Of course, another relatively simple solution to the whole time issue would be unlock all quests on day 1. That way, for those of us with "limiting" schedules, we can plug away at the slower quests (like challenges) or do our 2% in fast/easy to complete quests (like fights or send gifts etc.) without holding up unlocking the hard quests and jeopardising the completion of those hard quests.

    Anyways, that's my thoughts. I think this might be the final straw for me. Sod cracking down on rampant use of "raid healer" accounts in raids [Because they don't constitute gaining a competitive advantage] or even notifying us with a pop-up in game to say "Hey quests are changing and you might want to find out more, we put something in the faq tab.". Nope, I find out after the fact because I've not been checking every single TGIF post. Hell if I knew [not as in the info wasn't available - more if I'd known to look out for it] a week earlier I might have been able to prep myself and my team differently or even put a ticket in/make a post to discuss the impact this would have on questing.
  20. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    No right way to do it lol. Whatever you suggest it will always have a drawback. Many dont like the new syndicate quests system at all including myself. My idea is just loosely based on what they gave us to work with but you can tweak it some or rather just have everyone remain getting random fps and the players that did more get more. Either way you need to rely on the people you play with. If its 2% whatever or random you need to rely on your syndicate to help you get it done

    Like right now. I have a ton of stamina but no targets. Havent had any targets on my fight list since we opened fight wins. Im waiting and waiting and we are running out of time and i will not make it for sure. Whack mob only got me about 40 plus wins and im still sitting at zero percent. I cant just wait all day just to find an empty fightlist or 40 whack mob which just doesnt move your percentage ahead enough before time runs out without you qualifying. There is no more whacked mob anyway for a longtime. This is why this 2% percent system doesnt work. Either keep whack mobsters open the entire event or make the challenge 7 or 15 thousand attacks on an opponent no matter if you win or lose. That way everyone can qualfy and not just the ten year players and credit card wasters.
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