[LCN] Question about old raid / calendar and workshop items

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SefuLaBani, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. SefuLaBani

    SefuLaBani Member


    Probably i'm not the first one asking for this but, the game kinda needs some changes for what i said in the title.
    1) any change to make in the future sellable the raid and calendar items that we dont use anymore? 5 fps like the sale items for example? Don't say no to this just because you will think we will buy less fps if you do this. For me it will be the opposite. => 10 fps for a new raid drop to replace an old one=> getting 5 from that one. bussiness working for both sides.
    or: make posible for us to craft this items.
    2) the workshop items for the old cities are usefull for anyone. For example, my lowest weapon has 173 att/ 171 def and the best craft weapon i can make at 7400 lvl had 94 att/ 104 def. Only the last city helps for +2+3 the big levels at their totals. Can you consider in increasing their stats?

    Waiting for your answer, thank you.
  2. Shogo_PL

    Shogo_PL New Member

    I generally agree with Sefu. In my opinion, the wordl bosses issue also needs to change. You would have to revive it somehow to introduce random drops, new bosses depending on the level that you could attack, e.g. every 2 hours?
    As for Battle royale, a big downside is the fact that no exp is received for participation.
  3. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Just sell the cologne, Sef.
  4. SefuLaBani

    SefuLaBani Member

    Really? still no answer? Do you have any respect for us or not? From now on i'm not giving you money anymore, Kano. Wtf was so hard to say" no you idiot, we dont want to help you, we just want your money!" ? I hope you have atleast the dignity to apologize now... i know you wont come here to say "we will do this change " All you can do it to change the raid leaderboard? why? because this doesnt affect not even 1% your wallet. patethic... and be sure im not the only one thinking this about you.
  5. Spleenz

    Spleenz New Member

    I agree with sefu. They are on to something with that.

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