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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Smack, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    whats wrong with my idea of leaving the old world bosses as is and making a new boss with the proposed changes you came up with? that way everyone could see how it worked out for them instead of just complaining about it here
  2. slave

    slave Member

    the problem demonik is when they introduce a new world boss it will be stronger than the previous one and if we cant kill the previous one timely what do you think will happen on a stronger boss? id rather keep it at 4 bosses with 2 that pay off at full strength (thats 50 percent) then 2 of 5 that pay off at full strenght (thats 40 percent). i dont know what you think you will gain by having them introduce another world boss that we cant kill, that goes critical and pays 6 percent.
  3. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    so i think i have an idea for how the bosses could be taken down faster just have every friday a critical day and yeah i know the new bosses if they add them will be taken down relly fast but at least the problem is fixed. and it doesnt have to be incorporated on every platform only the platforms like myspace(kano.play) and kongregate because those are the ones that have failed to kill a world boss at least once. i wouldnt put it on facebook because they havent failed to kill a world boss yet but it will eventually happen and that is when you put this idea into play.

    then if the boss exeeds a certain level lets say 50(level would vary depending on the platform) then another idea could go into play eliminateing the one i said in my other paragraph and extend the boss by a week then when it gets to strong again then put my prieviously stated idea back into play.
  4. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    thought of a better way of putting this idea:

    so every world boss that is failed to be killed at least once put in the idea that every friday for that boss only have every friday a critical day so 2 critical days for a boss that hasnt been killed at least once.then once we arent able to beat the world bosses even though we have 2 critical days implemented tag on an extra week to it, and when we cant beat it even then, then you put a critical day every friday so 3 critical days.
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  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Just leave it the way it is. It makes perfect sense that world bosses will out grow the players attacking them....much like regular bosses get much more difficult, Just like the XP needed to level increases...if we cant kill them ....it is what it is, we still get XP along the way for trying. What Im not sure of is whether a world boss still increases in level whether they are defeated or not....if they arent defeated it makes sense that they should not increase in level....similar to one of our own bosses. Just keep introducing new ones and we will kick their butts until we no longer can or player participation increases, its suppose to get harder just like every other aspect of the games
  6. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    you are correct the world bosses if they arent defeted then they stay the same number just like a regular coop boss
  7. poker

    poker New Member

    stamina increase

    dont change the bosses or the way they work, just increase the attacks from 5 to 10 itll make a big difference. every thing about the world bosses are finf just add more stamina per attack.
  8. Gazember

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    I agree, this would be one of the best solutions, for bosses above lvl 10, if we can attack with 10 stamina.
    It is much better the the 2h attacks, where you should work much harder for the same results. If I remember right the wboss on vikings had almost half of the health for the last day.
  9. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    i see what you are saying and that is a really good idea to just keep increasing the stam attacks whenever the bosses get to powerful. but after it gets to the point were we are useing 20 stam atacks and still not beating them that is when my idea would be the most efective because it doesnt mess with the xp handed out that much and it may be a little more work to do but it would be better in the long run.

    your idea is good though but just for the short run then in about a year we would be back here again descussing the same idea wich could have been avoided
  10. poker

    poker New Member

    stamina increase

    hi, look, these bosses have been beat and been active for three years on five stamina, it takes at least two more years before you almost likely need to add five more. no offense but the top players do most of the damage to these bosses. 10 stamina will go for a long time. make it where if they want they can use 5 or 10 stamina to attack. trust me, its the guys hitting it 50 to 100 times are the one doing the damage. it takes about two weeks or so to even see the boss again. plus players are adding to stamina all the time. most players have 500 to 1000 stamina at one time. even the other idea will need to be upgraded one day to. this is a fast easy way to fix the problem for about a year or two.. what you think? thanks 4 the time
  11. I agree with poker. Just increase the amount of stamina used to attack. I think giving the option of using 5 or 10 stamina is a good idea for the short term.

    SHO KOSUGI Member

    Kano, you need to re-scale your World Bosses health. We have lost more than a half of the slayers due to Myspace's drama, its impossible to kill the Spain and Brazil WB in time.
  13. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    rescaleing would be the best way IMO. but the way it should be scaled is by the number of active players to make it able to be killed in 2 weeks, but they most likly arent going to do that.(numbers are based off of averages)

    SAID SIMPLER IN THE NEXT PARAGRAPH: back to the other idea doing so would make it so that the bosses would get killed in just a little less then 2 weeks. and as it stands now we usually take a quarter of its health out in 6 days. meaning in 12 days we roughly nock off 1/2 of the bosses health and that is with 5 stam atacks and the final day friday that we get the critical day we average noking off 1/3 of its health (talking about one of the myspace bosses). wich would add up to roughly 5/6 of its health gone in 2 weeks. so making it 10 stam would cut that time down to, instead of in 2 weeks we take down 5/6 of its health we would now be at 8/6 of its health taken down in 2 weeks meaning the boss would die in 12 days.

    so simply put the boss we average nocking off 1/12 of its health in 2 days and 4/12 of its health on a critical day. this is with the standard way it is now. so by adding the average amount of damage together then you get that the boss dies in 15 days but we only have 14 days to kil the boss, meaning we dont kill it but with the 10 stam idea you propose you double the the 1/12 and not the critical day damage because they arent going to make it 40 stam atacks just 20 so no need to double it it would stay the same. but doubleing the normal day atacks you would get 2/12 damage taken out of the boss in 2 day. then you get that the boss would be killed in 12 days if this idea was implemented. but here is how my idea would work for how it is now:

    my idea: adding an aditional critical day- so the number wouldnt change for normal days because the amount of stam your aloud wouldnt change and still would be 5. so 1/12 in 2 days and would be 4/12 on a critical day. so the numbers would add up to this, 3/12 of the bosses health by the first critical day(6days)then the critical day would add ro 7/12 of its health gone, this would be at the 7th day. then on the 13th day 10/12 of its health gone. then heres the final(second) critical day killing it in a few hours and by the average amount by the end of the day it would be 14/12 gone meaning about halfway through the last critical day it would be killed.

    this would only last for about 6 months to a year but that is why the other idea of mine would come into play when we arent able to kill that boss at least once. and add another week to kill it wich would be more then enough time. but the boss would still respawn 2 fridays from when it is killed.so we could still have the world boss once a month. but adding another week would disable the second critical day and only have a critical day at the very last friday. but when we arent able to beat it even with the 3 weeks then kano adds 1 aditional critical day until we arent able to beat it at least once again. then they add the 3rd critical day and finaly once we arent able to beat the world boss even then we would cut the aditional week off and make it so that there are 10 stam attacks because that is when they would need to be added and wouldnt affect the world boss at all. then the world boss would keep repeating the prosses until we get to where every day we are able to hit it with 20 stam for 3 weeks. and when the time comes that we cant even beat the boss then, then kano would do some most likely major changes but we are talking years and years into the future here.

    but you dont want to exeed more then 3 weeks because then with the 2 fridays wait you will only have the boss once every 1 1/2 months instead of once a month. i know this is alot to read but it is worth it because it shows how long term this idea really is
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    1-remove the time so bosses don't be defeated by reaching time limit
    2-max bosses to be able to attack 2 and once one is dead another boss come on
  15. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    I think that kinda defeats the whole point in the time limit :-/
  16. yep, what the use of having a time limit for the world bosses?!

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