Proposed Change- Boss Attacks (All Games)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We appreciate the feedback that this thread has generated and it has raised some good points but also a lot of confusion as well. We will take all feedback into consideration while we try to find the best solution.
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Ty. I for one am certainly happy to hear that the team at Kano is considering options. I have the utmost confidence that the men and woman of Kano will deliver on great updates and fixes as they have in the past. Keep up the good work!!
  3. Vanadium Cobalt

    Vanadium Cobalt New Member


    I also hope the Developer have not forgot about the mistake they made last time on the introduction of new Empire/Adventures. High clans lost out on 800/1000 levels on adventures.

    High level clans work hard for the levels and to be stronger. Low level players should not get it handed to them on a plate. If they want the Adventures then they should work hard and level like high level players have done.

    We have a player in FB who is level 4251. I don't think he would like a level 2500/3000 player beating him if new adventures are released at lower levels and thus low level players will benefit yet again.

    Sorry for straying of topic. It needs mentioning.


  4. Good point !!!

    Hi Vanadium Cobalt
    Hello from Myspace Vikings to Facebook Vikings :)
    i think its not of topic at all its all about how old players feel when this change happen...

    so the boss levelling system don't need any brainstorm how to get up fast and get lots skill points all you have to do is pay and take over the game ..:(

    when this game started we got no stamina or energy at all... and only after 100 days they add 30 stamina and 100 energy and than after 300 days 50 stamina and 500 energy
    so we play like that till level 500 // 1000 some more.... >> ...DEFEAT. how about old players who play almost 600 days
    ok so meny players able to level much faster from start with 500 energy from start and 50 stamina from start its like in 10 min you can get level 100 >> in old days 15 days level 75 lol
    i know all players got extra skill points so its fair but still its not fair for old players that play with no extra energy or stamina and was hard to get 2-3 levels a day but now with all extra energy you get 10+ a day easy !!!
    my point is if we got all energy and stamina from start we will be much higher than any new players by now so still we need compensation from old days ... thats how i feel other way old players will feel left on side and all extra energy and stamina was only good for new players ...
    we work hard for this game and also help support Viking Clan with lots of $$$ !!!

    Thanks for listen old Vikings
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Wow...the last to posts were very powerful and well spoken. I hope Kano takes these into consideration as they role out any new updates.

    Kano....I hope you understand that Im not trying to bash your "proposed Updates"....In fact....I think that in theory...they are great! My main concern.....much like the posts above...r that any major changes to the game do give an advantage to the newer players, I understand that this poses a very difficult challenge for the folks at Kano, and honestly believe that its your intent to make things fair across the board.

    The older accounts have a lot invested into this game and just dont wanna see all there hard work discounted by the mere fact they started the game earlier than most. Its these accounts coupled with the hard work by the folks of Kano that have made this game what it is today.

    Its obvious that the new player are essential to the growth and prosperity of the game, if not for them....the older accounts wouldnt have a game to come back to, changes/updates r needed to keep the game interesting and fresh not to mention new players rolling in, but lets not forget that its these older accounts that have blazed the trail for these newer accounts and r directly responsible for making the game what it is today. In short....we just dont wanna be left behind as they game evolves when we have worked so hard to get it where it is.

    The older accounts that have reached the higher end of levels have been a neglected segment of this game for a long time. We have continued to play even though we havent had any new worlds, bosses, or achievements for a thousand levels or more. Under The new "proposed updates" both new and older accounts will be able to level faster at the same rate, but it just rubs me the wrong way that the newer accounts will accomplish in a fraction of the time what took us so long. With out a doubt it must be difficult to implement much needed change without it affecting one segment of players or the other. Baring this in mind...Im not asking for an edge.........just that when new changes/updates r considered/implemented............Dance with the girl u brought!
  6. Well said Para!!!... You got it right, just keep paying loads of cash and you can run the game and reach lvl 4000 in a week!!.LOL Just "Buy" Your way to the top.hahaha takes alot of skill..hehehe..
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
  7. Vanadium Cobalt

    Vanadium Cobalt New Member

    We have 7 players in Face Book over level 3000 and one player over level 4000. Now, if a new player start playing he has to get to level 820 I think for Fire Drops, it should be the same for players who are level 2000, they should have to continue fighting or doing levels to reach the better drops just like a beginner.

    New Adventures and Bosses should start at level 3000, 3500 and level 4000 in my opinion, this gives the higher level players first go.

    An alternative to help lower players would be to amend the Legendary Warriors and weapons with better attack and defence, and also adjust the cost. These could be introduced at level 1500 up to the Legendary Balders at level 4000.

    New Warriors and weapons should be added every 500 levels after level 4000, this 'might' keep the high level players with a slight edge over the below/upcoming players.

    Just my thoughts.


  8. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Support you 100% on that one.
  9. the point im making is that with no boss fights we got level we are now 2800 in 500+ days and when boss fights come out some players got the same levels and much more like 3400 in 30 days ... i think this is way to easy ...

    i think boss is good for drops but not good to get lots experience points !! boss should be more about different items and ideas ... its a Viking Game all about fight to other Viking on battle page so that's how we get battle experience when get high levels.. !! i don't see any battle experience from boss fight ....

    this game need more thinking and sorted out in order what option gives what !!
    battle give exp
    boss give items and exp again?
    bounty trap gives exp again?
    counters give exp again?..
    its but to much exp we need new item achievements for each game play option !! other way will get boring if all its the same :confused:
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  10. Wolfdaughter

    Wolfdaughter New Member

    if we are to have new adventures, though I take on board what the higher level players are saying, I don't think you can leave a gap between level 820 and level 3000.

    At the moment it's pretty tough going from level 1500 to level 2000. The only real way to do it is by getting yourself levelling partners. OK, so if you want to spend endless money, you could play the bosses every two or three days - but so long as money buys you some advantage in this game (and that's always been there), then some players will take that route to its max.

    I'd have to say you need to encourage those of us between 1500 and 3000, as much as the higher level players. The inevitable commercial reality is the question of where the money comes from? There seems little point discouraging the higher number of players now playing their way through from 1200 onwards by only giving new challenges (other than levelling) to levels below 1000 or above 3000.
  11. Vanadium Cobalt

    Vanadium Cobalt New Member

    the point im making is that with no boss fights we got level we are now 2800 in 500+ days and when boss fights come out some players got the same levels and much more like 3400 in 30 days ... i think this is way to easy ...

    Hi Para,
    People that race up the board in a short period of time have very little Empire. A weakness for them.
  12. Vanadium Cobalt

    Vanadium Cobalt New Member

    Hi Wolfdaughter,

    I did mention in my post that Legendary Warriors and Weapons should be adjusted and introduced at level 1500 upwards to level 4000 for Legendary Balders. This should help below players in strength until the next level is attained.

    You have to remember, high level players have had to go from level 2000 odd all the way to 3000 and one player over 4000 with nothing.

    I have been playing for 324 days, I am level 3153 and my bounty is 1.361 Trillion. Much can be achieved and like you say a level partner is a must.


  13. so true some players who is higher from boss attacks cant bounty trap me because of 500 bil trap cost ... :D cant wait for new empire to come out ..
  14. I agree Para, people who have just killed bosses to run up the board have bought their way to the top, and when I bounty trap them, it only cost me 18bil.LOL its soooo funny to bounty trap for such a small keep paying for the lvls, it makes it even cheaper.
  15. Wolfdaughter

    Wolfdaughter New Member

    a big weakness. I have put in much time and effort on Empire. I followed Deathhead's advice to concentrate on empire and stamina. Those who wave their credit cards to race up the board cannot avoid weaknesses in some areas.

    A good idea. The devs have the chance with these to offer something worthwhile to higher level players. It will also disadvantage the "get there quick" players who have less empire and so less income to spend on legendary warriors/weapons.

    I have been playing for over a year. I chose to reset just over 200 days ago. I remember the game as long as you, hun.

    regards, VC!

  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Players who have invested heavily in stamina dont need to spend a ton of money, Its called a "loop", u have enough stamina to last u until u get the favor points needed to recharge your stamina. does this leave u weak in other areas such as Att/def? No! the benefit besides Xp from leveling with bosses are the thousand of drops that r equal to or greater than any other weapons in the game.

    Im actually surprised that players that have been in the game so long....havent figured this out! Ive played this game for 326 days... and for now ...I hold the #1 rank, and have never had a leveling partner. Am i so naive that I think I will hold this rank forever....NO. The younger players that have had the benefit of learning strategies such as this and have implemented said strategy from the beginning will fly by me as i did those who chose not to adapt. In addition these players will be way more they have been collecting these powerful drops from the very beginning. So to all those who have decided not to evolve with the game and/or didnt figure out the faster and more rewarding way to level....quit crying...Adapt....or get left further behind. If man had discovered fire and chose to not to use it.....not only would he have been stupid.....but where would we be today....WAY WAY WAY BEHIND! Just my 2 cents.
  17. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Hehe Polish, I used to loop also for battle leveling, until I hit level 3000 where the 5k limit does not allow for me to use the loop efficiently :(
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im with ya Eddie, all limits should be discarded, if a player wants to attack another player 20,000 times and puts in the time and effort to do that...SO BE IT! I honestly dont understand why Kano thinks that limiting attacks is in anyway beneficial to the game. The only thing I can think of.... would be bot use, but Kano supposedly has the technology to catch these bots so if a player is routinely attacking another player 20,000 times..... i would think it would be easy for Kano to point their technology at that player and catch them. So remove the limits and let us all play r individual strategies without the ball n chain.
  19. Kudos Polish for pointing out the reality of escape velocity.

    The limits are supposedly there to curb bot usage though there are probably more effective ways to filter out the bot users from the game and these limits can and should be discarded. I use sparring partners from time to time on PC due to the lower boss population and can say that while it may be a more effective use of stamina it takes a lot more time to level with a partner than by blasting bosses. So why punish someone for investing large amounts of time into the game? (Provided of course they are actually putting the time in the game)

    I can attest to this in PC, am having to back off severely to allow my coin to catch up. Bounties on high level players and the XP to level jumps had saved me on VC.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2010
  20. bad comment

    wow Polish never expected from you such talk about other players strategy's
    !!! why you say that? so everyone should invest in stamina ...your comment= >>havent figured this out! Ive played this game for 326 days... or they been stupid and stop crying.... WAY WAY BEHIND??!
    we all share ideas ... its not all about race.... i level for new achievements that will be coming on future !!!
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