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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Kendall, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. my only problem is that stam will be wasted.if a boss is 1 stam hit away from being dead but the least you can use is 5 then thats 4 wasted stam.
  2. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    I hear you, you will still have the 1 stamina option available, this is not a change where we are trying to get users to use more stamina this is a change that a user can increase/decrease their stamina spend depending on the difficulty of the boss they are attacking.
  3. Vampryss

    Vampryss Guest

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    Not sure about a Beta time limit. Another gaming company has had an app in beta for a year on facebook (which is kinda long.. lol) & I don't remember seeing an official release post here taking bosses out of beta.. but I did find the first post when they were introduced. It's only been 6 months so not too long -
  4. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Thank you for addressing my concern about the balance.

    This would be a good update and it would balance out the bosses with the player battles. Since the proposed change on bosses would become effective once the boss is level XX, and would increase even more when the boss level is ZZ, then the idea of getting x2 fights should be unlocked at certain level, or even x3 the higher the level.

    Another idea is that making it so you can do more then 4 hits per health, lets say once you hit level 1000, it goes up to 6 hits, then at level 2000, goes up to 7 hits on 1 full stamina.

    Just throwing out a few ideas to match and balance them with the bosses.

    If there is an update that makes an i click be a x2 fight or x3, then attacks wont over-load the system and the limit can be removed then, right?
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  5. POG1916

    POG1916 Member

    Now to address the points that I do not quite see the validity in:

    - new players will stand to gain the most from these changes. Do you plan on not killing your bosses beyond level 10?

    The point most people are unless you allocate ALL your skill points to stamina..therfore NO ATT / DEF HEALTH..its NOT a valid point
    they will have no positive GAIN...on a longterm they will not even have enough points to gain a power attack.

    at present..a level 50 boss requires on average 400 - 450 power attacks
    it would be PREFERABLE to acomplish this..with the same amt of damage done in 250 clicks.....better than ur finger resembles a vibrating machine,,,,,,,,,,,

    Next Steps:

    -we will look to build a solution that a user can configure, say spend 5 stamina for 1 power attack or 10 stamina for 2. The levels will be chosen to keep the bosses challenging but to give those users that do not find enjoyment in clicking a boss in say 100 attacks let them do it in 50 if they so choose but for those that want to click a button 100 times they can still do so.

    -will look into what we can do for mob/clan/slayer attacks, for those levels in the games where the XP required to level is appropriate.

    The stamina counter has to be seen to it says..

    YOUR OUT OF HEALTH ...STAMINA..visit the UN or wait 24 hrs for a refill

    and no it does not refill in a DAY for those at a higher level..the counters need to speed up in order for this to be acomplished...even if it was a blanket speed up
    say level 500 20 secs quicker
    level 600 30 sec quicker ...and so on... please...and thanks..BRILLENT so far:p
  6. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Kendall this upcoming changed has stirred the pot a little.

    The changes proposed and modified thru this thread seem to make boss battles easier as in faster to kill w/ less clicks and time it will take a boss to kill, and the options of amount a stamina available to use per attack at different levels will give incentive to players and more for the new players, but thats good as more players the better. Upper level players will have the advantage of having the ability to use the new stamina system of attacks right away, while new players or lower levels will be able to get these options as they move up.

    Definitely keep the 1/5 stamina attack option available at all levels, and I would suggest having new stamina options at higher boss levels, not 10/20/30 more like 10/25/50/100.... makes for things to shoot for, and gives the upper levels and long time players a little something for a change that will help new players more.

    This change may allow faster leveling w/ bosses, but that would be for everyone. And yes it wasn't available earlier for high levels but the game is constantly evolving, and yes high level players usually don't get all the benifits. This was seen in the new skill point allocation and the battle system change. At one time high att/def did not matter and players took advantage of this, and the higher level and long time players recieved no advantage, so it happens...

    As for the regular battle system, Eddie has a good point, the game is designed for battle (and Eddie and I have had our battles, good one's at that) so a design change in the battle system would be great. The use of more stamina is a good suggestion, but, lets not get it confused by what we have now in which you can use up to 10 stamina for more of a boost. Maybe a new thread for new changes in the battle system.

    In summary the change is coming and it seems like it will be good for the new players, but that is a good thing as it give them more to play for. Upper levels, really we have had the same adventures, lands, warriors.... for a long time and has been like that for a while, so we'll just wait for the new empires/adventures to come like normal... and we will as always adapt again. Good change get more new players in the game.
  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    And the new stuff for VC is coming I am told...
  8. Wolfdaughter

    Wolfdaughter New Member


    I confess I'm surprised the devs didn't see it coming that players would work the bosses above 10 levels. Though the achievement prize may be limited, the drops and rewards carry on coming - and we'll spend a lot of effort getting the edge on our opponants in the game by having more weapons with higher firepower. Not only do they give (at least the higher bosses) higher firepower than a firesword, but it'[s free, which mean less upkeep so more money accumulating for empire, bounties etc.

    That may also explain why the devs seem to have introduced the useless (so far) legendary weapons. Though the cost is most certainly legendary, why buy them when one can gain better quality weapons through fighting bosses? It seems pointless.

    However, one concern I have is that new players will be able to 'hog' their own bosses at the lower levels by killing them without help. If they obtain multiple drops and rewards, that could easily mean they swiftly gain big advantages over existing upper level players in terms of the better weapons they can accumulate. Most of us have shared our bosses and could therefore lose out in terms of weaponry.

    As to the other arguments - I'm with Eddie and others on the need to even things up on the battlefield. It takes time and devotion to level that way and most of us put the time in. We'd like to see something make it more fun for us there. :)

    One other thing: how about a counter to axe slaps? Not to take the fun out of it, but something to prevent those boring nerds who like to slap every hour, every day, to kill the same people over and over. Presently, the only defence is to visit the boards every few hours to recharge one's health. This seems very crude. Surely the devs can think of something more skillful and with a bit of fun? Bullying slapping by higher level nerds with no life can put off a lot of lower level players.
  9. Seconded. The Boss System is fine the way it is. Would much rather see more new bosses, lands, adventures (multiplayer co-op battles *cough cough*) and weapons that aren't priced to the moon for little real benefit (how bout cutting the cost of legendary weapons to 10% of what they are, ppl might actually want them then.)
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Very well said, I agree with most! I to am surprised that the developers didnt see the whole "boss thing" coming...when they offer superior weapons which can be had at faster rate than can be obtained anywhere else.

    If overloading the servers is truly a potential problem, and adding additional servers is not an option due to its "duct tape" effect (which i dont agree with), cant we relieve some of the pressure on the existing servers by eliminating some of the worthless stuff found in the game such as the "legendary " items. How about those newer pop up boxes U recently added(the ones that show up after u allocate xp, or join anothers elites, etc etc) ? Whats up with those new achievement indicator on the boss page??? This stuff looks kinda cool but gets in the way more than anything, and if server space is at a is this stuff necessary? Maybe consider eliminating the unlock feature as well, as its rarely used and has proven itself pointless.

    If bosses are the big problem here....why cant we just cap them? Only have achievement awards for boss levels that go up to level 50, 75, or 100.(or lower) and then....once a boss reaches the last is eliminated and a new boss is introduced/unlocked. Another idea would be to (at least during the beta stage) only introduce the new "proposed changes" on the new bosses that have been promised, this way everyone will have worked under the new system from the onset ( advantage for anyone). Yes....the mid to higher levels would be first to try out the new"proposed changes" but thats not such a bad deal for the most neglected segment of players in the game.

    A potential abuse that i see with the new "proposed changes" would be an extension of an abuse that already occurs within the game. Player "A" puts out their boss and requests unlocks, Player "B" then comes along and ignores the request for said unlocks and kills the boss. At least under the current takes the disrespectful player "B" a lil while to kill the boss...still allowing time for other players to get a chance at acquiring xp and valuable drops. Can u imagine the damage that can be done to these bosses slated for unlocks or any other boss for that matter when wielding the power of the new "proposed changes" . I would think this would greatly discourage players...especially the newer ones who under the current system still have a shot at acquiring some of these very valuable items.

    In addition, how often do u think it will happen that a player will accidentally hit the wrong attack button....expending way more stamina than they wanted. How many times will a player be clicking away 25 stamina at a whack and accidentally hit it that last time for the kill shot when only 4 stamina were needed. Yes, its a players responsibility..... but I assure u...that will not keep them from complaining about it. You may want to add an extra server for the complaints

    Just my 2 cents, Ty for allowing me the opportunity to spend them.
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  11. after reading this carefully and thoroughly i have to agree 100% with you yet again.very very well said polish.
  12. Griff

    Griff Member

    It seems to me that people are mostly concerned that someone can level much faster by boss if you implement this. As it is now someone who has a level partner can level 3 or 4 times faster than clans that fight it out on the battlefield. And using bosses to level is even slower than this and will cost you close to 5 times the stam. Or heaven forbid someone with multiple accounts to lose to the main can probably level 10 times faster. So as it is now leveling by these different means are in no way "Equal".
    Sounds to me like a test needs to be ran to see just how much XP can be gained by regular fighting, partner leveling and boss leveling in a set time frame. To get an accurate reading it would have to last at least 15 - 30 minutes. People will have to be shown that someone with a credit card and a major need to be number 1 on a game couldn't potentially rocket themselves up the leaderboard unfairly if you implement this change.
    VC History shows that major changes have almost always favored newer clans thus the negative feedback.
    I am on the fence on this one. At first glance it looks like a fairly innocent change and your math seems logical but nothing in this game is simple or logical when it comes to changes. If all the extra clicking is bogging down the server I personally would rather have a fast game than a loading issue message. I don't think I will be turned away from the game by this change as I play to have fun. I would welcome any new skill points from bosses over level 10.
    I will close as I always do on major change issues.... Let us reallocate our points if you do implement. Griff
  13. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Off topic, but I disagree with you. When you made those choices you made that at that time to benefit your current situation, there should not be an option to re-think your past choices. Those choices that you made define your character.

    Its like asking for a relocation of GD points in a way lol
  14. Wolfdaughter

    Wolfdaughter New Member

    These seem to me to be very sensible suggestions. :)

    Interesting, Eddie. I had recently had a discussion on this issue with one of my levelling partners and thought it a good idea to be able to reallocate skill points; but your argument is persuasive.

    The main problem, I think, is when a major change is brought in. Yes, I used skill points in a specific way until the recent change to att/def - but I would have used them very differently had the att/def weighting been there from the outset of the game. I can say that with certainty as I reset to zero at level 550 in order to rectify earlier errors. Had I known how much the game would change, I wouldn't have bothered to reset - but neither am I moaning about that.

    the main difficulty I would see with being able to freely reallocate (or even substantially reallocate) is the one you refer to - once above a certain level, you know the other players in your vicinity of the game. I'm at 1700 and know the strengths & weaknesses of most of the other players I see on the board. At least those I've battled with so far. Free allocation would mean we all have to reassess from scratch.

    Good grief - that might mean Ruthless became difficult to beat. ;)
  15. Bravo Eddie!

    A good portion of the long term strategy of the game comes in how you spend your skill points. Total reallocation of the skill points would lead to massive abuses by the higher level players. If any reallocation were to be allowed it should be a restricted number of points with an astronomical price tag attached to it. (1 favor point per skill point adjustment with a total account cap of 50)
  16. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Whats up with all these updates? Some r pretty neat as well as needed such as the delete option on the boss feed.... but once again..... many seem very unnecessary. why do we need 2 health counters on the same boss fight page? R we not already concerned with overloading the servers???

    This thread has shown much opposition to the "PROPOSED CHANGES" that began this thread. Supposedly, this thread was started to get feedback on said "proposed changes" that have supposedly not been finalized. Many options/suggestions have been offered up by numerous players.....yet most of the feedback from Kano seems to be ignoring these suggestions. The only suggestions that seem to have been recognized by Kano on this subject are additions to there "proposed changes".

    I cant help but think that these "proposed Changes" are going to be implemented regardless of how the majority of players who r in opposition of these changes feel. In addition, I cant help but feel that the updates that r currently happening "in game" are the beginning stages of Kanos implementation of said "proposed changes" outlined in this thread. As stated previously....Kano said these changes have not been finalized, and since these "Proposed changes" were first brought to our attention a mere few days ago they have been strongly opposed. In Kanos own words...They were very surprised at the amount of attention and opposition that these "proposed changes" had generated. It is what it is Kano...the majority has spoken....and you have not offered any type of compromise. How r we to take this in any other way than.....u just dont care what the players feel and think. What r we suppose to think when we r told that these plans have not been finalized and r feed back was asked for....yet changes that seem to be setting up for these "proposed changes " r already underway? Was it a lie....or just total disregard for the majorities feelings on this?
  17. Allen Sumaran

    Allen Sumaran Member

    I agree with Jillian and Polish Pimp. I'm like alot of other players and use the BOSSES alot to level. I have had to bust my butt to get past level 1500. It's not fair to us players who have worked so hard to get where we are to make it easier for newer players to be given a greater advantage than we had. I hope that you will reconsider and keep the boss battles the same as they are today.
  18. i kinda like thes ideals but make the Achievements to the bosses go to 100:D,and the more cost of the stamina would it do more damage per attack?
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    soooooo.....none of my suggestions are viable options?????
  20. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I like the the idea as well.....i just think that the way its currently proposed is seriously flawed and will escalate abuses that already exist within the game. Secondly ...I dont like how new players will get to obtain what we have in such short order....It just seems to make the rigors we went through meaningless. I have offered a few ideas that may help alleviate these issues but have yet to be responded to, Hopefully we will will hear their thoughts on these suggestions soon.
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