[LCN] Property purchasing in higher multiples.

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Stackford, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Stackford

    Stackford Member


    We need the option to pick higher quantities in the properties dropdown menu.

    I suggested this when LCN started - and someone emailed me back saying they were working on it.

    Now that the property calculator has been updated (http://salthefoot.com/calc/), buying the smaller properties is a real chore. Seriously.


    This can't be that difficult to do - and it's on the old mob wars.
  2. jon french

    jon french Member

    Gets a 10 from me
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    sorry to "burst your bubble" but it's been brought up again and again, and the same response was given : it would be unfair to the existing players.
    anyway, i gave it a 10 :D
  4. Stackford

    Stackford Member

    Wait, what? I'm not suggesting that you should save any money, they can add the percentage bump for every 10 bought - I just want to buy 1000 of them in one go. How is this difficult???

    And by the way I've been in LCN for 825 days. I suggested this on day two.
  5. I don't see how this would help. I've used the calculator since day 1 (830 days ago) and rarely do I find myself in a situation needing to buy more than 10 and less than 50 at a time. I would never buy 25 at a time because you get the best ROI when buying 10 at a time, so only increments of 10 would be useful.

    Before the calculator was updated with the new properties it was still useful for the early levels. It doesn't look like you used it then, or you wouldn't have 3,500 Villas and Restaurants. It seems that you are correcting course and need 1000 more villas and don't want to click that many times. So, you want the developers spend hours to make this option for you, you click once and you go on with your game.

    I don't think they'll see eye to eye with you on this one, but nice suggestion.
  6. Stackford

    Stackford Member

    Okay, fair enough - take out the x25.

    Obviously I wasn't behind on villas more than two years ago, and I suggested this then. If you have to buy ten villas or whatever, you'll need to buy 10 more almost straight away. That's how the system works - back and forth, back and forth - all the time entering the values into the calculator. It takes ages - and always did. I was using the calculator right up until the guy stopped updating it, so I know.

    Even if I was up to date with all my properties, when the calculator tells me I need villas or restaurants I'd rather buy a ton for the sake of expedience.
  7. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Good call, I like this idea.
  8. That is what I do with mine, I ignore the option to buy better ROI properties so I can buy 60-70 of the NY properties first. After NY most cities are on an equal footing so you only need to buy 10 of each one in the location and go back to NY to buy 60-70 more of them.

    When the old calculator owner stopped supporting the calculator, I made a spreadsheet in excel to handle it for me. Now with the support back, all you need to do is hit enter on all of the NY properties until you get to a non-NY property and buy up, or de-select the non-NY properties and buy more. It doesn't take that long in the grand scheme of things.
  9. If you do this you had better make sure that it costs the same to buy 100 of an property at once as it would to buy 10x10 at a time, otherwise you're helping the new players and hurting old players. I don't have a problem with an addition like this, I just don't see the utility.
  10. kayjay

    kayjay Guest

    good idea but i got to go with maler we as long time players would lose as we to date have bought 10 max at a time
  11. Stackford

    Stackford Member


    Yeah, I get it...

    Yes, this is the point I'm making...

    Guys, I agree that if this feature were implemented the cost should be the same as if we bought in multiples of 10 - I just want the process of buying properties to be a little quicker. I honestly do not believe this would be difficult to implement. The utility is expedience, i.e, less clicking - which is what we all want.
  12. Sam Ayel

    Sam Ayel New Member

    It's obviously better to be able to buy higher amounts of properties. LCN is a better game than the old MW, but buying properties is more of a hassle than in old MW.
  13. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Keep in mind that the "old MW" is by a different developer.
  14. Sam Ayel

    Sam Ayel New Member

    I know. And I prefer LCN. But the properties feature is better in old MW.
  15. Completely on board with this as long as you keep the cost the same as buying in multiples of 10. I'm sure the devs understand that if you purchased 100 the cost should be equal to buying 10 X 10 and not give a discount for the full 100.
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