Pirate Clan Boycott - Counters/ Bounty Prices

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tracy Bingham, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Tracy Bingham

    Tracy Bingham Member

    I join my other friends and foes in honoring the following:

    I am asking friends and foes to join together for 24 hrs to voice our
    displeasure over the current state of the game. I propose
    that in 8 hours from now that we leave for 24 hrs. Let's all show that
    we are quite serious about leaving if our complaints are not taken
    seriously enough. Thank you everyone!!
  2. ethyx

    ethyx New Member

    While a boycott may be warranted, I simply don't know what you are boycotting, or why? You elude to counters or bounty prices, but again don't give details. It is difficult at best to get others to support a cause if they cannot understand your request. Since I don't understand your boycott, I will not be joining. I suggest in the future that you state why you wish to boycott, and then build a case to rally others to your unique agenda.
  3. cuinan128

    cuinan128 Banned


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