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    Perks Overview:
    Perks will be an additional feature added to Battle Arena – Survivor. The greater the % of your skill points placed in specific skills the greater the perk you get in the battle arena. Perks give a role for putting skill points in Attack, Defense and Health. Perks allow us to balance the strength of different skill point builds. People who go all attack, all defense, all health or a variation of the three will all have positives and negatives based on how they play.

    Perk 1 – Attack
    Each time a player attacks another player they will do a minimum amount of damage. The greater the % of skill points put into attack the more minimum damage you do. Also the higher the attack strength of your equipped items the more minimum damage you will do.

    Perk 2 – Defense
    The defence perk allows you to go into a defensive stance. In the defensive stance a player cannot actively attack opponents but the damage you take from enemies is reduced. The greater the % of skill points put into defence the less damage you will take when in defensive stance.

    For example if you are in the defensive stance and someone attacks you doing 1000 damage you only take 200 damage because you are in the defensive stance. If you had a very high % of your skill points in defense you may only take 100 damage. (These are just sample numbers).

    The player can choose to attack an enemy when in this stance but when they actively attack an opponent they leave the defensive stance and no longer get the perk.

    The duration of the defensive stance is based on defensive stat for your armed item. The high the defense on your armed items the longer you can be in defensive stance.

    Perk 3 – Health
    This perk will modify how much health you regenerate when you kill an opponent. The higher the % of skill points put into health the more health you receive when performing the killing blow on an opponent.

    The amount of health gained from killing an opponent will also be modified by the number of skill points the opponent has collected. This means a high level opponent with lots of achievements will give out more health then a low level player with not many achievements when they die.

    Feedback Please
    These are the proposed perks for Battle Arena – Survivor. Do you like them? Do you dislike them? Why? Do you have any other ideas for perks? If so what are they?
  2. polishpimp

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    So the amount damage we give or take will be based off what percentage of skill points we have allocated towards a particular attribute such as attack or defense...or is this going to be in addition to the normal damage we do based on our actual numbers? If its based strictly on the percentage and not my actual numbers than its complete BS. What would be point of having a high level account with high attack defense and health? Is the "minimum damage" u speak of the same for everyone? If player (A) is level 5k and player (B) is level 1k but they both have their skill points distributed evenly than they will both be getting as similar result when attacking player (C)?

    Is the regeneration of health when killing an opponent the only way to regenerate health?

    In most cases a higher level will have a much higher health....rewarding others with more health for killing them is basically painting a target on their back is it not? If im one of the players with the highest health .....doesnt that put me at a disadvantage because i cant attack and kill myself?
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  3. It sounds cool. I wish Kano could go live with this feature for a one time "beta" test without stats or rewards before you release it for good so we can have a better discussion on it. It's really difficult to understand just how all this is going to work until we actually go at it. I understand you would like to have the flowchart worked out before coding but I honestly can't see exactly how everything will work by just reading what you guys have posted about it so far.

    So, our damage dealt and taken will be based off our actual numbers then these perks will further modify these amounts correct?
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  4. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Only see one issue i can think of that not one single person has mention yet. What about cagers in the game. Everyone knows how you setup a cage account. This is going to benefit them if you do not have your hired help or actual captains participating. I can actually see that getting abused real quick just like they did with the cagematching situation.
  5. I could be wrong but I take it that the damages will be taken from our actual numbers but these perks will just be a modifier.
  6. I don't cage match so could you elaborate on how their accounts are set up?
  7. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Look for a player with only 12 players maybe 100 people and they beat you constantly. Those have become known as cagers. Because they add everything to attack. No defense no health. But they will hit you constantly. Since they refused to play the game the right way they got a limit on how many hits they can do on players in a given day.
  8. I am really happy that you guys at Kano are trying to take different play styles into account on this feature. It would really suck to not be competitive because we chose to build our account a certain way. I am really looking forward to giving this feature a go.
  9. Oh ok I see.. I guess it depends on whether or not they are using our actual numbers first then using these "perks" as an additional modifier. If these guys have no health or no defense then they should be killed out fast even with an attack perk in place.
  10. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    As long as it's equal sided to however players build there accounts then it's fine with me and looking forward to it. But if it's one sided it's just another place for the bullies to come out of the woodwork again and pick on the smaller players.
  11. Well, I hope I am understanding the concept. If so, it seems like maybe a bunch of smaller players can jump on the higher clans and take them out of the arena. Or, I am thinking that maybe all the higher clans will take each other out making room for a slight chance that a smaller clan could have a shot at winning.
  12. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Let me run your through a sample battle to make it more clear:

    Grand Total Attack = This is a sum of modified values it will include your personal attack, your armed items, and the items your squad members take to battle (in ZS it will also include your squad attack strength)

    Grand Total Defence = This is a sum of modified values it will include your personal attack, your armed items, and the items your squad members take to battle (in ZS it will also include your squad defence strength)

    Grand Total Health = This will be a modified version of your health. You will have A LOT more health in the battle arena so you can survive a good beating.

    Sample Battle

    Player 1 attacks Player 2
    Player 1 Roll between 1 - 100,000 Grand Total Attack
    Player 2 Roll between 1 – 20,000 Grand Total Defence

    Player 1 rolls 100,000 on his Grand Total Attack
    Player 2 rolls 2,000 on his Grand Total Defence
    Player 1 does 98,000 damage to player 2

    Attack resolves first, then the counter attack happens.

    Player 2 counter attacks Player 1
    Player 2 Roll between 1 -20,000 Grand Total Attack
    Player 1 Roll between 1 – 5,000 Grand Total Defence
    Player 2 Rolls 500 on his Grand Total Attack
    Player 1 Rolls 1,000 on his Grand Total Defence
    Player 2 does 0 damage to player 1 because players 2 attack roll is below player 1’s defence roll

    'Perk 1 Attack' MAY come into effect for player 2 but not for player 1. This is because player 2 did less then the minimum damage found in the perk. The player may not have the required points in attack for the perk to trigger. Its simply a bonus for having a high % of your points in attack. If player 1 did zero damage to player 2 during their roll they would also be eligible for the perk.

    Currently the only way to regenerate health is by killing an opponent.
  13. So what

    So what Member

    so having a built account all EVEN att def and health will stand you nothing other than as serving as a target ..and like prevoiously mentioned WIDE open to abuse AKA cage fighting ...can t see any reason to participate as the game is stacked for ( helpers for 30 dollars (links) and wide spread att only alt accounts ) not a great way of moving forward when you build your account within the confinds of the game ...only to be peanalised
  14. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    We will be rolling the feature out slowly taking into account everyone's feedback.

    Correct the damage dealt will be take off actual numbers, perks will just modify these amounts.
  15. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Only time will tell.
  16. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    If you build an account with EVEN attack, defence and health you might be eligible for all the perks. Even built characters will have a lot of surviving power and they will still be able to dish out damage. They will be well off in the arena.
  17. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Okay so if you have lets say this three different accounts.

    1. 10k in attack 20k in health 2k in defense
    2. 10k in defense 20 k in health 2k in attack.
    3. 10k in attack 10k in defense and 20k in health

    the third player will be better off in the arena is what your saying because they are more proportional with the way there stats are allocated.
  18. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    Cagers shouldn't be a problem as your hired help and actual captains impact the attack and defence calculations.
  19. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Thank you we all know how that ended with cagers the last time i am glad your still taking a stance on that as it was being abused by many but not by all.
  20. DarkStratus

    DarkStratus Administrator

    In the above example player 3 would be better off. He has the same health as player 1 and player 2 but has more attack then player 2 and more defence then player 1.

    The goal of perks is to make each build have a unique play style. While ensuring one build isn't better then the other builds.

    My definition of a build is the way your place your skill points in attack, defence and health.

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