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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Zoonie, Mar 4, 2016.

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    As a higher level player there are fewer and fewer options to engage in strategy. It’s either get a nice feud going with someone (which is probably going to be mismatched) or bide my time waiting for Guild Wars and Battle Arena. When new locations are added it helps a bit but it’s still the same old thing.

    What I would like to see is something that makes PvP a bit more interesting. My idea is to firstly introduce new regular warriors and weapons to buy once you reach level 10,000 and compliment that raising the limit on buying hired clan so not only will you have more of them they will be tougher

    At the 10K+ level cash is practically an infinite resource. 1 billion is just as worthless as 1 million. The only things you can spend money on is empire, which just results in more useless cash, or bounties, which just loses a player a trivial amount of XP (the equivalent of 10 – 20 stamina when used against the correct target) to make back up (I’m not even going to talk about the 2 counters). The ability to buy useful, regular warriors and weapons will soak up some of that extra cash as will the exorbitant upkeep fees.

    Raising the hired clan limit will give players the option to get tougher by increasing clan size and will also bring back some of their old stuff back into play. It will also be an outlet for those piles of Favor points (FPs) that tend to accumulate as you level up.

    Of course you can’t give players the ability to grow without restriction so that is where the Progress Token (PTs) comes in. Buying level 10K+ items and buying in excess of the 2K limit for hired clan will require spending PTs as part of the purchase. I would suggest 1 PT per item and 25 PTs when a block of 3 hired clan is wanted. To answer your next question, PTs would use the Gift system. Perhaps instead of the ever useful Guitar Axe, the Progress Token could be offered as a level 1, 2K or 10K gift usable at 10K+ to buy hired clan or the new items. You could also make PTs available for sale using FPs.

    If I could make one more tweak it would be to put an upper limit on the total amount of money you can have in your hoard and on-hand. I would suggest a maximum of 200 quadrillion in the hoard and 5 quadrillion on-hand. (Amounts to be updated with your hourly income so if you have more than 5 Q on-hand you have until the next income update to transfer the excess to your hoard or spend it otherwise it automatically gets trimmed down to 5 Q). This would also have the side-effect of stopping high-level players coming back after an absence to find mountains of cash on-hand because they have not been around to spend it.

    I don’t know how the various databases interact in VC to work their magic but I don’t think it would be too hard to set this up. The only really new bit would be integrating PTs into the buying progress and updating the user interface (UI) to include it. Maybe your programmer would appreciate the opportunity to work on something new? If it did prove to be too difficult to bolt on the PT aspect of the update then that part of the job could be dropped. Compared to a new location this would place a much lighter load on the Graphics Designers because as little as 3 new items and elements of the extended UI would have to be created.

    Eventually I would hope that the system would be back-filled with new items down to the 3.5K to 3K level which is where the top existing regular items begin to become obsolete.

    I only play Viking Clan so this might be applicable to the other games too.

    (Limits, levels and other stuff with actual numbers are just serving suggestions :))
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    • Huh? you must be weak as crap off raids..
    • Raising hired clan would make no difference unless pay to play and make others buy them as well (shaking my head at that statement)

    • I'm getting frigging lost here, you want uppers to have upkeep?
    • KANO hasn't even made all items craftable yet, but you want new upkeep items?
    • BTW 100T isn't crap not your so called 1billion/1million (guess you forgot some zeros or have absolutely no clue.)

    • Extra Favor points at 10k? What world you living in?
    • No on more hired clan, game has been set up with 1k hired/1k friends for ever, and look back up or "Raising hired clan would make no difference unless pay to play and make others buy them as well (shaking my head at that statement)" From above.

    • Lost again, if only play VC you know it's FP's not PT's (No clue what a PT is)
    • Are you for real and typed this out as a idea?

    • Are you for real, take away our coin? Guess your not 10K+ , if KANO ever takes away chit from me I earned I'm done.

    • Delusional yet again..

    • That your level, I'm guessing..

    • No worries, all those suggestions suck..
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    Limits ,no thanks , upkeep ,more clan etc ,no thanks
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    I concur
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    aint nobody got time for that

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