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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    The 2015 rollout of achievements begins! To start the year off we are bringing out extensions to the level achievements for all four games. These are not the only achievements that we are bringing out as we have a couple player-requested ones on the horizon, but those require a bit of dev time whereas we are already set up to accommodate more level achievements. What you can get and at what levels are listed below. :)

    If you are over one of these achievement barriers, simply gain one level and the backlogged achievements will pop.

    Viking Clan - Movin' on Up

    Level 20,000
    Level 25,000
    Level 35,000
    Level 45,000
    Level 55,000

    Pirate Clan - Sea Dog

    Level 20,000
    Level 25,000
    Level 30,000
    Level 35,000

    Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra - Movin' on Up

    Level 11,000
    Level 12,000

    Zombie Slayer - Climb the Corporate Ladder

    Level 7,500
    Level 9,500
    Level 11,500
    Level 13,500
  2. Maler

    Maler Member

    From 500 to 5000 levels difference ? kinda biiiiig difference, don't you think ?

    Not much of a reward either ...
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  3. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Thats strange for low levels where its easy to advance to next level the level achivments are verry often and for high levels where it needs 10 times more time to advance the level acivments are extremely rare! How this is fair?? Latelly high levels are verry discriminated, on raid bosses (you can easily do hundreds of levels like low level player and 10 times less levels if you are high level, keys you have left from raid bosses could give you 10-20 levels if you transform them in Xp if you are low level and not even half level if you are high level) and all the new content and achivments , this is the reason why alot of high levels quit playing the games because they feel all is unfair for them. You need to stop this discrimination in my opinion if you want to keep this games alive!
  4. James Wright

    James Wright Member

    As someone who will hopefully hit 20k in a month or so, I can honestly say you have to be taking the piss. Sorry Mitch, this is just one slap in the face to far. Tell you what why don't you go the whole hog and double the amount of XP required for us to level as well. I have bought my final wad of FP, told the wife I'm scaling back from the game and will just do my daily points. I loved this game, it was fun, now its just who has the biggest credit card limit and I'm done. James "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish - Level 19837" - soon to be a retired Viking...............................
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  5. robbin gordon

    robbin gordon Well-Known Member

    the high levels in lcn are being held hostage, basically. we are the slowest to gain, and it is shown here. ffs, cut the levels to 500 per, as you have always had, at least it gives us SOMETHING. we still get a lousy 50 stam per level.... SO UNFAIR. boost the xp gains per attacks, how does that hurt kano to do so ? how much more do you think we will take before we all walk out. something has to be done about the stam refills, and recalculate the xp gains, or i, too, will fold my wallet and walk.

    as someone else said, this is a massive slap in the face.
  6. Susanne Rautelius

    Susanne Rautelius Active Member

    What about new adventure and bosses????? nothing new for long time....... We are some that are way over last adventure now
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  7. Craig Day

    Craig Day Well-Known Member

    Thank you for addressing this
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  8. WendelinR

    WendelinR Active Member

    yay new achievements!!!! Can't wait to get to lvl 11 000+, I'm already 4520 now in LCN on Kongregate so shouldn't take long.
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  9. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

  10. Hahaha, need of level achievements was urgent. Maybe one more year or so before 2-3 might unlock the the 11k achievement – if they haven't quit by then. Nice to see you got your priorities in order. 2000 stam required to do one level on someone in my range. Luckily I get 50 back which will provide me with 30k XP if I'm lucky. Only 98 % to go to complete the next level. Or 99,5 % if you choose to use the stam on a boss. Only 2,5 years until I complete the 11k one if I continue with this boring chore levelling is daily, and I'm level 8k already.
  11. James Wright

    James Wright Member

    I have done my top adventure over 6,000 times, to say this game has got stale is just an understatement and fails to highlight the fact that the raid boss has screwed the whole game up. I go to bed I'm 350 levels above someone, I wake up 8 hours later and there now 104 levels past me, WTF, where is the skill in that? Like I said, lets go the whole hog, how about you just sell 500 levels for 2,500fp or something stupid, oh wait, you already did that! Game Over.....................
  12. S E T H

    S E T H Active Member

    why 2 movin on up achievements for LCN? a bit ridiculous really. 11k and 12k, that's a bit of a joke i think. our top player in FB/server 1 is over 11k already, why not add another couple 15k and 18k or something. i'm not a top player but i agree with robbin 50 stam for the higher levels is abit cheap. why not make it 50 stam for lower players per levels, mid range 150 and top players 350? surely it couldn't be that hard to do something like this.
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  13. kevinmalo

    kevinmalo Active Member

    should get an achievement every 500 or 1000 levels if you ask me.. considering the time put into it (excluding raid bos$$$)
  14. Kimbella

    Kimbella Member

    I am not a High Level player by any means but I play to be one in all 4 apps. It seems to me that Kano would want to reward the long time loyal players. I too agree that unless you make it just as exciting for the higher levels to play as you do in the beginning with the lower levels, then why play at all? I would think that if we, the Mid Level players have nothing to aspire to, then it becomes discouraging to want to get there. Make it exciting Kano, give your loyal high level players a reason to stay and give us something to look forward to.
  15. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    New achievements is yay.

    The spacing, though? I'll only take Viking Clan.

    17.000 - 20.000 - 25.000 - 30.000

    Really? I understand that these achievements are meant to be a challenge, but honestly, these are hilarious jumps, especially considering that prior to that it was an achievement for every 500 levels. It would look fairer if it went something like this:
    17.000; 17.500; 18.000; 18.500; 19.000; 19.500; 20.000; 21.000; 22.000 and so forth.

    Simply jumping to hilariously large gaps in levels is not really going to motivate people to fight for them. 5k Levels at Level 20.000 take hilarious amounts of XP, ballpark figure says 3,375 Billion XP.
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  16. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    New levels! Do the new levels retards times? I noticed after a certain level we don't get timers retarded any more.
  17. Player on Kong

    Player on Kong New Member

    Hahahahaha As always Kano did nothing good for the high levels. from level 5.500 - 7.500 in ZS. If you don't buy UN that's 2 years between achievements.
    Why is it that you always try to make new good things for the new players AND pure CRAP for the old players ???
    Does Kano still think there will come a whole new revolution of new players to replace all the old once that you get to quit by neglecting them ??
    Your Raid bosses does also suck big time for the high levels in ZS lol.
    And since you used 1/2 a year working on that. There was no time for a new location the last 8 months I'm amazed that the outcome could be that pore.
    BA is basically dying after the new change = half as many join now compared to before the rule change.
    All in All ....I can say you're doing a pretty bad job i the moment and if you're not going to spoil the mid and high levels very soon there will be nobody left to play.
    I know its not an easy job. And there will always be someone that will complain. But I'm pretty sure you're betting on the wrong horse when it comes to ZS.
    Good luck :)
  18. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with the amount of Stamina (and Energy) given at each level up being ridiculously low - 50 Stamina is WAY too low for me, and I am only Level 2143 (I can't imagine what that's like for someone who is Robbins Level)! I have brought this up before and I will standby my belief (and the many beliefs of others with whom agree)! What can someone really do with 50 Stamina at Level 2143? My suggestion has always been to fully refill the players Stamina and Energy 100% at each level up - this will not only solve many of the complaints regarding this issue, but it would give players incentive to add more of their Skill Points to the Stamina & Energy Categories, as I have a very low Skill Point allocation for Energy (along with almost every other player I know) because there is currently no real reason to have a high amount of Energy, as you are in each city for so long as it stands! Some may not agree with 100% full Stamina & Energy refills at level ups, but SOMETHING needs to be done about replenishing only 50 Stamina to LCN players when they level! Just my opinion anyway..
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Well if that happened then I want those refill retro ;)
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  20. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    Nice but why new icoons?

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