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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the input, guys! Glad to hear some of you are stoked on these, we sure are.

    I should note that these were set partially based on where the highest player is for each achievement. Definitely some people are going to have an easier or harder time reaching them based on their skill points allocation, but at least some people in the game are pretty close to a number of these.
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  2. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    the 40k energy achievement though is not very practical at all. its not optimal at all to have that much energy no matter your lvl(as of now unless it becomes norm to see average player 100k+) Its nice to see new achievements but i dont feel enough time was spent looking at the time required to obtain some of them and the practicality of others.

    if possible would you guys be able to post the number of players with such high energy give or take 5k? no need to post names for obvious reasons but just a number so we can see how and why this achievement tier was even considered.

    Also one thing i would advice is to add a couple tiers to lighten the load up a bit on players as to not discourage them from seeing the jumps and going thats not going to happen. Perfect example is the jobs assisted and its 25k jump per tier... the number may look good but the amount of time to get 25k assists given you log in and complete them daily exactly on time since it is based on 24 hour not 22 like the boosts. Bare minimum of 714 days apart, realistic amount of time considering nobody gets all assists done the exact moment the restart happens everyday, 900-1000 days.

    Having such high tiers is fine but the jumps in between need to at least be obtainable without sinking literal years into the game only to be awarded with a few fp and a minor amount of xp. When a person sinks years for just the next jump in achieve lvl the rewards for it should be huge or smaller incremental jumps with lesser rewards per achieve but are actually a realistic goal for people to see and go alright that is 1-3 months of daily consistent gaming to achieve the next step. With the smaller jumps the lesser rewards per achieve become reasonable and less discouraging to people when they see just how long it takes and the rewards they are getting are nominal in comparison to the thousands of hours sunk into the game to achieve.
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  3. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    You can't possibly be anywhere close to these without spending. I guess that shows what you're encouraging us to do.
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  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    yup if they look insane, let them look achievemetns are not all to all to get :D
  5. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    another aspect towards spending
  6. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    power attacks used could be handy for achievements, seen soemone used over 1M powerattacks :)
  7. Armando Cucinotta

    Armando Cucinotta New Member

    I think that this is a joke, on achievements of level, we had level 10,000, level 11,000 and level 12,000, we have to continue with level 13,000, 14,000, 15,000, 16,000, 17,000 etc. no possible level 15,000, level 20,000 and level 25,000, I hope this is a joke, ALL ACHIEVEMENTS ARE ALL WRONG.

    I would like to know the people who have studied these results, of course they do not know the game.
  8. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    well scroll back and check my post about the same thing, the achivement types are nice, but the scale is, well, stupid
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  9. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    week is getting late, and still no new things.... when we have it???
  10. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    its no use implementing as soon as they post, these changes need to be discussed before hammering down what they are going to be. others and I see there are problems in the achievement scaling and sheer amount of time needed to obtain them so are speaking out. Hopefully with the people speaking out and stating what we find wrong will be able to come up with a compromise with kano to have achievements that a vast majority are in agreement with rather then a select few or those who could care less about achieves saying put them in(those who dont care shouldnt be saying to hurry up since you dont care it wont affect you either way but for those that do more discussion is needed.)
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  11. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    i didnt asked your opinion...
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  12. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    wow so if someone could care less about new achievements, they cannot say it , lol yeah OK, well watch me :p I couldn't care less about achievements, never have and I doubt I ever will, :p
  13. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Achivements for income and depositing money in the bank would be also nice , you forgot about it!
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  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Pass on hoarding achievements, makes the hitlist go stale.
  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Updated the Jobs Assisted achievements based on feedback in this thread, hopefully these should look a bit more evenly spaced now.
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  16. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    was originally be open last week,.. so we have to wait another week. again???
  17. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    having the jumps for jobs assisted is a lot better then before, just hope the rewards match the time and effort required to get them lol. Still is at a minimum of 358 day, realistically a tab bit over a year.

    I still believe the jumps should be in smaller increments where it would take a person roughly 6 months at most of consistent play to obtain the next step. Smaller incremental steps between the next achievement tier should apply to all the categories.

    For the stats achieves jumps of 5k means a minimum of 1k lvls to obtain the next step and when talking about lcn, 1k lvls doesnt come easily as they do when talking about PC or VC.

    Jobs completed should be 500k incremental increases between, reason behind this is even with high energy(as in those who for some reason think 40k is a good amount) the higher tier jobs are consuming upwards of 300 energy per meaning its not a simple matter of accumulating 5m energy over time. adventure totals start to roll in incredibly slower as time goes on. The people that have done upwards of 3m+ adventures i can almost guarantee they have done the first adventure takes up roughly 90% of that overall total. Doing the first adventure thats costing 1 energy instead of 300+ is the only realistic way of obtaining such a high number of jobs done.

    As for gp getting 5m gp takes a minimum of 313 consistent days of play to obtain. A curve i would recommend is this(starting from the last gp achieve currently in place)-
    25 000 000
    27 500 000
    30 000 000
    32 500 000
    35 000 000
    37 500 000
    40 000 000

    Going up to 40m rounds it out at a minimum of 2500 days of consistent play or 6.8 years which is still a lot but the jumps make it so that youll get one achievement roughly every 6 months and a realistic time to get the achieve would be over 7 years. Over this amount of time it is unreasonable to think a player is not going to be missing any days at all and will have played non stop.

    jobs assisted given that there is not going to be any modification to amount capable of being done should go up by 6500 per tier to enable a person to be capable of obtaining one just over 6 months time of constantly collecting daily. If however there is a change that gets rid of the cap limit and makes them similar to challenge assists where youll get 1xp after a certain amount of time the tiers would work fine as they are. As they are now the tier progression i believe would work best with a smaller jump. The jump to 6500 would still be greater then the current jumps of 5k(which are currently real good for amount of time to completion). The tiers jumps i would recommend would be-
    41 500
    48 000
    54 500
    61 000
    67 500
    74 000
    80 500
    87 000
    93 500
    100 000

    BA attacks is similar to adventures done but of course easier to obtain and given this is LCN that doesnt have stam caps, having the jumps go from 500k to 1m is actually acceptable given he amount of stam a person is able to save in just a single week with a build slightly leaned towards stamina. They will take a while to obtain but these style achieves are ment for the people that play the BA hard and it shows which is good.

    BA kills are a strange thing since kano has admitted the numbers are not what they use to be and are not where they should be. The amount of kills is fine but only if some changes are going to be done with the arena, as in all accounts are thrown in and there is an opt out button. This would allow a mass number of kills and help with both the kills achieves and total attacks. Cant really say much on these ones since it really depends on what happens from here on out with the ba. I would personally hold off on releasing BA achieve extensions in general until a revamp or an update happens regarding the BA occurs. Also holding off on releasing them until a BA change would give people an extra intensive to play the ba when that time comes. (The reason i say this is because i believe i read somewhere that kano is looking into making some adjustments or changes with the ba) Either way regarding the ba achieves they have potential but would hold off until things are fixed/adjusted with the ba.

    onto the challenges completed, well lets put it this way i am currently the leader of challenges completed on kong PC at 1655 done over the course of 1265 days. Given that challenges in the higher tier are taking upwards of 2 days to complete, if a person is not doing the first couple of challenges on repeat for a few years the amount of time required to complete the jumps proposed is simply insane. Even roughly doubling my time played on there to 2500 days that would only bring the total up to 3.3k or roughly 40% of the way to achieving the top achieve. Unless something changes with challenges that enables people to be able to complete 1 a day you are still looking at 7500 days of completing a challenge once a day... that equates to 20.5 years. Now if a player was willing to play this game for over 20 years to get that achieve, i firmly believe they deserve some god tier item for completion lol. This is still given that you are able to complete a single challenge a day which is not the case. To put it into perspective, you start the challenge with 3 shots that takes the total number of shots down from 16 to 13. now add assists in and that brings total down to 10. each shot takes 4 hours to recharge meaning a minimum of 40 hours to complete, roughly 2 days. so with roughly 2 days a challenge to complete that 7500 total you are asking means everybody wanting is either going to have to spend literal thousands of dollars or spend upwards of 15k days playing. Never mind the other achieves and their jumps when it comes to the challenge one it is beyond unrealistic. Of course there are going to be the select few who have sunk the money in to obtaining 10k+ challenges but those people obtaining that many completion, getting an achieve for it is the last thing on their mind. Not a single person is going to want to spend upwards of 41 years of constantly playing the game to obtain a single achieve given the way challenges are currently structured. The highest as of now the challenge completion achieves should be going is 2500/3000. The amount of time it takes to get that is still extremely high but reasonable in the sense that it is actually obtainable without spending mass amounts of money where when spending that amount an achieve is the last thing on the mind to be obtained. A recommendation for the tiers of challenges completed is -

    Last but not least is the boss kills, Now this ones tiering is nowhere near how absurd the challenge completion is but nonetheless the jumps are to high. Especially for LCN, the highest across all the lcn servers is 11,667 and this player has been playing for a total of 2718 days. Averaging out the amount of boss kills per day this person gets is a total of 4.3, so for ease of math lets say its 5 per day capable of being killed. given the person is at 11 667, this means to reach the last achieve of 15k the player is in need of 3 333 more bosses killed. Divide that by 5 and you are looking at a total of another 667 days to go or 1.8 nearly 2 years of playing. Mind you this is the top across all servers and has a decent lead before the runner up. so even if the person is a bosser the amount of time required to complete this would be upwards of 3400 days. Or to put into years a total of 9.3 years. simply going up to 10k as the top tier is more then suitable given the amount of time to complete it. Even if a player was averaging 5 bosses a day killed that would still take 2 000 days or 5.5 years of constantly playing daily to obtain. This also doesnt factor in the bosses cooling time of 2 days or the unlock lvl. This is assuming the player is immediately able to access all bosses out of the gate which isnt possible. If however another form of summoning bosses came to the other games similar to ZS then having the tiers go up to 15 would make a lot more sense but there is no secondary boss summoning.
  18. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    You're missing the point. They were never about making them reasonable. The idea is to encourage you to spend as much time playing the games and spending as much money as possible.
  19. gloc twins

    gloc twins New Member

    have heart, 10 yrs. n were all done...:p
  20. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    if people can and want to spend, and others don't or cannot what business is it of anyone , anyway, remember without those that do spend there would be no game or no Kano, they are not a charity :)
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