Myspace Removing Games from their Network

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Wonder Bread, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    ok , now i'm really going to throw a wrench into the works .

    i play VC on ms and fb . now if i transfer my ms account to fb i want the accounts merged completely . i've spent too much time on both accounts to have to choose one over the other and get some small token for my loses . i would also like to reassign my skill points as the build would become lopsided .

    i think that is fair considering how long some of us have been playing . the long hours spent . the money spent . i don't think it's kano's fault but i did warn this would happen when the new myspace was released .

    of course i've also mentioned several times that i think kano having their own servers in the style of lotro was the way to go . i mention lotro because it's the only other game i play , lol . that would solve the problem and keep the players on the other social network platforms happy that we won't be invading their territory .

    i would like to thank kano for all their hard work over the years . a pity that myspace management is being overrun by morons and we're forced to move . wait till they realize the gamers are all the people they had . lol .

    btw , we all should berate the myspace people at every opportunity every way possible . all forums , blogs any thing we can think of .
  2. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    you know i don't see eye to eye with jj on most things an yes i tried face book to an a kano site would work for me if to keep my game the way it is an my viking i would go to kong i just want to play
  3. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    explain unbalance the mw/zs servers on kongregate.

    You mean take all 50 of us most that already have MS accts and upset us? It is actually far more logical than fielding the complaints they will get from FB at the mere thought of losing their rankings. They went through this with Hi5 it was a disaster they were hit by all sides.

    As Kano mentioned they learned a lot. Honestly if they don't do something Kong won't last anyway. It's already unbalanced since most of the folks there have played before.

    As for any drama that you may have mentioned. Hadn't noticed it sorry.
  4. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    In an ideal world I would love to have them merged. Having built a slayer on all 3. I think it's a pipe dream but each one has it's own personality I could merge two but thought of losing the hard work actually makes me sad. Hence why I chose Kongregate. It's new enough that it would impact far fewer players. Some are complaining already about how they've built there and it's not fair. Might I point out that they too have a MS acct that they would be able to merge thus mitigating the impact to some degree for them. I would however feel bad for the new slayers we have picked up there as some old rivalries will show up and some of the folks that don't know how to keep it clean. Part of what makes Kong a nice little place is we've managed to keep most of the ugliness out of the game. I still get a lot said about me but at least they keep it tolerable over there.

    Ooops tangent there.

    I agree with the newest update about an offsite kano only site has the drawback of very hard to get new players. So ideally you tie to something. What about something like that IS a gaming site as is kongregate I might add. Could that be an option?

    Part of the problem with FB is you have to share with your friends. On myspace it's been so long since it was a "real" social site that many of us no longer have any close friends or coworkers watching the account, makes a huge difference as to how you can play the game.

    Stream of concsiousness with a headache. Thank you for bearing with me as I attempt to make some sense of the jumbled thoughts in my head.

    Quite frankly UN packages are just not fun. sure you get a compensation of some sort but pretty much all the time you've invested is thrown out the window as you attempt to rebuild. No matter what we do you will have to rebuild your squad somehow. It didn't work well for MW to try to give you fake squad to replace (on zs it really doesn't matter so much). But I'm sure the folks at kano are thinking of all this and have a much better grasp of true impact as far as the nitty gritty goes.

    oops. Sorry, I'll hush. Dang headache I know better than to try to think with one of these whoppers. oh and um sorry if I kill you a lot. I tend to do that when one of these show up ;)
  5. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    i don't think it would be that hard to get new players to an off network game site . you would still have the games on the networks to advertise from . and anyone that wanted another account could be directed to the new site . maybe transfer alt accounts there instead of banning them , lol . sort of a you've been bad , go to where we sent the ms people . then we get to harass them for their crimes . lol . that's the ticket vc hell . lol
  6. jeff777

    jeff777 New Member

    i hope they give us a choice where we want to play.. some may want to be facebook and some on the other 2 . if they give us a choice then maybe we can have more fun in battle arena and the leader boards and enemies may not be in the same platform. new top players and ect.. just a thought
  7. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    lol ok i want to rate this a perfect 10 this works for me
  8. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Okay, a few issues to raise here.

    First and foremost, There is a bug in the form on myspace.

    The option to update your email information will not stick, when I refresh the page it returns to the email account that is linked to my myspace page.

    This is not a huge problem for me as I somehow REMEMBER the password for my 10 year old dead email account and was able to reactivate it for the purpose, but Im sure plenty of people will need to update their email information, as I would like to as I never check that email account anymore.

    Next, Id like a clarification of what the option even means, Currently is just an option to play your facebook account away from facebook. Is Kano considering the option of starting its own network not tethered to a social network? if not that option is entirely confusing. as choosing it would mean the same thing as choosing facebook, except maybe you would have LESS options for a way to play?

    For all of those that are blindy in favor of moving to kong, I HIGHLY suggest you actually start a game over there and see how you like it before you commit, because the links in the game are terrible the loadup time for it is atrocious, esp if you get one of those required advertisements before you enter, (sometimes the game wont load at all) the player base is even smaller than myspace, the chat is difficult to navigate, and the public chat where ANYONE that is currently playing is a part of is about like traveling back in time to 5th grade.

    Im just saying, take a surf around both networks before you commit.

    and NOW, the $1,000,000 dollar question for kano:

    Will we be recieving favor point packages? or a true account transfer?

    If its a favor point package, what factors will it be based on?

    Will we be able to recieve said package on an existing account or only on a brand new level 1?

    Thees questions need to be answered for people to make a commitment.

    Personally I have a moderate amount of purchase on my myspace account, and IDEALY for me I would recieve the contributions I made to the game, on my facebook account, (that Im currently building loyalty on as well)

    but, If its not possible for a package to be sent to a current account. I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE MY FACEBOOK PROFILE. Locust will block out the sun, and the seas will turn to blolod (okay maybe I will just be very angry I might even tell my mommy)

    I could see why people might say its not fair for a package to be put on an existing account, but Im only asking for my finantial contributions to the game. That seems fair, not some luxurious amount that is based on what level my account is that I could have paid NOTHING for, and worked on the side of my facebook account along the way. (although I did more or less hault my myspace account upon joining facebook that is not the case for most)

    anyway thats all for now! :)
  9. *wendah*

    *wendah* Member

    whatever happens w/the transfer is going to happen.

    I just hope that the years it has taken some of us to build our mateys to 2000 and years it's taken us to get to our levels and years to get rid of bought items to replace w/drops etc. is really taken into account with this. At one point I got hacked and I had to actually rebuild my character when I was so close to be being done w/building drop mateys. Not from the ground, but pretty close.

    I started a FB game when there was another transfer not long ago. I figured just in case I better start building it.
    Then I stopped. mainly because i've been there done that and really didn't have the patience to rebuild. While I like the way I built my character on FB more, I stopped playing because my MS acct. was already loaded. Once I've hit 2000 mateys w/DJ points I moved to my stronger purchases for weapons/matey/ships. Things I didn't buy building up because I had a plan, and I thought time, on what I wanted my character to look like.

    I know this has nothing to do w/Kano and I have always appreciated your customer service. I just want to make a suggestion as a loyal consumer to please keep in mind I'm not asking for extras or even levels. I'm happy to be the same level or half my level of MS (which I might be on FB) Just to keep my clan and bought items. The date we joined should transfer too :D Some of us have been around going on 4 years ...idk...i stopped counting after 3...but this sucks. :(

    It's been fun everyone! Good luck on your new journeys and I hope you enjoy your new homes as much as our MS game. Thanks everyone for making it so interesting.
  10. *wendah*

    *wendah* Member

    btw...i have a healthy amount of DJ points. I hope these go w/me and isn't a part of any package that might be offered. o_0 i'm afraid to spend them because i don't know if I'm losing the mateys or whatever I choose to spend it on.
  11. bangers

    bangers New Member

  12. Kacey

    Kacey New Member

    Wow by your response it's easy to see you are one of the ones who whines and complains if they get attacked more than three times. FYI I don't even play your precious zombie slayers, I only play viking clan. Defending your turf? Do you own kongregate? I'm pretty sure it will be up to them what happens with the apps they decide to transfer over. I'm sure they are at least considering it, because for them it means more people playing games on THEIR site not YOURS. Which brings popularity to THEIR site again not YOURS. Which in turn also makes them more popular. The only glaring problems I see with merging the games are babies like you crying because they have to play with new people and don't want to share their delusional belief that they own kongregate. You sound like a child, as all I merely said is I hope kano can transfer our ms characters in tact because that is what we deserve as players. A FP package is a joke and many know it as well. Thank you, for being done talking to me as I normally don't like communicating with children who use the term "butt hurt". As kano posted recently they have already come up with a temporary solution for us with a site that we can continue our FULL characters until we are transferred. Btw, how am I being selfish for just wanting my character to be able to be transferred to a different site in tact? LOL I'm sure if it was you you'd want the same thing. I personally wish all games from all social networking sites were merged then you'd really be upset!
  13. Rob Mack

    Rob Mack New Member

    i have a FB ACC and requested that my pirate from Myspace be switched out to FB. this IK you can handle sooner the better .for me because i can't stand the sight of Myspace. makes me SICK, to even have acc there. but my m8t's are here. only ones i would miss. so go ahead switch me out...please .. IDK why but can never get to SUPPORT. to give more info on my FB pirate . i wont put it on here.if you have to have please send so i can provide any info on this matter. TY for all your work.
  14. Allen Sumaran

    Allen Sumaran Member

    I also have an account on FB, but the one I have on myspace is much higher and extremely more powerful. If I had my choice, I would like to take my myspace account over to FB. I'm not sure exactly what Kongregate is? Thanks

    Allen Sumaran
  15. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    same here my myspace account is alot more powerful and has much more money into it then my facebook account does, i dont even think my fb account is level 10 lol. id much rather have my myspace account stats then my fb account if it does get switched over to fb.
  16. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    You don't even make sense. Child, no, it was an apt description of your response. You are being selfish because you aren't thinking of the 400 active players on another server that you feel should just shut up and accept a mass of high level players taking over the server. I said from the get go that I was talking about Zombie Slayer, for the other games Kongregate doesn't have, yeah, a new server there is a good idea, go ahead and transfer full levels and items.

    Why would I own Kongregate? I play there. When you learn about game balancing, or unbalancing in this case, come back and talk to me again.
  17. KuraiKiller

    KuraiKiller Member

    Yes Alter, of course you don't notice any drama.

    400+ are active on Kongregate. The unbalance is simple, you have a group of 400 players ranging from level 1-2k, you take away 50 of those players and replace it with level 3k+ players, then you add another 400 level 2k+ players, so now you have 350 level 1-2k, 400 level 2k+, and 50 level 3k+.
  18. David Stroud

    David Stroud Member

    Okay guys. Since Kong is new and MySpace is older. Transferring a bunch of high level players onto Kong players who are lower level may not be the wise idea. I could see the point. The players on Kong sure have not built up the stats and all that like the MySpace players which I can see is imbalance of the game. Facebook is also newer than MySpace, but they have been around longer to take in MySpace players. Now, if we just transfer all MySpace into Kanoplay might be the better situation. There would be no overlapping of people playing on all three sites where people wind up merging their accounts.
  19. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I'd be xxxxx as well if my game put massive amount of time into, but do you really think all these post are going to speed up the process of what 'KANO' is trying so hard to fix? I say, it will slow down the process as small "indie team" LOL, but being serious they are bending over backwards to fix this and do not need same ? after ? If don't take time to read then maybe shouldn't comment, and yes I feel your pain not trying to be the bad guy just saying is what it is.
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