MySpace: 'Add Me' Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Deltan

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    Please post only once, do not spam this thread. Include a link to your profile in game.

    Click on "Profile" then copy & paste the profile link shown on the page.
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  2. Vlmor Vlmorky

    Vlmor Vlmorky New Member

  3. That link doesn't work, People need to be your friend before you can have them in your mob :)
  4. Vlmor Vlmorky

    Vlmor Vlmorky New Member

    ............ whilst y log on myspace and in game - through add2mob_button your request ll be sent as friendshipreq. ,when combined with sentmsg_button all z clear :cool:
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  5. I'm sorry but no it won't, You need to provide your MySpace profile link so people can add you, then you need to send a manual request to have them in your mob, all other methods like the one you posted above will not work.
  6. Vlmor Vlmorky

    Vlmor Vlmorky New Member

  7. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    This is your Myspace link.

    This is what you need to give to people so they can add you.
  8. Don

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  9. Vlmor Vlmorky

    Vlmor Vlmorky New Member

  10. Spike Martin

    Spike Martin New Member

    Hi everyone,,I play all KANO/APPS on myspace so you're welcome to add me, thx

    just a comment on the myspace add me thread, ( is this it?!. ) this is sad, but then again, i can understand giving how myspace has been on a downhill slope for a long time now...
  11. sach17in

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  12. bluepearldragon6969

    bluepearldragon6969 New Member

    if there's anyone out there that still plays this game i need help with adding on ppl i need a squad like yesterday. Thanks Facebook or Myspace names Ray. Thanx peeps

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