[LCN] Mother's Day Raid Shop Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, May 15, 2019.

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  1. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    100% against a roll back. Why should I lose a day that I spent playing the game because some others decided to cheat?
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  2. Michael Wheet

    Michael Wheet Active Member

    I think anyone who was unaware of the offer will respond in this manner, going as far as to accuse those that were of cheating. It´s a day of my life I can´t get back.
  3. susan leonard

    susan leonard Member

    The most annoying part of all this is , you gave me a feature to use , i used it , and now ..you decide that it should not of been available, so want to punish me for it , and furthermore you took everyones fp,s ...seriously ? good business practise ...no ...good customer relations ....no you would not have a leg to stand on legally or morally !!!
  4. Robert Braithwaite

    Robert Braithwaite New Member

    You have stolen back the fps I gained but not given me back my raid tokens ......how is this fair you bunch of &$%#$^#%#^#
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  5. GTR

    GTR New Member

    They do not care what is legal or what is right. They care only how much money they earn. And apparently it is a huge loss and they can not allow it. So they prefer to kill any leftovers of sympathy and make enemies out of us who use the secret gate stole their money.
    Kano check this - Lex retro non agit
  6. Unbailable

    Unbailable New Member

    Too bad Kano hasn't been this fast at "fixing a problem" like hitlist bots and alternates. The thing that gets me is you guys are really not taking any responsibility for your error. You have chosen the punitive route, and frankly your knee jerk reaction to this debacle of your own making is untoward and without a more reasonable and equitable solution. Some of us have been here since the beginning of LCN, yet it always seems Kano is only loyal to big spenders as if our 9 years here sustaining the game doesn't matter. This is a similar mindset that killed Mob Wars. Everyone who supported you in this current raid that you punished should be redeemed with 500 favor points. That's called taking responsibility and doing the right thing.
  7. Middle of the road

    Middle of the road New Member

    It seems like Kano needs to make some accomodation to the ones who took advantage of this fp gain opportunity. Perhaps allow up to a certain amount of trades (say a limit of 50 trades - gaining 250 fps, which wouldn't hurt the game balance). This way the game balance is maintained and the players are not hurt by using the fps in game. Kano should meet and find a middle ground on this mistake. Make an offer in the middle that doesn't hurt you, he game, or the players affected.
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  8. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    and do give our fp back that we legally had before your error
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  9. Michael Wheet

    Michael Wheet Active Member

    I disagree. A DEAL is a DEAL. Offer was made by KANO, not us! All FPs back now.
  10. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    If you removed alts at the pace you disabled pawn and removed fp, the mob wars world would be ALT free :)
  11. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    dont know what level you are, but if you werent able to sell that cologne, would you have purchased it with your tokens? I think not. And it was an option not know to all of the LCN community, should have been advertised if it was a bargain, so everyone could benefit from it. And yes, I learned about it this afternoon (a few hours before Kano discovered their mistake) and yes, I also bought for 400 tokens cologne and resold for 2000 fvps and yes, they are all gone again, but easy comes, easy goes.
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  12. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    When did Kano ever advertise anything before launching it :)
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  13. Christ-Puncher

    Christ-Puncher New Member

    In ordinary commerce, a buyer has no obligation to return goods to a seller on the basis that the seller mis-priced the goods. Once the goods are purchased, they are the property of the buyer. The seller has no legal basis for confiscating the buyer's property. Since FP are purchased with real money, this assigns a specific monetary value to FP, which makes them both a commodity and a currency. Thus, it is unlawful for Kano to confiscate FP from players' accounts.
  14. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    I AM NOT PLAYING THIS GAME UNTIL MY FAVOR POINTS COME BACK! You gave us a normal trade for something we cannot use. Your mistake, you lose, not us!
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  15. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

  16. Surprise surprise Kano xxxxx us over again!! Your mess up not ours!! You've removed other fps that I've had from other items as well but whatever I'm done with you screwing us that keep you in a job!!!
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  17. Reesy901

    Reesy901 Member

    Do you mean using the FP's in synd wars or using the FP's to get stronger and make the strength gap between syndicates unassailable? There is a limit on refills you can use in syndicate wars to prevent people buying their way to victory with fp's during the war. As for illegally, I don't see how using an exploit that the devs created is illegal. It's not like the game was hacked or changed without developer input.

    Interesting point, but you also need to bare in mind that even those god forsaken scoundrels also spent time in the game. I assume they also don't want to lose a days worth of work. The crux of a rollback argument is that it's fair for everyone regardless of exploit relative gains/losses. It would also deal with this other rather large issue...

    @mi7ch What is going to happen with levels gained using this exploit and how do you separate them from legitimate levels? Furthermore, will the raids killed by people using this technique be reset? This is the part I'm most interested/upset over. I came online to see 11 raids dead. I spent over 100fp's the day before to save other synd raids meaning I was burnt out and couldn't get actions in on my other raids. Then this exploit came around, these raids all died and I'm left with potentially 11-12 items/raids less than I planned for. I didn't even overstretch and would have had the actions for all of them to 15M damage but I was denied the opportunity to do that.

    Losing free kind cheatsy but certainly cheap free stuff I can deal with. Being caught as collateral damage I'm very unhappy with. Should people be allowed to keep their ill gotten gains is a separate debate to this ENTIRELY. A response through here would be appreciated. Trying to get sense through tickets and then forwarding to synd members and other players would be a pain.
  18. I never knew we had a pawn shop, still can't find it. I did not get FP, but I think al those smart enough tom know about a pawn shop should be allowed to keep what they got. Just my opinion.
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  19. Sass

    Sass New Member

    I was hardly affected but really believe this is a honour and trust issue that Kano need to resolve properly. Players did not 'exploit' anything, they took up what was a legitimate ingame offer and for a change were able to use it to their advantage. Penalising players, especially stripping of previously existing FP's or bought FP's is not just atrocious but surely illegal/fraud. Accept it was an error on your part Kano, learn from it and restore player confidence by doing the right thing and save this game before your actions act as the death knell of this particular game!!!
  20. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Update and Next Steps:

    First off, we want to apologize for introducing and not catching this issue sooner. We understand the frustration we are seeing. We also apologize for the lack of communication while making the updates. As you can imagine our team has been working overdrive on identifying, correcting and re-balancing players accounts. Rest assured that Support will be getting back to the affected players in time, but owing to the size of this issue that may take a while, and we appreciate your patience in advance.

    As you can imagine we are receiving quite a lot of emails and questions around this so we wanted to update you on what has happened, what we are doing about it and the next steps

    The Cologne item was intended to be bought with remaining tokens in your Raid Shop; when we realized that it was being converted into FP, we had to respond very quickly and we want to update you now. If we didn’t take action, this could have had long-term damaging effects to the game’s balance and it was not intended, so we wanted to correct it as quickly as possible. We can’t just restore all the players accounts to reflect how they were a few days ago, as that could potentially have its own unforeseen outcomes, so we had to move forward with solutions.

    We determined how many FPs were gained and then removed them from the player balance. In some cases, players FP on hand matched the amount they had received from Pawning the Cologne item and no further action is required. For the remaining affected accounts, any outstanding balance will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis through Support.

    We are currently adding back the Raid Tokens to the affected accounts that were spent on Cologne that was used in the Pawn Shop. You can then use it to purchase items in the Raid Shop this week.
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