Money makes the world go round or does it?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by KaNO, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    I'd like to know why many players have zero balances in the bank? What is the significance of that feat? My bank balance is 64 trillion.
  2. all cash on hand perhaps???

    perhaps they just banked for achievements

    banking is a negative feature of the game

    which costs more???

    banking 5bill with a 5% fee


    losing 500K per loss

    unless youve got extremely high health and opponent has extreme low health

    well i think ya got the drift
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    When you vault your cash you lose a 5%, so there's no point on vaulting it since otherwise you lose nothing but 500,000 on a fight. My income is over 3.5 billions per hour, and I'm aware it's a low income. A 5% of 3.5 billions is 175 millions, which is the same as losing 350 fights per hour, so no point on vaulting IMO.
  4. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Same reason here, the 5% cost. As soon as I got my achievements I stopped banking.
  5. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    These same ppl who keep a zero balance, also recruit elite mobsters...what goes?
  6. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Also these ppl are hanging out at the hitlist button waiting for a kill to finance their next attack or waiting each hour to have money replenished....thats way too BORING for me. My huge bank acct helps me during times of gang attacks...cuz I can keep 'em hitlisted much longer than they can me...and then they come begging to join my mob....they want access to that feta!
  7. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    What's the link between banking money and recruiting elite mobsters?
  8. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    [TABLE="class: cellpadding, width: 100%"]
    [TD]Saves you 50% on Bank deposit fees.[/TD]
    [TD]Gives you 5% more cash in jobs.[/TD]
    [TD]Jobs require 5% less energy.[/TD]
    [TD]Increases your defensive power in fights by 5%.[/TD]
    [TD]Increases your attack power in fights by 5%[/TD]
  9. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    You mean the people with no money on the bank?

    Nice for you. I don't see any difference between a huge bank account and a huge amount of cash.
  10. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    The Collector...the 50% save. These same ppl will recuit this guy...why? LOL.
  11. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    So we should stop recruiting elite mobsters because there is a collector place available? Or do you have another point?
  12. its cheaper to keep it on hand than bank it

    if banking over time gained interested then itd be worth it

    withdraw or deposit anything and the interest clock starts over

    if that happened alot more would start banking
  13. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Most of the time they are sitting in the hospital injured cuz money, or stamin, or health is too low to play...while I can just buy my health back, and continue to play.
  14. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Because it is there, and there is, by my knowledge, no way to block that position.
  15. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    Oh yeah...great for me! I continue to play and level [256 days and already a 1520 tycoon] and pass everyone I thought was beyond my they want in my mob....Lmao.
  16. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    U maybe right on why not use his help...maybe it is a flaw in game that needs addressing....
  17. because ya cant control who fills what spot

    i had a suggestion saying you should be able to block elite positions you dont want filled

    but when you recruit elites they fill up starting with collector

    as of now no control over that
  18. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    No...I was just puzzeled as to why ppl do it...but the conversation is great... ppl do have a choice not to call for elite mosters...i guess they want the other guys..and maybe we should have a choice and not get all or non.
  19. KaNO

    KaNO Member

    RIGHT! I AGREE! Maybe we can get this looked at...cuz alot of ppl have the zero balance.

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