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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Jan 15, 2016.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Have some great visual design ideas for a cool, funny, cute, or terrifying new game item? Let’s hear them!

    From now until Sunday, Jan 31st, submit your item concepts to this thread by commenting below. The Kano Creative Team will pick their favourite based on how well it meets the submission criteria, as well as how fun and interesting it would be to make.

    The winner will see their entry added into the game as a powerful Limited Quantity item, get a free one for their inventory, and receive a package of 50 Favor Points!

    Submission criteria are below. Please read them carefully! Entries that follow the criteria carefully will have a much better shot at winning. Entries that ignore the criteria will be disqualified and might be removed from the thread.


    Your submission MUST include:
    • A name for your item that is less than 25 characters long.
    • The type of item (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor)
    • A description of the item’s appearance that is less than 500 characters long. You can check the length of any text you have written at www.lettercount.com
    Creative names are great, bonus points to anyone who comes up with a clever title for their item. :)

    The most important part of your submission is the description. Item creation is a technical as well as a creative process. Give the artist clear and detailed information about the item’s appearance.

    Remember, we’re looking for information really makes it clear to our illustrators what the item is supposed to look like. You have limited space and the illustrator is first and foremost concerned with key visual elements.

    Tell us about your item’s shapes, colours, and textures and anything other details that make it stand out from a more mundane object! Note that item stats are decided by our developers so there is no need for you to include them in your description.


    Name: The Tacticool
    Type: Weapon
    Description: futuristic-looking matte tan assault rifle with smooth lines and rounded edges. The magazine is a standard NATO box magazine and is behind the trigger making it a "bullpup" weapon. On the rifle are a bunch of elaborate attachments such as a large scope on the top of the rifle and flashlights and laser sights on the side and a foregrip on the front of the rifle underneath the barrel. The gun is displayed on an angle to the viewer so as to display the entirety of the weapon and its various add-ons.


    Stick to one item submission per post! You can post more than once if you like, but please don’t spam the thread or your entries may be removed. Consider taking the time to polish each submission a little before putting it up. The effort shows! :)

    Don’t include any images! We’re looking for interesting concepts straight from your own imagination, without using existing art as a crutch. Entries that include images will be disqualified.

    Keep the game’s theme in mind! While we do make some exceptions, don’t be surprised if an idea for a Fission-powered Cybernetic Hippogriff doesn’t gain a lot of traction in a semi-realistic Mobster world.
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  2. Angela Brown

    Angela Brown Active Member

    type : weapon
    high in defense
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  3. bowberson

    bowberson Active Member

    That is really cool Angela, How do I vote for it?
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  4. Bogbrush007

    Bogbrush007 Member

    LMFAO, got to have a Merkinator!
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  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Remember to read the rules and match your submission with the template provided otherwise it may not be considered. :)

    There is no voting process, winners are chosen by the creative team at Kano.
  6. zaraki

    zaraki New Member

    Name: The Soap
    Type: Weapon
    Description: A pink soap, like "fight club" with mob war written.
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  7. Danieli aka Barmah

    Danieli aka Barmah New Member

    Name: Smurfs tip
    Type: Armor/Hat
    Psilocybe spores hat!
    Suggestion is high attack an a bit lower defense cos the spores in the air make the enemy high and psycotic.
    (example: ~att 400 def 200)
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    KING WEND New Member

    Name: Sawyer's Timber Raft
    Type: Vehicle
    Just like in the good old days you can now escape from all your troubles with this timber raft. Although it looks rather small and unstable, equipped with only two wodden paddles and a supply box, we shall not forget:
    It's not about the size of the raft, it's about the motion of the ocean.
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  9. Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire Well-Known Member

    Let's get a bit Meta

    Name: Alt
    Type: Weapon
    Someone sitting in front of a bank of PC screens playing multiple ingame characters
  10. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    As a tribute to a great actor:

    Name: Grabthar's Hammer
    Type: Weapon
    Old looking, like something a Viking would use, head is some kind of stone that is virtually indestructible, gold handle with brown leather wrap...and a piece of cloth laid across it with the words sewn in "By Grabthar's Hammer, you shall be avenged!"
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  11. Marc14

    Marc14 Active Member

    Name: Raid Killer Shotgun
    Four barrel sawed-off pump-action shotgun. Attack 750, def 0 to ensure max damage. Stock is also sawed off, leaving only the grip, so you can sneak in without the gun being noticed, hidden under a long coat.
  12. VPMusick

    VPMusick New Member

    Name: Twin Fangs
    Type: Weapon
    Description: One or two double barreled Colt 1911(s). They are an actual weapon, basically two colt 1911s combined together to fire two rounds at once. As a single weapon can be a sale item with maybe 200att 100def or dual wield/quad wield for 30fp 400att 200def really cool concept i know it is supposed to be my own imagination but i thought of it today and found out it had already been invented and thought it would be a cool weapon nonetheless
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  13. VPMusick

    VPMusick New Member

    Name: strychnine (v-day?) cupcakes
    Cupcakes that are sprinkled with a white crystal poison (sprinkles yay) called strychnine (used to poison rats ;) ) maybe could be a valentines day special. Can really be subbed with any poison
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  14. The Chief

    The Chief New Member

    Name: Santa's Slay
    Type: Vehicle
    Description: It will be a traditional sleigh, painted with red.. well, just red. In the back it will have the huge bag, but instead of having gifts inside, it could have a mounted howitzer or 4-barreled aerial missile launcher. On the sides, it can have mounted 40mm cannons or mini-guns. The runners on the bottom can be sharpened, gleaming blades. In a general sense, it would be a war-machine'd version of Santa's vehicle.
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  15. VPMusick

    VPMusick New Member

    Super Bowl Knuckles
    A set of Brass Knuckles made out of blinged out super bowl rings high att low def about 300/100 maybe?
  16. Orez

    Orez Active Member

    Name: Death Bus
    Type: Vehicle
    Description: Black and Purple commuter bus with spiked tires and spiked plow on the front. A main tank gun on top and Coaxial guns on the sides. High attack and mid defense.

    (sorry not good with explaining ideas sometimes in case this a confusing mess to anyone)
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  17. zaraki

    zaraki New Member

    Name: Poison cannolis
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Typical cannolis (italian food), but poisoned. It's a simple item, but significant :)." Leave the gun, take the cannoli."
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  18. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Remember to describe the appearance of the item! The more the artists have to go off, the better chance of winning. :)
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  19. zaraki

    zaraki New Member

    Name: Bomb delivery drone
    Type: Vehicle
    Description: A small domestic flying drone, carrying bombs or explosives or grenades.
  20. madamacSon

    madamacSon New Member

    Name: Blade Runner or Lethal Prostheses [In reference to Oscar Pistorius]
    Type: Weapon
    Description: Advanced sports carbon fiber prosthesis; coated with emerald subtle designs, used in attack position as a baton and on top covered with blood.
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