Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra will not load

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by theHORROR, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. theHORROR

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    Hi i play Mob Wars : La Cosa Nostra and it will not load for me i have done a clean of my cache and deleted all history etc and still nothing whilst other apps are loading for me no problem and I can see other people are having no problem as they are posting any ideas on how i can fix this.

  2. Hi Horror nice to see You here
    can u copy and paste your Mob Wars LINK here its under your game stats from profile page
    And i will past to Developers so they can have a look at the problem
    Thanks Para
  3. theHORROR

    theHORROR New Member

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  4. theHORROR

    theHORROR New Member

    woke up this morning and it works for me again. thank you so much for your help and the response time it is much appreciated.

  5. No probs thanks for feedback ;)
  6. theHORROR

    theHORROR New Member

    still problems

    I still have problems with mob wars la cosa nostra some days it will load fine and some days it will just sit there and say its loading and do nothing i have left it for a few hours and it just sits there any idea on what i can do

  7. Yes its bit slow today all apps .. if i want set counter its take 2sec to open ... and inner circle about 10 seconds ... must be Sunday .. all on relax and play games :)
    they should add extra servers on Friday nights /Saturday pm and Sunday all day

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