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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by David Denbow, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. David Denbow

    David Denbow New Member

    Everytime i lvl in everyin any other app it totally refills my stamina and energy well on this app my energy barely replenishes halfway when i lvl i feel im being cheated i dnt know how long this is going on but with my lvl i think ive missed out on alot of lvling opputunies which means favor points and all how do i go about fixing this and getting what i missed outon back or at least the problem fixed and some compensation?
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Leveling will refill 500 energy 50 stamina and 5000 health in pirates viking and lcn.

    Zombie its a little complex on the energy...its something like 1500 for the lower levels 3000 for mids and 4500 for highers...someone that plays will have to give the refill numbers on energy.
    Far as stamina on Zombie its 1000 and health refills at 100,000 I believe on Zombie.

    So if you're not fully regaining the energy and stamina in LCN its most likely because you've got much more than 500 energy and much more than 50 stamina.

    Btw the answer would of been found in the help.

    If this is not the case then you most likely need to message support(not forum support)with your link and explaining the problem.

    Kano how about a HUGE pop up comes on the next time EVERYONE logs in explaining the refills?
  3. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Lord Breakfield is correct about the amount refilled by level. Because it's always refilled 100% at the lower levels, players often think energy, health, or stamina is refilled 100% for all levels, however there is a maximum amount refilled from levels, although there are a variety of boosts available to help refill as well.

    The in-game help is something we're currently reviewing, as we're interested in having it be more useful to players of all levels.
  4. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Yes , the boosts and daily rewards are very helpful indeed, we have all played this way, even before the boosts and daily rewards were made available this year and it has not stopped anyone from advancing in their games.

    On the subject of the in game help, some players no matter how much clearer it is made are still not gonna notice there is info on the game page itself, I fear :(
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  5. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Which is why I made a suggestion a while back that when someone first joins a pop up appears saying something along the lines of welcome to(insert app name here)here is a brief tutorial......

    and included in that brief tutorial the refill limits are specified..

    That would cut down on threads like these being made..
  6. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Like Lord has already said, I think that when players add the max per level up to each stat, a notice or something should pop up if they try to add more skill points to that stat, and tell them that they have reached the max refill for that stat. It would really tick me off to know i had pretty much wasted those skill points, so i can feel for others who don't know the refill limits.
  7. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Until about level 1500 i thought that i got all of my stamina and energy refilled when i leveled, but then i asked someone and i started noticing. But its not missing energy.
  8. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    When I first started playing I had come off an energy game, that was dying so I played PC the same way, was up to 800 energy when I noticed , and I was OMG wth lol , in my defense my focus was still on the other (dying) pirate game , but it turned out good in the end when some time later the 24 hour boost came along and when I heard it was gonna be implemented I worked on my energy a bit more , when I heard the stamina boost was also gonna be in the game I worked on that also to make the most of both boosts, worked out pretty well, for me. so i closing David, you are playing a game with boosts that most of us did not have when we first started playing, so you are ahead of the curve lol not to mention the daily rewards , which came after

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