Limit numbers of raids.

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Niels Ole Christensen, May 21, 2018.

  1. As more and more player cross top limits for entering raids, it become a crazy run for entering top level. It seems for me it's same 15 players who get into all active raids listed in job chat. This makes it impossible for majority to join and get raids.
    Here's some ideas how to equalize this:
    1. Limit numbers of active raids each player can join (ex. 25-50 active raids)
    2. Remove all limits, and let the 30 first join the raid.
    3. Let the raid owner decide if they accept the player who want to fight the raid.
    4. Raise raid levels to:
    • 0 - 9999
    • 10.000 - 19,999
    • 20,000+
    I hope this can give a more fair social game.
  2. john frances

    john frances Member

    I agree with most of what is said limits defo need raising as raids make leveling so easy for most to get to higher levels very quickly and there is a definite lack of raids for higher levels to get on
  3. Erik Peterson

    Erik Peterson Member

    Another idea a guildie and I were tossing around the other day was adding a fourth tier - starting at, whatever, 15k or something.
  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    if you open ya own and share it privately then those you share with will share with you, easy fix and then no shortage of raids. I agree maybe 4 tiers would be a good idea.
  5. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    since I have leveled into the top tier, it is very difficult to get a spot on a VC raid. I did open my own and shared it privately, at first. I did get a few back. I got lucky and grabbed a few from the jobs board. But, I am talking about 12 raid bosses here. I typically do several more than that, and they just weren't there to join. The same dozen players hit them all, or so it seems.
  6. FancyPants

    FancyPants Active Member

    I agree the levels need adjusting, not sure if it's adding a tier, because unless you add spots, it's just dividing up the same pie.

    Not onboard with limiting the # of raids a person can join, unless it's tied to meeting mins. Ex: if there was a limit set at 15 active raids where the person hasn't done at least the min actions, then that would help solve the campers who join dozens and dozens of raids with 1 action and then go back much later to check the progress before doing any more.
  7. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    yes u can join next if not minimum done first on other, i like that one or like 5 only
  8. Ken Hogni Gjukisson

    Ken Hogni Gjukisson New Member

    4... definitey, 2... worth trying, 1....maybe not so much , but 3 is a good idea i've not considered :)
  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    # 3 is a moot point, invite who you want, and problem solved

    networking is the key, if ya want to be even more social, if you send coop bosses then raid bosses, privately, you will find all the right people who share back theirs.
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  10. Thanks for any input and responds ..
    Yes you can join private shared raids..
    Still only 10 raids for each level ..
    General I'm not talking about private sharings as that works fine
    .. but those who choose Job chat which is about 80-90% of all raids in game.
  11. braatt10

    braatt10 Member

    Yes, the tiers I don't think matters, getting in will be the same, I do three at most at least two, invite only and rarely full always killed. usually get into 50+, there are the usual raid jumpers that make it hard to get in, but I keep plugging away. Do minimums on what I can except my own, I pick the ones to do, Its a coin toss, I get some miss some, but get the majority.
  12. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Your tier level recommendations are absurd. Facebook which I am assuming has the highest leveled players only has 4 over 20k. I agree the tiers can be adjusted (all you have to do is ask, Mitch has adjusted in the past when I requested for the platform I play) but make them realistic. A 4th tier is an idea I can get around too.

    In terms of limiting the number of raids or active raids is not an idea I agree with. If they are public it should be quickest to the click. Now if you can prove someone is running some type of script to get into all those raids then there is an issue you need to bring to light.

    If you are a member of a decent synd you should be able to get in 25 raids alone right there. If you arent able to find an equal number of private raids to get invited to then you arent someone viewed as a good raid partner. Develop the reputation as someone who does more than minimum actions and you will probably be turning away raids. Or if be like me and share top in game bosses for spots in raids from the lower leveled players.

    The game is fair. Those who spend more time playing, exert the effort, and spend a little money should be able to develop a slight advantage.
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  13. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    those levels are crazy that you mention. The main problem for the moment is mid tier, where a majority of players find themselves for the moment. Tier 1 could easily be 1 to 4500, tier 2 4501 to 7000 and tier 3 7001 and up. Why limit players that love doing raids in how many they can do? If we chose to do a lot of raids, should not be a concern for others.
  14. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    he is vc player :)
  15. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    :oops: my bad. Play VC also though, no point in limiting the raids.
  16. Rick B

    Rick B Active Member

    I would be totally down with going back to tier 1 - we've been having trouble filling that tier and tier 2 is much too crowded.

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