[LCN] Lets make your "Death Count" relavent

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Philip Graves, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Philip Graves

    Philip Graves Member

    OK...But WHY dont you like it? It makes it very bad when you get killed. Thats all. As it is right now. It can cost a ton of money to list someone and the affect is really nothing. It doesnt slow anyone down for long enough to matter. So why not reward a low death count and make it more than a useless stat?
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Fact is some get chained ALOT by determined rivals.

    Even if there's a 24hr pause for that bounty to reset that can still be a ton of listings.

    Lets not forget how punches can land a death and fight kills as well.

    Maybe something could get done,but this isn't it.
  3. Philip Graves

    Philip Graves Member

    I guess I could start another useless thread about ending the cap on XP lost when you get killed, but we all know that isnt going to go anywhere. There is a reason that most players preffer the original (Those who have played it). While there are several things I like better about LCN, it isn't really set up as a fighting game. If you get killed...there is the smallest little set back. If you get killed a lot. Dont worry, you can only lose a little bit of progress. I really feel that we should be able to pumble each other at will. That isnt going to happen; so I thought that making a players death count really affect their game could add a new level to the way you play. It would make the chainers less likely to chain, and it would reward the more powerful players with extra XP. Could it be abused...YES....Do things on the game get abused all the time anyway...YES.... I just dont understand why everyone is so against it. Very few of you really have input. If this isnt the way. fine....What is? Im a firm backer of a much more dangerous LCN.
  4. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I honestly see where your coming from with this and damn I gotta agree it's a little too lax on some points.

    But the overall idea just isn't working.

    Far as the farthest exp will drop,THAT should be increased a bit further.

    Instead of half the level,should drop down to 2x the exp needed in the negatives.

    Half is too easy to get back.

    2x negative exp..that would be nice.

    AKA if you need 100,000 exp to level,currently you can drop down to negative 50,000.

    Once you've reached a certain level,it should drop down to negative 200,000.

    That's just a random example to show what I'm getting at.

    If THAT were a idea i'd give it a 10.
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  5. Philip Graves

    Philip Graves Member

    LOL. I posted that idea about 6 months ago. It got a 3 if I recall correctly.
  6. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I'll dig it up and revive it.

    I may of voted it low...if I did that'll change provided its not already in rejected.

    Not seeing it anywhere.
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  7. Philip Graves

    Philip Graves Member

    I think it was titled "End the XP cap for deaths"

    Not sure though

    Listed under Other. Not LCN

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