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  1. And this pleases me. Being a zombie aficionado I would very much like to know if there are any publicly available game assets or original artwork / line art , specifically from ZS.
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  3. I genuinely thank you for the responses , I did check those links to the images and I appreciate that , but I suppose what I'm asking is more concept art as such, you see I have this odd obsession (possibly borderline ADD) with "enhancing" artwork digitally for my own non-nefarious purposes , and it's refreshing to know someone local is creating genre specific images I enjoy. At the risk of pimping myself I'll supply a link to "what it is" I tend to enjoy doing. I've had some excellent feedback from artists like Kevin Conrad , Armando Gil and others regarding some stuff...so I guess check it out if you want , maybe this may give a more linear sense as to what I might be on the hunt for and maybe keep in mind this is a small selection I have posted to this specific site. Seriously thanks again for being cordial and responsive.

  4. Well I had replied a few day ago to this , my comment was "awaiting a mod approval" , but it seems that reply has floated into the internet abyss , destined to forever linger in the sea of meta data. So I'll try again. I genuinely appreciate the replies and links supplied , although this is not exactly what I am looking for. I was hoping for maybe more concept art , line art (in that vein).

    You see I have this insatiable drive to "modify" or "compliment" line art. I have had some great feedback from some artists like Kevin Conrad and Armando Gil on some pieces I did. It's kind of like this weird OCD where I need to make a piece of artwork more esthetically pleasing , if not only for myself but others I guess. In any case I'll try and repost a link to what it is I enjoy doing , it's a very basic site I had created showing a limited amount of images...but I think you will get the gist of my query. Again thanks for posting the links , even HUD assets of anything would be desirable.


    Check it out if you want , it's nothing mind blowing , but it will give you a better idea of what I'm asking for. Cheers.
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    Can I ask , but do you play the games?
  6. I'm playing ZS as we speak , (type). :)
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    Good call SS0, I forgot Jose has a site. His stuff is fantastic, and he's still our head artist :) .

    @CSC I've pm'd you with a little more information, but definitely check out Jose's site as well.
  9. SS , thanks for that , it was a nice eyeful to check out. He's got a beautiful style. Almost reminded me of Maurice Sendak.

    WB : I've pm'd you back , awesome to get this feedback.

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