Kano/Apps Steps to Curb Cheating and Manual Freezes (All Games)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. dave of the dead

    dave of the dead New Member

    I guess this might help. Many know I have agonized over every form of cheating in zombie slayer for years. There are additional factors I would hope the developers consider to make the game more balanced and enjoyable. 1st - I guess auto-refresh programs are just taken as a given in the game. Such features allow players to not have to move the mouse on hitlist attacks. This is the reason why I believe I have had THOUSANDS of kills gone before I can get a single attack in, and as my stats attest, I am quite a fast clicker. I do move the mouse and I feel cheated every time a hit is gone by the time I even click to attack. I have noted and mentioned that this only occurs when I also notice certain players online and certain players collecting the hits I put up during those periods. 2nd - The gaming mouse issue really should be addressed and remedied. Kano should temporarily ban/freeze any accounts clicking at ridiculous rates. This should be monitored on hitlist not just the arena where it seems to be slightly addressed. 3rd - Someone mentioned accounts that never go offline and have constant activity. This is an obvious use of bots or multiple players on 1 account and should also result in a freeze and a warning with a ban following. This is my 1st comment on here, I think Kano is finally listening, so I will finally add my input. I hope a dev responds to these concerns because they are ruining their game and driving away their oldest players.
  2. Kel the Merciful King

    Kel the Merciful King Well-Known Member

    I applaud the effort of Kano here to perform some intelligent "refereeing" of their games. The many styles/hours of play vary among players as well as the timing of the various efforts.

    I hope this approach as I am confident it will be fair, will be effective to address the multiple accusations of cheating against skilled players v. the actual knowledge that the refs have looked at the situation, and any further accusations are just political fodder to make a small person look big (or give them some of dental podiatry ...).

    Good luck Kano and I know from my own experience, you just never know when Mr Freeze or Smack is in the control room doing their thing ... or whoever ... could be now ... could be Saturday night ... could be ...anytime!!!!

    Freedom, Fun, Forever in VC (and other Kano Games)
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    All group members embrace the notion of freedom and fun in gaming playing Kano games, in particular Viking Clan. Members will not engage in excess public vitriol, slander or defame others. We will not cheat in the game(s) and any identified cheaters will be brought to justice by all! We wish to bring back fun, our number one goal, on a clean game basis!"
  3. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    Well said Jon, My son and My nephew used to come over and play on my computers also, and several people accused me of being one person playing all three accounts. they both quit the game so I would not get into trouble since we all used the same rotor thru Comcast cable to play the game even tho it was on three different computers. it wont affect me at all, since we have talked to kano about this also. it wrecked my time with my family doing something we all enjoyed playing.
  4. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    I also would like to bring up the facts that even tho kano do freeze accounts or ban them, they still show up on our fight lists and in our mobs. if they are found to be fake accounts, should they not be wiped completely out of the game.
  5. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    I leave my account open 24/7 event ho I do take breaks to sleep and get away from the computer to rest. I also happen to be a person that cannot sleep more than four hours at a time and some nights even less than that, so I play until i am tired, then take a nap for a couple hours. but I agreed, if they are playing for four or five days straight with no break then they should be banned. Great job Kano, I appreciate the upgrade. keep them coming.
  6. nice to see MobWar legend here :)
    nice to see you playing Viking Clan also ..

    Whaaaaaaap, Got Him!" list - sounds like lots of fun -of course after player got investigated hehehe
    Thx Kano for more hard work- that will cut out some Paranoia from forums right ?
  7. Michael Massey

    Michael Massey New Member

    I'm just glad to hear about new loyalty items. & could we have some "lopsided"(much higher att or def) this time?
  8. Blasphamy

    Blasphamy Member

    I never thought the day would come where I actually agreed with anything Dave said, but this is a well articulated post. I must agree with almost all of this, minus the gaming mouse thing. I don't use one, but they are readily available at your local Best Buy for purchase. They are not hidden in small circles of certain players, or a downloadable shortcut to anything that would alter the game as it stands....but rather is a device that can be used to maximize the system that you so humbly play above average on. Kano has limits that each and every one of us is capable of maximizing, some just happen to spend the $$ to go out and buy the equipment to do so. It's the same as UN, really.... it's available for everyone to get to maximize game play, but not everyone will go out and buy it. It's not 'unfair' for people to push the limits to the max with better equipment. If the limits are too high, that would be the issue, not the means in which a person achieves them with a few bucks and a mouse.
  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

  10. TonyDu

    TonyDu Member

    My internet speed may not be the quickest, but it's not slow. On topic: Scripts should be banned as soon as possible and alts that were obvious should be banned as well.
  11. RainSunGone

    RainSunGone Well-Known Member

    Kano correct me if im wrong but i believe there is no rule saying you cant use a gaming mouse??? i personally dont use 1 but i have sqd that use them... i look at it as a challenge to grab hits from them instead of whining about their use...its a piece of hardware,they are not altering or manipulating the script... but anyway i really hope this rids the game of those running scripts and bots and kudos to kano for making the effort ;)
  12. dave of the dead

    dave of the dead New Member

    I would think Kano wants as many players as possible to have fun and have similar experiences on their games. Gaming mice allow 2 or 3 players to dominate through no actual skill of their own. Just because some people cannot play it with a normal mouse does not mean they should go buy something which gives them an easy advantage. Slight advantages are fine. Extreme advantages ruin the game. Hence, the purpose of this thread....
  13. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    A gaming mouse is made for gaming. Any gamer without one is at a disadvantage at almost any game they play. There's a numberpad where the thumb rests for MMOs for faster actions, there's a rapid fire button for games where an intensive amount of clicking is involved to reduce fatigue, there are many more programmable bind buttons on the mouse. It's made to help gamers and while I don't have one I defend the right for people to use them. Basically what you're saying is people who have a gaming mouse as their only mouse can't play. There's no way a gaming company would accept that.
  14. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month


    Just saying

    All Razer mice are equipped with performance enhancing features that will help you get the extra edge and unfair advantage in your game.

    - See more at: http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-mice#sthash.HHBWrHjJ.dpuf

    and that is just one example

    Guess everyone might want to get one
  15. dave of the dead

    dave of the dead New Member

    so is that a pro- or anti-gaming mouse statement? I think we all acknowledge their capabilities and I stress their unbalancing the playing field.
  16. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I just googled gaming mouse, cause I know people use them,and I was interested in what the hubbub was all about , I was being sarcastic :p I found the line made by the company who makes these particular models

    All Razer mice are equipped with performance enhancing features that will help you get the extra edge and unfair advantage in your game."

    interesting .
  17. dave of the dead

    dave of the dead New Member

    well I believe i started the hububb and think it needs to FINALLY be addressed while we are talking about alts and scripts. These are just as bad. I would like to see what the community thinks and would like to see if kano can and will do anything about it to make the game fun for the 1000 players who don't use these instead of continuing to cater to the 10 who use them to make the game impossible for anyone who does not have one.
  18. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    They are allowed by Kano and no, not you ,it is not something new to discussions I know some who use them in PC also,whether it is the arena, or Leveling with their partner du jour.

    PS I use a laptop usually on my lap, so the track pad is enough for me, I am not interested in checking out a gaming mouse, just was interested in googling it.google is great for info.
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  19. dave of the dead

    dave of the dead New Member

    it just seems like the same as scripts which we are apparently all at least against. Kano should have a disclaimer that their games should not be played with the expectation of any success without the purchase of a multi-feature gaming mouse. Wonder why the # of players remains relatively constant? No new players have a chance and they cannot even get into the game enough to care to try. Just bad business, and I'm a seasoned veteran in zombie slayer (only) and have noticed everything speeding up to absurd levels and am losing interest. I will not buy anything. The game is becoming something different than the one i chose to begin playing. The game is becoming a game I have no desire to play anymore. It is a chore knowing I'm working my butt off while others have hardware to do their work.
  20. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    It looks like you guys never tried out a gaming mouse. If you had, you should know, that without a fast clicking hand they are as useful as any cheap mouse. A good gamer can have way better results using a cheap unpretending mouse against a lefty gamer who has the best mouse in the world in his hand.
    You all should try out a so called gaming mouse and experience it for yourself, before you make any unreal prejudices about them and asking to ban these players.

    A gaming mouse usually offers a more precise movement, a superior ergonomics and is even better with a good gaming mouse pad.
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