im going to retired :)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by arepgunzo, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. arepgunzo

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    after 2 years in this going to retired..theres is a lot of fun with lot of have made this decision cuz got a new job..but..dun have any connection there..i made lot of friend here in zs,,enemy..ahh thats normal :) is ma last day..will play like a crazy all my beloved friend offwithhishead,atomic andy,amy blows you a kiss,paolo mad samurai,ann iron man,sss gas jacks, napolitano and all TBH..SORRY CUZ CANT MENTION ALL OR UR NAME..BUT ALL TBH..REALLY LOVE YA..n other that close to me..kiss from a rose,who needs fuss,,ur both cool..mark aka game over..helping alot :)..ur legend by the way :),gabriel mad bull<<ur nice brotha..and my all enemy..cassovia,dave of the dead,hiddenn lots more..but 3 of u really make my stats bad :p...and the legend..I BETTER SHOW UR ALL IFRST NICK NAME..LOL..POG MA HOAN,,DILLIGAF,,PHROST PHUSION..really like to be like 3 of strong.. :D..and dear KANO THANKS FOR MAKE THIS GAME INTERESTING..U ALL KNOW..THIS GAME R REALLY WELL BETTER THAN SHITTY ZyNGA MAFIA ..ILL MIGHT END NOW..THANKS EVERYONE..LOVE YA ALL

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  2. forbidden7

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    Ginga here,
    well buddy i wished u all the best in ur life :)..u've been my enemy and friend..yeah sometimes its the decision that we all had to do someday that is moving on to something and leaving what we have done in this case Zombie Slayer game :)..I've tried that too before but didn't works for me..yet of course haha..
  3. arepgunzo

    arepgunzo Member

    ahh buddyy..ive tried it before..of course it didnt work for me too..but..u so hard..we need money :)
  4. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    Yeah money..well all we gotta do is just moving on right :)..there's always a room for u in ZS if u wanna come back later :)..
  5. Lyca

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    All the best and good luck in your new job :)
  6. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Good luck with your new job! And when you do have an internet connection don't be a stranger. Too bad you will be missing out on the first Fight Arena starting next week, what did I say fight arena??? :confused:
  7. Good luck with your new Job :)

    Also don't listen to what Kendall is saying, he is obviously intoxicated :D
  8. Relentless

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    The kendall Smiley

    Good lucky with the new Job, Arepgunzo!
  9. So what

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    BASTARDORINO R I P ....and very sadly missed ..xoxoxooxoxox

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