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  1. true blood

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    Hello I'm S3L and i've few idea for the LCN.We LCN players need new things these days and game is loosing good players every day :( so stopping that im sharing couple things.

    My ideas mostly general things for all level range.Hope everyone enjoy and share their ideas and new things here too.

    1-New Achievements
    2-New things what make game more easy and fun
    3-Others (War Mode - Battle Arena - Syndicate Wars)

    New Achievements (This ones what people wants ASAP)

    -Hit Placed 1000-2500-5000-10000 (i heard this is never upgraded from the beginning of game thanks for Melanie for warnng me for that)

    -New Health 80000 - 100000
    -New Stamina 4250 - 5000
    -New Energy 5000 - 6000
    -New Attack 12000 - 15000
    -New Defance 12000 - 15000
    -Depositing money 1 quad - 2 quad
    -New Earning from familia 20 trilion - 30 trillion - 40 trillion - 50 trillion
    -New Income 75 billion 100 bllion 150 billion 200 billion 250 billion
    -New Fight Wins 2 million - 3 million
    -New Punch Damage 4500 damage - 5000 damage (with that 2 thing people can think more than 80k health)
    -New Battle Arena Achievements
    -500k win 750k win and 1 million win
    -750 kill 1000 kill 1500 kill

    Ok for the adding couple new things for make game more easy and playfull (Future Plan)

    -Adding 30 stam power attack for killing bosses more easy (Its available at Zombie Slayer so im blieve it can be active on LCN too)
    -4 new city.(2 of them Rio to Prag range for new players and other 2 for Dublin to Tangier range) Big players has access all so idk it will disturb anyone.It will help everyone for more boss share couple more boss ach couple more new challanges etc.
    -New workshop items.
    -Adding some att and def points to the old gf stuffs which their stat almost same with ─░stanbul boss drops.


    -War Mode

    About war mode the reason still playing of most old lcn plays is just a war mode.Why ? cause we love dramas and killing eaother yes lol.Anyway first off all War Modes rewards must be increase ASAP cause most of people do not prefer playng cause they think lose over much exp.Some of them even didnt give a chance for that but when they give a shoot they wont stop playin lol so War Mode is the funniest and playable things what game ever experienced we can vote now im sure it pass anything.Anyway please more concentrate war mode thanks.

    -Battle Arena

    Another great new thing is Battle Arena.Even people starting talking low player has no chance there is nothing anyhing can do.Im not really good there maybe my best is 20 or 30 idk but i never said its not fair.I saw level 5k player can won against 7k or more so its accaptable.Teamwork also helps to won.If you are not strong create a good team and try again.Dont share your names anywhere it can help.Well you have no idea how much fan you have when you reveal your name :)
    Anyway everyone hate poachers (kill stealers) i mean even poachers hate poachers its unfair for stopping little bit that i vote new %75 or %80 damage thing.If a attacker reach %75 or %80 damage to a target when others tries they must see a message sorry that target already get max damage by other etc. Sure that mode active until last 50 or 100 left.If people using it for their advantage like attacking %80 and try another it must be timer.If they dont kill in 1 minute that %20 person can attackable for others.I dont know did you guys get it but i dont know what can we stop poachers...

    -Syndicate Wars

    The last thing Syndicate Wars is probably most easy and fun one cause noone lost experience so everyone joined for getting exp.But handicap is ticket refill time is too long so people boring after reach their daily max ticket.No i dont say dailly max ticket system wrong.Its actually great cause everyone has a same max attack count.So its more a team play game and more fair then against others.If you creat strong team there is always chance a win for anyteam.Also transferring ticket thing great new thing for LCN thanks admins for that.

    I dont know what i can say more.But game needs new things as soon as possible cause most of players starting quit...I dont know can we get them back but we can survive people who are still playing...

    Best Regards

  2. Public Nuissance

    Public Nuissance New Member

    Great Post Sel......I would love to see a Pawn Shop of some kind to trade away unused weapons,vehicles and armors.! I do know my spouse would love to see a few new Energy Achievements..! Thats what her game is jobs jobs jobs... Not everyone is building the same type of mobsters !
  3. tartaglionevera

    tartaglionevera New Member

    great job true blood
    I want to make my best compliments :eek:
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Thanks for the suggestions true blood and I can tell you that Kano is thinking along the same lines.

    We have new achievements coming out very soon for a couple categories and will be looking to expand other areas shortly after. War Mode is also something we'll be examining as well to see how we can improve it for those who still participate in it.

    I appreciate your other suggestions and I'll pass them along to the developers so they can have a look. :)
  5. DMQ

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    Is that why they were thinking off knocking it on the head lol

    To me Kano even thinking of doing away with it shows just how much they have ignored it , jump into a wm chat group, anyone of them Mitch and see just how aggressive it is to win (fun also) and then pass that info on.. Get on FB and I will add you to SAW wm chat or just ask another, what ever way Im sure you will soo find out just how popular it is

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  6. Mike Lyons

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    Another idea is the godly's/return to in vc/pc. you did that with paris, how bout inserting new return to rio/sf/miami etc in some of the mid range areas, like 2000-4000 levels?

    Add more bosses. a lot of cities in vc have 2 bosses. something a little more useful than the hitmen boss though. Insert new bosses into lower cities with good drops.

    Also, on the older platforms.....crafting from dublin & below will be useless for about everyone due to the higher cities coming out being better than the crafting. (not applicable to kong at this point). Maybe increase the stats or incentive to make that stuff?

    Also, how about taking elites & optimals from ny-miami say...and making them super dupers (for lack of better term) where you combine stuff already crafted and make really good stuff that has stats in say the 60-100 range.

    There has to be more done to keep people in the game. Kong is getting tons of credit card players, so your dev's should be able to work plenty of OT to think of new ideas. There are people dropping thousands a week into that platform.

    It would be nice to see the credit cards have LESS advantage than us normal folk.

    Also, for buying NY properties, allow us to buy in 50 and/or 100 increments.
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