I don't understand, how does attack/defense calculated?

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  1. innocent

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    I think I have pretty good weapon/armor/vehicles, but I'm still losing to some players who's 600 levels below me, I mean not every time, but 1 out of 10 fights, I lose.

    For example:

    1,801 Weapons
    1 Kano Nuke
    3 Fireslug Shotguns
    1 Kano Turbofist
    3 Kano Charge Cannons
    1 Kano Grenades
    1 Dual Flame Blaster
    1 Kano SMG
    1 Kano Katana
    1 Kano Shield
    1 Ivory Magnum
    37 Saw Rifles
    18 Razor Hookstaffs
    19 Incendiary Shotguns
    140 Baguette Launchers
    3 Poison Grenades
    7 Corncob Pipe Bombs
    248 Nuclear Torpedos
    8 Optimal Ramirez Assault Rifles
    12 FBI TAR 21s
    15 Famas
    9 Boomerblades
    507 Dual Berettas
    1 Gauss Pistol
    9 Optimal Gas Grenades
    56 Particle Pistols
    4 Damascus Katanas
    45 Elite Cattle Prods
    2 Incendiary Grenades
    47 Deadly Slingshots
    106 Airstrike Marker Pistols
    17 Optimal Lead Pipes
    250 Flash Drives
    25 Ebony Magnums
    15 FBI Assault Rifles
    20 Bean Bag Rifles
    8 Incendiary AK-47s
    159 Leiomanos

    Weaker (against his weapons, yes, he has 2000, but I'm at 1800), he has 204 pulse pistols, while I have over 800 of them)
    [ upgrade ]

    2,000 Weapons
    1 Shotgun Bouquet
    1 Blaser R93
    9 Psyblades
    1 Particle Cannon
    1 Hyrdaulic Ram
    1 Trouble Shooter
    1 Fireslug Shotgun
    1 Doubleboom Grenader
    1 Shillelagh
    1 TDI Vector
    1 AK-74U
    1 Hi-tec Carbine
    1 Tactical SMG
    3 Dynamite Frostys
    1 Kano SMG
    1 Powerforce Laser Shark
    1 Particle Blaster
    1 Kano Katana
    1 Kano Shield
    1 Kano Turbofist
    3 Kano Charge Cannons
    1 Kano Grenades
    1 Kano Nuke
    25 Ebony Magnums
    3 Saw Rifles
    204 Pulse Pistols
    5 Optimal Chavez Garrottes
    2 Razor Hookstaffs
    3 Bomberangs
    5 Optimal Triad Cleavers
    7 Corncob Pipe Bombs
    29 Electric Railguns
    194 Battle Saws
    17 Optimal Fillet Knifes
    11 FBI TAR 21s
    12 Famas
    162 Torpedo Launchers
    23 Elite Silva Melee Dumbells
    7 Chain Grenades
    7 Optimal Hidden Cane Blades
    77 Baguette Launchers
    250 M4 Thunders
    336 Crisobal M2s
    319 Gator Machetes
    44 Steel Harpoon Guns
    47 Elite Maponga Machetes
    81 Pearl Magnums
    13 Auto Shotguns
    82 Nuclear Torpedos


    1,801 Armor Units
    2 Kano Wingsuits
    1 Warden's Uniform
    1 Kano Kevlar
    2 Plasma Gloves
    1 Kano Operative Gear
    160 Power Armors
    37 Supersoldier Gears
    21 Master Helmets
    612 Reaper Masks
    105 Bulletproof Tweeds
    1 Biker Armor
    6 Bulletproof Balaclavas
    6 Commissioner's Badges
    7 Magnifying Glasses
    5 General Vests
    18 Optimal Smoking Jackets
    11 Crusader Helms
    46 Undercover Casuals
    109 Deepdiver Helms
    75 Sonar Goggles
    76 Interpol Vests
    10 Armored Gucci Suits
    489 Brotherhood Assassin Gears

    Weaker (I have 612 Reaper Masks, while he has only 209 of them).
    [ upgrade ]

    2,000 Armor Units
    1 Armored Subsuit
    1 Jackhammer Powerclaw
    2 Ninjatek Armors
    1 Tactical Plate
    1 Powerforce X-Ray Helmet
    1 Rhino Helmet
    1 Shock Armor
    1 Arctic Commando Gear
    1 Hellcat Biker Gloves
    1 Plasma Gloves
    1 Warden's Uniform
    1 Kano Operative Gear
    1 Kano Kevlar
    1 Flamethrower Gloves
    2 Kano Wingsuits
    3 Supersoldier Gears
    1 Master Helmet
    23 Bulletproof Tweeds
    103 Bulletproof Capes
    1 Blade Helmet
    179 Deepdiver Helms
    224 Megasuits
    209 Reaper Masks
    6 Turret Suits
    16 Forearmors
    2 Biker Armors
    120 Solar Goggles
    365 Helcomms
    9 Optimal Smoking Jackets
    298 Mechanical Suits
    5 Commissioner's Badges
    7 Bulletproof Balaclavas
    7 Magnifying Glasses
    7 Crusader Helms
    47 Undercover Casuals
    351 Interpol Vests

    and so on, some people have like 300 sea planes 100 turbo tanks, 50 mime, and 10 gunner trucks, and they win against me, while I have:
    1 Kano Krusher
    1 T-Rex
    3 Kano Krusaders
    1 Kano Kraft
    1 Kano's Chopper
    1 Havana Wheels
    3 Kano Battlebikes
    6 SCI Semis
    105 Gunner Trucks
    561 Turbo Tanks
    1 Nightrider
    140 Mime Marauders
    5 Optimal Honda CRXs
    103 Hellfire Tanks
    2 Hydro Humvees
    2 MPS Helicopters
    4 Elite Honda CRXs
    1 Granturismo
    8 Sawbikes
    10 Road Sharks
    840 Sea Planes ( I have over 1,000 of sea planes)

    Also: how does the attack/defense got calculated?
    The person I attacked has 110,000attack/110,000defense in Weapons, while I have 95,000attack/94,000 defense in weapons, and I saw that person's weapons, my weapons are stronger and much more than that person has. I just don't understand.

    Is it true that person with same armors/vehicles/weapons who has 2,000 strong/active mobs, IS STRONGER than a person who has exactly same amount of armors/vehicles/weapons with also 2,000 but weak/non-active mobs?

    Please Help

  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    So you lose 1 out of 10??? not bad, no non active clan should have no bearing, , skill points also come into play, and so does the "randomness" of the game's calculations , I doubt Kano is not gonna tell you the inner workings of the calculations, I gather this is a friend if you have all this info of what they have.
  3. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Well armor you will most likely be weaker as it has much better defense than attack.
  4. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I don't think so.A body is a body in VC PC AND LCN.
  5. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Don't forget 1 VERY important part though.Base attack/defense value plays a big role whether you want to believe or not.My viking is a great example.I have a pretty good loadout for warriors and weapons,but my weak base attack will cause me to lose some fights even though everything else is much stronger than some of my opponents.That might also be your problem,but since you're not saying if you're stronger or weaker there,can't say if that's playing a role in this or not.
  6. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    sorry i dont have the answers here to the calculations but i do know that armour plays a major part of defense
    you can attack someone and win on most aspects but loose because of there armour
  7. The loadout and critical hit bonus attack also plays a part in the outcome of a fight...

    Try arming your loadout full of Attack heavy weapons, there may be a difference in the outcome :)

    Also Adrenaline boosts gives you 5% extra attack, and make sure you have your elites, you can get a total of a 10% attack boost, which should help you in situations like this :)
  8. innocent

    innocent New Member

    thanks for all answers, they all contradicting each other though :)
    My base attack is very high, I can beat some lvl 3500+ easily, winning every single fight from them, but on the other hand, I'm losing sometimes to lvl 1700. :( and Yes, I do have all elites that out there.
  9. The level 1700 is stronger than the level 3500, this game is all about your stockpile of weapons... As you are probably aware of, as well as base attack and defense, if the battle report says you are stronger in everything then there's a glitch and you shouldn't really be losing the fight.

    The battle report will tell you whether your base attack is weaker than your opponents base defense, if this is the case then the battle will be weighed more in there favor from my experience, but the stockpile of weapons is the main thing, as well as the load out... the load out determines your total attack and defense attributes.

    All I can suggest is craft as much as possible in the workshop get as many of those high offensive and defensive weapons, armor and vehicles and kick some butt, sorry I don't really have the calculations and stuff, but I'd probably not understand it lol :)
  10. sparkyvee

    sparkyvee New Member

    I have noticed that the fight calculations do appear to be quite heavily weighted to Att/Def stats.

    Armour is nearly always an attack loss - the way the items are weighted towards def makes sure of that (they are armour though - makes sense..!)

    What I have noticed is that I can have a larger mob, and a better stockpile than others, but still lose the fights, when the only stat I am weaker on is Attack strength.

    Innocent - with a very high attack stat you should be able to beat most people around or below your level unless they have a better defense stat than you (probably unlikely as I think you have a VERY high attack ;-)
    Your issue may be more to do with the 'Critical Hit Bonus' - that lovely little randomness built in to the fight structure.

    Having said that - Dylan is also right - you should always maintain your stockpile to be as high as possible, workshop like crazy and get in on as many of the high-level bosses as you can.

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