[LCN] Holiday Raid Walkthrough 2018

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    Hey all,

    It’s that special time of year again as the days grow colder and mobsters all around the globe dream about the big score (but when isn’t that the case?). Riding in his bulletproof luxury car, The Clausfather is back, bearing gifts if you can best him in battle.

    This Holiday Feature Raid has a few differences from a normal Raid, so if you weren’t around for The Clausfather’s appearance last year, read on to find out what’s up.

    Building Toys

    The main goal of this Raid event is to beat the Raid by building toys in the workshop. This functions the same as attacking a normal Raid and costs Stamina, but instead of doing damage with every click of the Attack button you’ll be building some toys.

    Additionally, your Party’s Health is measured in Holiday Cheer. Once this gets low, you’ll need to spend some Energy to get your Holiday Cheer back up to full.

    For a short recap:

    Build = Regular Attack
    Power Build = Power Attack
    Holiday Cheer = Party Heal

    Raid Superiors are still earned the same way as normal, though we have some exciting new holiday-themed ones to collect!

    Global Raid Boss Progress


    *Not final numbers.

    The most noticeable difference to this event is that, by contributing to the total number of Raid Bosses completed, you’ll have a chance to earn special Holiday-themed Loot Cases with some unique Holiday items inside. These have been updated from last year and contain even stronger Holiday items!

    On the Raid Boss page there will be a new panel with a progress bar tracking how many Raid Bosses are defeated across all servers (you’ll be working together on this one!) For each checkpoint cleared, you’ll earn a Holiday Loot Case. The more checkpoints you clear, the more Cases will be unlocked.

    The bar will progress incrementally in-game, but here is what you can expect to earn for each checkpoint:

    Check point 1: one loot Case
    Check point 2: one loot Case
    Check point 3: one loot Case
    Check point 4: one loot Case
    Check point 5: two loot Cases
    Check point 6: three loot Cases
    Check point 7: seven loot Cases

    Note that these rewards will be redeemable once all summoned Raids have been completed, which should be at noon PST on December 28. You’ll have until midnight on January 19 to redeem these rewards.

    You will be able to collect the rewards from the “Past Checkpoints” on the totalizer screen. There will be collect links there, make sure to click the orange collect button on the pop-up to receive your reward.

    A final note: unlike last year, you need to participate in the Raids to be eligible to collect the prizes at the end. So if you want to get those Loot Cases, make sure to join in!
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  2. just another reward for those higher levels. raids are obeslete as far as I am concerned . I'm refusing to spend fps
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  3. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    It REALLY is annoying that oftentimes, when you heal, the "Power Build" comes down to 1 instead of staying at 20!

    How about we just GET RID of the 1, 5, 10 and just leave it at 20 since no one is supposed to be hitting at less than that anyway?
  4. RafeDavid

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    "Sigh!" It sure would have been nice to start this holiday raid with an abundance of energy. Sadly Scrooge came a while back and ordered ol' Bob Cratchett working at Kano coding to remove stacking. Now all the players are left scurrying about looking through trash bins for a few measly scraps of energy or stamina to fuel the raid fire. Maybe the Spirit of Raids Future will visit ol Scrooge Kano and show him the error of his ways. There is still time, Scrooge, to change. Instead of being a turkey enjoy a Christmas goose instead.
  5. Rick B

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    Not spending a dime and only using earned FPs. Will be doing maybe 1/3 my normal total raids. Kano, one thing you need to realize is you are in the business of selling pixels. Pixels essentially have no value.
  6. Icebreaker

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    grimch kano, cmon show your holiday spirit, give us the stacking back
  7. What do we want? We want STACKING!
    When do we want it? We want it NOW!
  8. GTR

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  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Love this :) and yeah We want it Now :p
  10. Carl Stahls

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    when I am short on stamina or have y=tons of health I will hit 1 attack and 20 health helps get to min. until I refill
  11. Gazzaaaa

    Gazzaaaa Active Member

    Shame on you. Such a waste. At least heal for others if you cant/wont 20-stamina attack the Raid.
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  12. Richie rich

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    yes it gets frustrating at the best of times trying to hit the attack button then it jumps to a single hit agggggg
  13. No Nuts 4u

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    KANO whats going on games frozen we cant collect holiday rewards from raids and most of game laggin by upto 5 seconds can u update and inform us u are trying to fix it please =)
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  14. No Nuts 4u

    No Nuts 4u Member

    kano please also check your hard drives again like this happened before
  15. Steven Jordan

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    Suggestion for the loot cases for future special raids:

    Reduce the number of free energy boost rewards and replace with some stamina rewards. I received about 5,000 energy from the cases. I'd gladly trade half of this for 1,250 stamina
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  16. please can you make it so when a Raid boss is killed he is listed at the top like coop bosses- hate having to scroll through the whole list to collect, and with lag really bad.
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