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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SparkleMotion, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. there is a problem guys, the item for child's play had a pop out 512/521 and now has 521/282, shouldn't you inform the people cause many are now because of this less willing to buy the item , thinking its a late change and others bought a better item ?

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  2. WorldB

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    It's a charity item. If you don't like it much, buy one for the charity and be done.
  3. Kirsten

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    not spending money for FP's for an item , I help out with charities here and there, I donate and buy toys for a well know drive, already,
  4. yes a charity Item, but when a one advertises A, and sells A, should deliver what they advertise . As no public information was posted apart from the forum, that the mistake was in the popout, prevents players from contributing for a good cause. I have passed the info advised those that so wish to make a ticket and gave them the direct donation link for Child's Play. Will leave it also here if anyone wishes . Child's Play. sets a donation link in their webpage for fundraising they approve. Donation Link: http://tinyurl.com/j3rgg46
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    Why would I buy a weapon with 566 Attack for 30Fp if I can buy one with 580 Attack instead? maybe next year....
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  6. Darth Vader

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    I was thinking the same and wanted to ask KANO-Why after this item is designed for a beneficence you have not done it so more players can be tempted to buy it ? We have in LIMITED QUANTITY - Shroud of Death 580 attack for 30 FP so Toy Sword was supposed to be with 590 attack at least !!! Also it design is not good I think it had to be something related to Christmas....
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  7. Rodney Rangel

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    i want the real present, lots of FPS lol
  8. Jared

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    You can have as many FPs as you want, just whip out one of those gift cards you got for Christmas, that's the gift.
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  9. Rodney Rangel

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    aww man lol

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