[LCN] Hitlist Out-of-Range Cooldown - September 18th 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. SeVaR

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    Nothin' wrong with having to play with those closer to your own stat/rank pool and have less 'bully' time on folks far below your own stats. I see quite a bit of whining here... nothing to whine about, click another link and carry on. Can't chain-hit list someone... rotate targets = problem solved, you're welcome. Nice change Kano :)

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  2. meet_joeblack

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    Salvatore_...._your idea of good gaiming is the ability to chainlist somebody much much_ lower than u? because they are cheap? why dont u chainlist somebody like me? too much money to do that? im just as annoying if not more....many low levels get chainlisted for lol at something in the lounge....or saying the wrong thing.....or just attacking somebody in the wrong family.....even being in the 'wrong family' can get u chainlisted day in day out......you want to punish those players? many other ways to do it.....personaly i dont care what people do to me.....i just hate to see the innocent players getting abused....
  3. ASPY

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    As often happens to you, Mort, you did not understand anything that people say, or rather understand what you want to understand, but this is not the place to start controversy with you, have a nice day
  4. ASPY

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    from more than 6 month , i have no one players in fight list to hit, because who are not in mob , are out of my range, what we do here ? if we can not fight ? this out range be a big shit, Kano need create a tank shark for people over 10.000 levels, or this game getting very boring fast ,for a big levels.....
  5. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    It's important to understand that people don't all see new hitlists show up at the exact same time - anything and everything from your browser's refresh speed, to your home wireless network, to your neighbour's Netflix habit, and your distance to your ISP can affect whether you see a bounty before or after someone else. That said, we know people do try and use bots on the list, and though we have a number of systems in place to combat this, we are doing a new investigation into alternate methods right now. I'm hoping we'll have some news to announce on this topic in the next month or two.

    Re: other ways of preventing/reducing hitlists, frankly if this feature works out well, I'll be pushing to reduce Protection and any other features that simply block someone from listing someone else. @Big Paul I think the game is more fun when people can be listed for a long period of time and still enjoy playing, instead of being forced to stop for a while because they can't do anything but stay dead. There's definitely a middle ground between letting troublesome low-levels do whatever they want, and allowing high level listers to prevent lower levels from bothering to heal up — that's what we're searching for.

    For what it's worth, the complaints we've been hearing haven't been coming from people we know to be troublesome in the chat or elsewhere. We've been hearing concerns from people who, based on their gameplay history as we see it, are for the most part just doing their own thing and fighting people of a similar level. It's definitely important for lower levels to avoid making noise in the Lounge, hitting higher levels off the list or starting fights with people who are backed up by higher level syndicates, and we want to make sure people can still be punished for doing those things. And we also know that we need to be rolling out more exciting events and features for people who've reached the endgame — believe me, this is top of our minds. These kinds of changes take longer to build and are more complex, so we're rolling out what we can (i.e. Achievements) in the meantime while we work on those larger projects.
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  6. Justin the killer

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    wow remove my thread an you think it was civil an contructive it was not!! wow..cant speak to the truth!
  7. meet_joeblack

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    btw salvatore....if u did t take a shortcut to the top.....you wouldnt have this problem....and i have no problem u derstanding what u say....i just dont agree with u....im not speaking from authority ...just voicing my opinion just like u are
  8. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    Let's keep it friendly and focused on constructive changes to the game here, guys - no need to go after each other here, that's what the game is for!
  9. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    i have argument for protection.......he has it against.......not fighting about it
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  10. bigd21619

    bigd21619 New Member

    bad idea, probably why i quit spending here. always caters to the wrong group of people:mad:
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  11. Guys and gals, take the time to actually READ the information .... HONORABLE range .... so if you think about it, it's not that big a change .... we have had players over the years that were EXTREMELY low leveled that decided that they were gonna run their fingers about the "heavy hitters" after they decided to get off the porch with the puppies and play with the big dogs .... while that opens them up to attacks, punches, lists, etc. USUALLY from the ones they went after, if you have a LOYAL mob (whether they are in your syn or not) as soon as they see you lighting someone up, they are going to find out why and join in .... gang discipline will USUALLY teach a disrespectful upstart to behave .... or at least be careful about who they decide to go after ... and it gives your mob a chance at achievements for listing if the target will heal enough.
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  12. ASPY

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    I come from MafiaWars, like a lot of people here, hoping to find a new fighting game here, but it's not so, here is a lot crying baby, and Kano listen only to them, I can not have a good ping pong with no one, if some synd declare a war against my synd, i can not help my small players, because of this change in hitlist also and because this shit (out of range) that block every fun on this game, why the developers think only about protections, and not about fun in fighting game ?? let us play, or very soon a lot of big levels can let this game, I listen some people hate who put a bit money in the game, but remember that Kano can work thanks to who puts money in the game, and not thanks to who laments every day, this is my idea, and I do not pretend it's the truth, it's just what i feel, if you want protection for the small level, put a number limit on the attack and about the hitlist during one day, but let us play please
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  13. ASPY

    ASPY New Member

    in a fighting game and strategy, what is that fun? just fighting and strategy in building accounts, now I've heard rumors that Kano wants to change the ratio between skills and strenght loots, and is changing some of the fighting that makes it harder to have ice, I really can not understand the sense of these changes, if the rumors that you want to change the ratio between skills and strengh loots are true, many people are totally right to want to return the money they have spent in the loots as they have acquired a value that you now go change by reducing, and I'm talking against my interests because, by my way of playing, I've always built my accounts giving importance to skills and health, not to the figurines :) but it is not fair to penalize those who made different choices
  14. Big Paul

    Big Paul New Member

    Why instead don't you increase the hitlist cost escalator so that higher level players pay a premium to list, this would mean I can still chainlist but it would be at a higher cost, I would be ok with that, but there again I have multiple quadrillions at hand :p
  15. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    savatore....those lower levels u speak of are not here for ur amuzement....u cant play 'ping pong' with them....such a shame.....place urself in their shoes for a minute...u are level 2000 and made a mistake of hitting someone level 15 k from the hitlist......now he hits u back ( u expect it) then he keeps going...and going....all that for trying to get some cash....its not enough for u to kill him once? or chain attack him for 24 hours? what u r asking for its ridiculous.....a level 2k can do almost nothing to u...and yet u want to hitlist him all day every day just because u can? do u enjoy one sided fights?
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  16. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    and salvatore......this isnt mafia wars.......from my understanding that was a game you play without playing.....full of scripts...multiple accounts.....severely automated.....I blame KANO for not warning you guys about leveling super fast out of range of most players.....now most players have to listen to u whine about not having people in your range
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  17. Joe, Kano DOES warn them .... it specifically states that attacking a higher level opens you up to attacks, punches, and lists from that player as long as you are on their rivals .... also if they bother to listen to the players that have played for a while I know that MOST in my mob will put in the world chat AND the lounge to NOT go after higher levels as this makes the lower levels a target ... with the "new player protection" the new players are able to punch a higher level, yet if they have less than 60 days, the higher level is unable to punch back. And there are quite a few in my mob that will save that player's link until their 60 day mark is up and target them BECAUSE of not being able to "return the favor". When this game started, there was NO "new player protection" so you learned to show respect to those that have been playing the game and not just starting out.
  18. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    not what i meant
  19. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    the new changes wont stop the bullies....just slow them down a little
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  20. Rsantos12n

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    I take it you don't like getting listed by Antonia or indra? :( lol
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