[LCN] Hitlist Out-of-Range Cooldown - September 18th 2017

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    As mentioned in last Friday’s TGIF, we’re now be rolling out a change to the hitlist feature in LCN. Going forward, listing anyone outside your honourable hitlist range will trigger a 60-second cooldown before you can list that same player again.

    This method was chosen based on feedback from two previous threads on the hitlist, and is intended to protect players who are otherwise forced to stay dead due to chainlisting from players they are too weak to fight off. At the same time the change will continue to allow people within each others’ range to continue chain-listing and -rigging as many players enjoy. For those of you who list people within your range you should notice no change to your gameplay.

    We’ll be monitoring hitlist play closely after this rolls out, and we’re looking forward to hearing from all of you about the impact of this change. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help shape this release and we hope it makes for a fuller hitlist and more fun for everyone.
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  2. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    about time!!!!!!
  3. Miss Kitty Snaps

    Miss Kitty Snaps Active Member

    Skipping through to pass out the seeds and hoes - welcome to Farmville
  4. A N T O N I A

    A N T O N I A New Member

    Welcome to Candy CRUSH !!!
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  5. Drummerist

    Drummerist New Member

    Remove the bots and we all might get a chance in hit lists
  6. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    Please don't say they don't exist, been around here a real long time (Joined 2837 days) and things changed soon after the new arrivals. Hitlist Kills: 17,748, I KNOW what i'm talking about. Deny all you like, something is amiss.
  7. Amanda Westgate

    Amanda Westgate New Member

    Yeah. Quite often I see lists flash up and they are gone in a fraction of a second. There's no way their cursor could move to the attack button in that time. You can forget it completely during a bounty blitz.
  8. For starts is good for the under levels. It concerns me that the lower level would like to get their own chainers in our level during that period and we get killed lol BH:)
  9. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    On another note; when I have an "out of range" mobster "ask for his mob to punch", I can no longer chain list the hell out of them for an unprovoked punch because of a "cool down" period that that I did not inanimate? You may want 2 rethink that. Even better, they punch for someone else that asked for them to punch; where does it end? Leave the game alone please!
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  10. Big Paul

    Big Paul New Member

    A stupid change, when I chainlist a disrespectful player, I may list them a few times to teach them a lesson, now I will camp on them for weeks and list them hundreds of times just to show how pointless this change is.

    At the end of the day this is a fighting game not farmville. They already have the protection feature, why don't they use that.
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  11. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

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  12. I was recently listed by someone nobody had ever heard of before who was 3000+ levels below me. I killed them right away with a counter-attack but once they healed they were protected again. WTF?
    When we started this game that kind of action would've put you on the shitlist of an entire mob like DOA, even just for going for a bounty (I still get the headaches lol).
    No wonder some many of the assholes seem to be spawning "mini-me" accounts lately.
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  13. Si Celia

    Si Celia Member

    As usual, Kano listens only to the crybabies. Why do some get chain-isted? because they have provoked it. Then they run to Kano and cry. Am I right or not?
  14. meet_joeblack

    meet_joeblack Member

    This change will only affect the bullies..... and those that like to hunt more than they like fair play..... I do agree that some players deserve to be bullied....but spare a thought for those that don't ....
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  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    ya right
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  16. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    there are no bullies in a fighting 'game'
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  17. Old Salt

    Old Salt Well-Known Member

    One question: When Al Capone's goons were gunning down someone, did Capone insist they have a "cool down" before they shot up someone else? There is no such thing as a hybrid fighting game, you either have one or you don't. Those who don't want to be attacked, listed or punched can find a nice non-fighting game and stop forcing KANO to change our fighting one.
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  18. donzer

    donzer Member

    be nice to get a kill on the hit list , to many bots on here now , theres evan a facebook group set up for bot players (this is to help them use them ) there should put a 20 min limit on hunting , 20 mins in every hour . and please find a way to spot bots in battle arena
  19. ASPY

    ASPY New Member

    This is a fighting game, right? Kano has already given a lot of protection to the crybaby players, we have out of range in the fights, we have Kano's protection days, we have ambushes, we have rigs, and we have nothing for the big ones they want to play and to have fight, to defend the family a big level, had only hitlists, now with this great idea, even the hit lists went to the devil, because even a paralytic has time to prepare the rig against the opponent, congratulations, great idea to kill pleasure in this game , think it's time for me to find some other to play
  20. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    This is insane !!! they already have protection and rigs available etc why to keep playing if we can t attack and fight with other players, you need to remove this , no sens to play this game in future if we can t use our skills and power anymore
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