[LCN] Hitlist Grace Period: Wednesday, August 16th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Scoughman, Aug 15, 2017.

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  1. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    about the protected person being able to list or fight back without dropping the protection, both sides cannot attack each other for the three days as it stands right now
  2. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    some of that sounds nice, but what does one low level player do against a whole syndicate ganging up on them to chain list them, each member of the syndicate takes turn right now on one person chains him or her then another one takes over and does the same thing. yes its a fighting game but they should be able to play the game also fighting one person at a time within their levels. personally I think anyone that purposely attacks someone outside of their level range is really dumb for doing so unless they know they are going to be listed, so they can either get offline to go to bed or go do something else with their time. which i use that method to stop any chain listing on me now. personally I would like to see a event where people can duel with each other within their range then trying to take on a whole syndicate that has several crews. no one person can stand up to 50 or 75 people attacking them for very long. unless they enjoy riding the hit lists to see how long they can stand there. also everyone does not have enough money to chain rig for very long either, so again, your mentioning of staying dead until they can rig again works out very nicely
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    why keep healing for that person, then ?? I sure as hell wouldn't if I could not trap them for each bounty, .........
  4. Marshal O.P. Rockwell

    Marshal O.P. Rockwell Active Member

    Here is a major flaw with the 60 second rule: If you are chainlisting someone in your fight range because they are constantly attacking you, then the 60 second rule leaves you defenseless for 58 seconds out of every minute!
  5. Farqu

    Farqu Member

    I don't see why anything should have to change. Yes the older players have more cash and they have worked their way through the game to get it! A hell of a lot of the newer players have built their properties right and also have a lot of cash. As mentioned a few times if you don't want to get chain listed don't heal! Simple. If someone is chaining you then just maybe (not always but 95% of the time) you might have been an ass to get their attention. The problem is as I see it with the wave of new players over the past year the complaints have magnified so KANO think they have to do something about it. Your trying to fix something that really isn't broken in a fighting game. Protection is available and ambushes are also another form of defense. Use your money wisely and buy property to generate income it's not f'n rocket science. To those who don't like being chained stop being an ass and use the tools available to you. Quit complaining to KANO ffs if you can't handle the game then Farm Town is an interactive game that might be more suited to you.
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  6. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I wasn't healing for them, I was doing the raids, they just kept listing while i did them. just saying the ten list in a row cap doesnt always work
  7. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    some players been listing for different reasons besides being a ass to someone. so may people have accused people of being alts or just becuz someone feels like punching or listing for no reasons. some syndicates just attack or accuse people of things that are not true. but that's part of the game. it used to be honorable and fights were mainly between two people. my opinion of this game is not a real fighting game tho. Personally its more like a firing squad, pick your target you don't like, get the whole syndicate to line up and take shots at the target. what is fair about that or honorable? Have you ever thought tho that a lot of people would not be a ass towards someone if they had not been targeted by some asses also, just a thought. not complaining about it, just seeing both sides of the situation
  8. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    it also isn't always older players have the cash, it depends on real cash and how you spend it now, it has nothing to do with any skill anymore or how long a player has been playing.
  9. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I see a lot of people posting messages in here about discussions,if they don't like the replys, then snide remarks like you should go play Farmville, etc are posted, I thought this was a discussion to discuss ways that might help or peoples opinion on why they like or don't like a ideal, we got the lounge to post insults or snide remarks in, why bring it here. just becuz some people have a difference of opinion, they should not have to put up with the snide remarks here also.
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  10. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    remove this crap, either that or raise the total amount of ambushes to 50 so i can enjoy bushing them in bewteen the minute so i can do other things instead of having to go through this bull crap take limits off bush amounts period if i got the cash to pay why would you stop me, same with rig's there should not be a limit
  11. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    ya mean protection, it will depend on the level , yours and theirs, and will depend on any actions you take against, then what ya do is soon as you level doing a raid, attack a coop boss, and take your health down immediately, then go back to a raid, of course leaving it healed before ya leave it.
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  12. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I agree sir , take the limiits off ambushes and rigs!
  13. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I do exactly that when I do raids Kristen, I don't leave the health too high, and yeah I was talking about the protection cap , and how they can list you more then ten times before the protection button shows. I was listed by one person 100 times and the button for protection never showed. and that person was 10,000 levels above me. of course I never would use the protection button, just saying it does not always work that way. I prefer just to stay dead and do other things in real life when i am done with playing or chatting for the day
  14. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    no they should not remove limit on ambushes, just this shitty concept of timedelay on listing.
  15. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    10 bushes dont go far when you got 5 to 15 of 1 syndicate attacking you, there aint enough to spread around period. You should have a limit of 10 on each player i could see that, but there has been many many times its numerous people coming after you and its enjoyable to bush each and everyone of them esp. if they have spent a fortune and they cant win a fight this way.
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  16. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    Playing against real players I kind of follow you. Our problems is they don't remove cheats, so we got players that autosetup bushes, and being able to span 10 on every player they want to instantaneously would be a very bad move.
  17. Scoughman

    Scoughman Well-Known Member

    @BEAUTIFUL DISASTER The last thing we want to do is push anyone out of the game, I promise that is not our intention at all. Hopefully the fact that we've halted the release of this change is evidence of that. We do indeed have a number of ways for people to protect themselves from being chained, as you mention — I think the issue is with the balance of those features right now, as we often hear from players saying the game is no fun for them if they are constantly having to cope with certain players chaining them. We are looking for a solution to minimize this without taking away the fun of listing or making things too easy, and I appreciate your input on a good solution.

    @robbin gordon definitely learning not to "open" your character to a higher level and taking your lumps is part of the game. Right now I think there are some situations where people are listing lower levels for no clear reason and doing it to the point that the victim wants to quit. When they get Protection, the aggressor gets their friends to list the lower as well. It's a hard balance to strike but like I said we want to preserve the fun of listing people without making it feel hopeless for weaker characters.

    @Marshal O.P. Rockwell glad we could make that call and restore some of your faith. I agree that I think it's tough to prevent a character from progressing; I think the issue has more to do with the "feel" of the game, when some players are throwing up their hands because it's not fun for them anymore. If all of our players were as resilient as you it'd be a lot easier to design the game! I understand wanting to preserve the way it is, I think there is a middle ground we can reach though that'll ensure everyone's fightlists are full of new targets for a long, long time to come.

    @eric smith the Protection feature activates when you've been listed 10x more than you've listed the opponent back. If you're not seeing it show up at that point, it could be a bug; could also be that your cache needs to be refreshed. Ultimately the situation where you are forced to take a break as your best option isn't something most players seem to think is fun, so that's what we're trying to resolve here. The one-on-one thing you mention is a bit more like cagematching, which we are considering bringing to LCN in some form. Given how concerned people seem about the hitlist delay I think we may have to adjust it in some way before rolling it out, but I do think something needs to be done and we haven't quite figured out what yet.

    Right now I am leaning toward the idea of restricting the 60-second delay to people outside your fight range. I'm not sure if this is feasible but I am going to discuss it with the devs and see where we're at. Thanks for all your input, guys, and I will keep you posted with any news on this.
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  18. eric smith

    eric smith Member

    I understand how some may object to the 60 second delay, but nothing can be right without testing it in some way to see if it would work or not . people complain about things they haven't even tried yet, it can always be expanded or completely deleted if it doesn't work after a certain test period.

    I see both sides of the argument for it or not for it. but something needs to be done to make it more fair to everyone or like you said newcomers and lower levels will get frustrated and quit the game. don't believe me just check how may people are not even playing right now and haven't played since 2015 but their accounts just sit there., myself I have short time each day without staying up late at night to play between family time and work to play.

    I don't want to have to spend a coupler hours every day to go thru to delete non players to make room for new players that want to mob up with me. but I also see delaying something without it just becuz someone complains about it isn't right either. that's why I suggested giving it a try for a short time to see if it would work or not. what harm would it really do to try it. it just might restore a lot more people's faith that have already stop playing everyday.

    the real problem is on one hand, you got these complaints from people that are willing to quit the game becuz they are frustrated they cannot play the game becuz whole syndicates kill them off as soon as they come online and they have windows open on them. people have said that that if you don't want to be chain listed, then don't be a ass in the chats.

    then you got on the other hand the ones who bully people and insult them and alot complain that you should do nothing to stop them from doing the bullying or to make the game more fair for all people, becuz they simply don't want you to put a stop to what they are doing and then again you have people leave the game.

    I came online as a new player from mafia wars. I said hi and made a couple errors on typing every now and then. I started getting chain listed right away and called someone else's name that from my understanding does not play anymore and their accounts have been banned from the game, according to some I have talked too. to this day,

    I still receive the same name calling and attacks from two syndicates with two to four syndicate crews. Only now I muted them in the chats so I don't have to listen to them too much except when they get around the muting.

    true, its not impossible to play, but I only get about three minutes of play time before the listing and punches start. so I dont play that much except during raids. every time I level from the raids and my heal resets, then I get listed and killed again.

    I dont care that they list me or punch me, just saying if that is going on wiith several new players or lower levels then of course they get frustrated and leave the game for other fighting games that do have restrictions on such kind of buying new players or lower levels and is more one on one type of fighting games.

    I even tried copying the way of typing they did for a little while to join in on their fun, that don't work very well to stop the chaining, so I quit doing that and went to typing normal.

    I tried throwing the same stuff at them but in a much nicer way them since the whole lounge chat was joining in and doing the same. again it didn't go very well, so I say hi now and then or talk about my days off.

    then i go out of the chat and end my game play for awhile or the night.

    but as soon as I say hi then the chain punching and chain listing starts up again. so myself I don't play as much as would normally play the game since theirs no use to play the game.

    I could just quit the game but I am a little stubborn and if I quit it would be becuz I didn't have the time to play at all or I lost interest in the game which at this point, the game is not fun to me anymore and I only got a couple personal friends in the game to talk too.

    others wont let new people actually get used to the game or to make friends from what I see. if your not in their click of friends, then they simply wont let you play and they insult you or accuse you of things that are not true and that's how they get their joillies on.
  19. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    If arena times aren't changing, I'm okay with them only being on Wednesdays starting next month. That might actually make them a little more predictable since they run every other week, instead of one Wednesday, then the following Saturday, then more than 2 weeks to the next Wednesday, etc. We'll see how it goes, I guess.
  20. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    if they use autosetup it should be seen and them banned dont punish me cause someone else cheats the same using that has a attack cheat too.
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