Hidden Recipes for Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, Viking Clan, Pirate Clan and Zombie Slayer

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    This thread by @Christopher Warnack has served the community well for years, but it is incomplete. This list will contain all Hidden Recipes currently available in each game, along with the crafting materials, currency and level necessary.

    Viking Clan

    Highland's Longbow: North Midgard level 2: 1,000 coins
    2x Serpent Clawblade
    1x Chainmail Armor

    Ebony Knife: South Midgard level 15; 10 million coins
    1x Pillager's Tunic
    1x Pillager's Axe

    Njord's Champion: Aegir's Sea level 75: 80 million coins
    1x Hurricane Master
    1x Royal Hersir

    Aegir's Trident: Aegir's Passage level 140: 175 million coins
    2x Aegir's Warship
    1x Hero's Warship
    2x War Elephant

    Skyshine Blade:Vanaheim level 300: 1 billion coins
    1x Scroll of Vanir Knowledge (not consumed)
    2x Minotaur Hoof Club
    1x Thunderstoke Mace

    Under Giant:Niflheim level 420: 750 million coins
    2x Frost Giant
    1x Viking Axes (not consumed)

    Giantsbane: Jotunheim level 600: 3 billion coins
    1x Rock Giant Hammer
    1x Giant's Blade
    1x Blessed Oil

    Steel Sword: Alfheim level 620: 5 billion coins
    1x Alfheim Dagger Set
    1x Skull Dagger (not consumed)
    1x Viking Dagger (not consumed)

    Blood Spewer: Nidavellir Level 760: 10 billion coins
    1x Cavern King (Craft Item)
    1x Dwarven Berserker (I think it's a reward for the Nidavellir Challenge)

    Hellfire Chariot: Muspell level 900: 15 billion coins
    50x Fire Chariot
    50x Fire Wingsuit

    Poison Stroke: Helheim level 930: 20 billion coins
    1x Hel's Blade
    1x Hel's Tunic
    1x Poison Arrows

    Skymaiden: Vingolf level 1600: 20 billion coins
    2x Goddess
    1x Sacred Well

    Aurora Spear: Asgard level 2000: 45 billion coins
    1x Odin Favor Charm
    1x Iwas Rune
    1x Stonecrack Hammer

    Autumn's Hammer: Midgard - Godly Trials level 2500: 100 billion coins (Thanks to monkhughes for providing the recipe.)
    x1 Scroll of Vanir Knowledge
    x1 Thor Amulet
    x1 Valkyrie Bladestaff

    Aurora Knight: Alfheim - Godly Trials level 2900: 275 billion coins
    x1 Grove Knight
    x1 Elven Captain
    x1 Sacred Well

    Stonepillar Axe: Nidavellir - Godly Trials level 3350: 600 billion coins
    x1 Earthheart Hammer
    x1 Battlerune Axe
    x2 Viking Axes

    Damned Elven Queen: Muspell - Godly Trials Level 3650: 500 billion coins (Thanks Jerome Griffin)
    x1 Muspell Specter
    x1 Golden Apple of Youth

    Thunderswipe: Asgard - Godly Trials Level 5700: 1.2 Trillion coins
    x1 Tyr's Warhammer
    x1 Seax
    x1 Block Hammer

    Cyclone Furrow: Hel's Rising Level 6400: 1.2 Trillion coins
    x1 Garms Collar
    x1 Hammer and Chisel
    x1 Spellbook

    Spirit Stag: Skadi's Blizzard Level 6500: 1.5 trillion coins
    x1 Snowcape
    x1 Battle Swine

    Ultimate Spear: Jotunheim World Wall level 7600: 2.5 trillion coins
    x1 Mountainblade Axe
    x1 Sigil of Odin
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  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Pirate Clan
    High Calibre Flintlock: East Tortuga level 1: 50 coins
    1x Dagger
    1x Treasure Map Portion

    Pleasurecraft: West Tortuga level 15: 2,000 coins
    1x Battle Brigantine (Challenge Drop)
    1x Brigantine

    Aztec High Priest: Tenochtitlan level 30: 2,00 coins
    1x Aztec Warrior
    1x Oceanic Pilot

    Chinese Sea Dragon: Peking level 75: 75,000 coins
    1x Imperial Patrol Ship
    1x Dilapidated Wreck

    Snap Flashes: Barbary level 115: 100,000 coins
    x1 Silver Flintlock Pistol
    x1 Deck Clearing Musketoon

    Silverspike: Atlantis level 175: 500,000 coins
    2x Atlantis Blade
    2x Red Pearl Compass
    1x Bottle of Grog (not consumed)

    Minstrel Maiden: Port Royal level 300: 1 million coins
    1x Treasure Chest
    1x Jaguar Knight

    Spanish Expedition Vessel: Cartagena Level 360: 6 million coins
    1x Spanish Doubloon
    1x Smuggler Ship

    Rusted Hook: Davy Jones Locker level 510: 5 million coins
    (even though you can get these items early, you can't craft this until you are level 510)
    1x Cursed Hook
    1x Silver Hook
    1x Captain's Hook

    Bahama's Bar Shot: Bahamas level 760: 9 million coins
    2x Tentacle Whip
    1x Spanish Shipping Schedule
    1x Bottle of Grog

    Silent Assassin: Japan level 880: 15 million coins
    1x Samurai
    1x Evil Eye Talisman
    1x Wise Old Spirit

    Prison Transport: New Orleans level 1300: 30 million coins
    1x Water Taxi
    1x Zombie Compass
    1x Captain's Spy Glass

    Old Tyme Sniper Rifle: Drifting Turtle Island level 1430: 30 million coins
    1x Twin Blades
    1x Coral Cutlass

    Zeppelin: Bombay Level 1650: 100 million coins
    1x Sea Wolf (Craft item)
    1x Condor Feather (Gift)

    Steam Cannon: Aurora Galcier Level 2050: 125 million coins
    x1 Ice Rifle (Craft Item)
    x1 Cannon (Gift)

    Chain Rifle: Easter Island Level 2450: 200 million coins
    1x Whirlknife (Craft Item)
    1x Ancient Chest (Gift)

    Bladeboot: Fiddlers Green Level 3160: 250 million coins
    1x Master Sabre
    1x Topaz Dagger

    The Argo: Athens Level 3360: 300 million coins
    1x Siren Ship
    1x Love is a Battleship

    Rage Spirit: The Lost World Level 3860: 350 million coins
    1x Velociraptor
    1x Archimedes Sunfire Mirror

    The Automaton: Skyland Level 4660: 400 million coins
    1x Baroness
    1x Black Powder
    1x Clockwork Parrot

    Poison Syringe: Underworld Level 5210: 600 million coins
    1x Razorflint
    1x Turtle Soup

    Master Explorer: Waterworld Level 5660: 1 billion coins
    1x Hydro Engineer
    1x Poppet

    Skullnado: Afterworld level 5810: 1.4 billion coins
    1x Razor Net
    1x Dock o' Cards
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  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra

    Razorblade Tophat - Level 55 - Location: London: $50,000
    2x Incriminating Photos
    1x Assault Rifle
    1x Titanium Switchblade
    thanks to Thrill

    Cellular Gun - Level 90 - Location: Las Vegas: $150,000
    1x Gold Brick
    1x Diamond Knuckles
    2x Lead Pipe

    Snow Plow - Level 120 - Location: Moscow: $500,000
    1x Yacht
    1x S.W.A.T.Bearcat
    1x Turret-Armed Humvee
    thanks to WHELER

    Flamethrower Lamp - Level 170 - Location: Dubai: $1 million
    1x Sheik's Scimitar
    1x Explosive Zippos

    Dragon Cannon: Shanghai Level 210: $7 million
    1x Shurikaboom (Craft Item)
    1x Ninja Spike Chain (Craft Item)

    Transformed Car Robot: Tokyo level 270: $15 million
    1x Supersonic Train
    1x Helicopter
    1x RAH-66 Commanche

    Tequila Flamethrower - Level 360 - Location: Tijuana: $30 million
    1x Magnum El Diablo
    1x Beretta Cheetah
    1x Carcano Carbine

    Magnetic Charges - Level 420 - Location: Medellin: $60 million
    1x RPG-7
    1x Information Kit

    RG41 Rolling Thunder - Level 700 - Location: Johannesburg: $200 million
    1x Safari Jeep
    1x Harley Davidson
    1x Ford Torino

    Steel Harpoon Gun - Level 850 - Location: Bangkok: $750 million
    10x Diamond Cleaver
    10x Attack Chimp
    10x Zastava CZ99

    Rolex Garotte - Level 1000 - Location: Rio de Janeiro: $2 billion
    1x Incendiary AK-47
    1x Milkor M32 MGL
    1x Porsche 911

    Attack Gyrocopter - Level 1240 - Location: San Francisco: $6 billion
    1x Hot Rod
    1x Combat Yacht
    1x Gold Jet
    thanks to WHELER

    Magblade: Sydney Level 1720: $16 billion (Credit to Gazember for posting the image)
    1x Damascus Katana (Craft Item)
    1x Scimitar

    Spike Club: Havana Level 2120: $16 billion (Thanks to Gazember)
    x1 Crisobal M2
    x1 Boomerang
    x1 Diamond

    The Eiffel Laser: Paris Level 2520 $17 billion (Credit to WHELER)
    x1 Assassin Baguette (Craft Item)
    x1 Rolex
    x1 Digital Recorder

    Exploding Leprechaun: Dublin Level 3070: $17 billion
    1x LPO 50 Flamethrower
    1x Incinerator

    Roadster Bike: Prague Level 3470: $18 billion
    1x Jet Quad
    1x RC Bomb Car

    Pulse Blaster: Berlin level 4370: $20 billion
    1x Panzerfaust
    1x Shock Guantlets

    Firebomb: Madrid level 4920: $22 billion
    1x Gun Glove
    1x Detonator
    1x Firecrackers
  4. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Zombie Slayer

    Kamikaze Cruiser: United States Level 11 $35,000
    1x Rocket Camaro (Craft Item)
    1x Moonshine Molotov (Hillbilly Boss Drop)
    1x Vehicle Part

    Firebuck Shardshot: United States Level 14 $20,000
    1x Ithaca Stakeout (Purchased)
    1x Moonshine Molotov (Hillbilly Boss Drop)
    1x Weapon Part

    Arctic Apocalypse: Canada Level 35 $40,000 (*Thanks to Alexander Lee for the recipe)
    1x Canadian Special Forces Gear (Craft Item)
    1x Chainsaw (Purchased)
    1x Light Machine Gun (Purchased)
    1x Gear Part

    Northern Enforcer: Canada Level 37 $100,000
    x1 Electric Skidoo (Craft Item)
    x1 Parliament Gavel (Outbreak Drop)
    x1 M26 Taser (Challenge Reward)
    x1 Vehicle Part

    Gaucho Wheels: Brazil Level 45 $200,000
    x1 Gaucho Blade (Brazil Challenge Drop)
    x1 El Camino (Brazil Challenge Drop)
    x1 Vehicle Part

    Automatic Grenade Launcher: Brazil Level 57 $75,000
    x1 FN Minimi (Purchased)
    x1 M79 Grenade Launcher (Purchased)
    x1 Weapon Part

    Halberd Shield: Spain Level 64 $500,000
    x1 Halberd (Purchased)
    x1 Beach Umbrella (Outbreak Drop)
    x1 UN Helmet (Gift)
    x1 Weapon Part

    Boss Truck: Spain Level 78 $2 Million (Thanks to Alexander Lee for the recipe)
    1x Military Pickup Truck (Purchased)
    1x Metal Edged Fan (Flamenco Dancer Boss Drop)
    1x Lance (Conquistador Boss Drop)
    1x Vehicle Part

    Guitar Gun: England Level 87 $2.5 Million
    x1 Gretsch Guitar (Challenge Drop)
    x1 Heckler & Koch MP5 (Purchased)
    x1 Weapon Part

    Royal Proximity Uniform: England Level 95 $1.5 Million
    x1 Windsor Castle Uniform (Outbreak drop)
    x1 Proximity Mine (Boss Drop)
    x1 Gear Part

    Chair Mounted Guns: France Level 105 $6 Million
    x1 Automatic Handgun (Craft Item)
    x1 Steel Chair (Boss Drop)
    x1 Weapon Part

    F1 - Destroyer: France Level 118 $7.5 Million
    x1 Renault F1 Car (Purchased)
    x2 LGI Mle F1 (Purchased)
    x1 LLR 81mm Mortier (Purchased)
    x1 Vehicle Part

    Water Warrior: Italy Level 125 $10 Million *Thanks to Kelex for the hint
    x1 Scuba Gear (Gift)
    x1 Gondalier Uniform (Purchased)
    x1 Gear Part

    Tripod Rifle: Italy Level 175 $35 Million
    x1 7.65 Calibre Rifle (Boss Drop)
    x1 Sheet Music Stand (Boss Drop)
    x1 UN Machine Gun (Gift)
    x1 Weapon Part

    Electric Splash: Switzerland Level 210 $50 Million (Thanks Kelex)
    x1 Cree Sam Electric Car
    x1 Rinspeed Splash
    x1 Unicycle
    x1 Vehicle Part

    Smashin' Balls of Fire: Switzerland Level 240 $60 Million (Thanks to Kelex for providing the recipe.)
    x1 Great Balls of Fire (Switzerland Craft Item)
    x1 Tennis Racket (Tennis Star Boss Drop)
    x1 Old School Racket
    x1 Weapon Part

    Sports Armor: Germany Level 290 $200 Million
    x2 Handball Uniform (Outbreak Drop)
    x1 Goalie Gear (Gift)
    x1 Football Pads (Gift)
    x2 Gear Part

    Dual Threat Launcher: Germany Level 300 $300 Million (Thanks Martincles for the recipes.)
    x1 Proton Rocket Launcher (workshop)
    x1 EMP Ray (mad scientist)
    x1 Steampunk Goggles (gift)
    x1 Weapon Part

    Space Soldier: Russia Level 340 $350 Million (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Sokol KV2 Spacesuit
    x1 Russian Roulette
    x1 UN Uniform
    x2 Weapon Part

    Rammer: Russia Level 360 $350 Million (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Lada C
    x1 Russian Express Mouthguard
    x1 UN Helmet
    x2 Vehicle Part

    MVP: China Level 420 $1.2 Billion (Thanks to Kelex for providing the recipe.)
    x1 Team China Uniform (Great Wall Zombie boss drop)
    x1 Flaming Doubledribble Staff (China Craft Item)
    x2 Gear Part

    Fiery Catapult: China Level 420 $1 Billion (*Thanks to Kelex for the recipes.)
    1x Flaming Basketball (Boss Drop)
    1x Fishing Pole
    1x Rice Bowl (Boss Drop)
    2x Weapon Part

    Titan Thrasher: India Level 450 $2 Billion (*Thanks to Kelex for the recipes.)
    1x Battle Elephant
    2x Mahishasura's Sword
    1x UN Machine Gun (Gift)
    2x Vehicle Part

    Performancetar: India Level 480 $2.2 Billion (*Thanks to Kelex for the recipes.)
    1x Snipertar
    1x Movie Reel
    1x Z-Beats Headphones
    2x Weapon Part

    Stafftana: Japan Level 515 $4 Billion (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Taiko Sticks
    x1 Onyx Naginata
    x1 Throwing Knives
    x2 Weapon Part

    Soran Competitor: Japan Level 525 $2 Billion (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Soran Dance Costume
    x1 Dragon Mawashi
    x1 Wool Hat
    x2 Gear Part

    Bowie Dart: Australia Level 660 $6 Billion (Thanks Martincles for the recipes.)
    x1 Bowie Knife (outlaw outback)
    x1 Digeridoo (Australia mission)
    x1 Throwing Knives (gift)
    x3 Weapon Part

    Cyber Cannon: Nigera Level 720 $8 Billion (Thanks Martincles for the recipes.)
    x1 Cyber Suit (Dembe Boxer fight drop)
    x1 Daewoo K2 (store item)
    x1 UN Machine Gun (gift item)
    x3 Weapon Parts

    Battle Cat: South Africa Level 775 $10 Billion (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Lion
    x1 Blunderbuss
    x1 Emerald
    x3 Vehicle Part

    Swordspinner Hat: Thailand Level 835 $8 Billion (Thanks Kelex.)
    x1 Royal Guard
    x1 Thai Sword
    x1 Stabby Hat
    x3 Gear Part

    Hydrocannon Truck: Mexico Level 935 $11 Billion (Thanks Martincles for the recipes.)
    x1 Firehose (Mexico mission)
    x1 Oshkosh Sandcat (shop)
    x1 UN Jeep (gift)
    x3 Vehicle Part

    Glass Cannon: Argentina Level 1065 $12 Billion (Thanks Martincles for the recipes.)
    x1 Chandelier (Argentina mission)
    x1 Thumper Launcher (shop)
    x1 Aquamarine (gift)
    x3 Weapon Part

    Phoenix: New York City Level 1175 $13 Billion (Credit to Martincles)
    x1 Napalm Bomb
    x1 Pigeon
    x1 Freedom Torch
    x1 Vehicle Part

    Septic Cannon: New Orleans Level 1245 $14 Billion (Credit to Martincles)
    x1 Tee Shirt Cannon
    x1 Septic Truck
    x1 P22 Compact
    x5 Weapon Part

    Laser Battleaxe: San Francisco Level 1330 $15 Billion (Credit to Martincles)
    x1 Laser Cutter
    x1 Protest Sign
    x1 Diamond
    x5 Weapon Part

    Coffee Hose: Seattle Level 1675 $16 billion
    1x Barista Apron
    1x Harpoon Cannon
    1x Water Purifier
    10x Weapon Part

    Thunder Axe: Vancouver Level 1840 $100 million
    1x Throwing Axes
    1x Tazer Baton
    1x Destructive Part

    War Wolf: Anchorage Level 1915 $18 billion
    1x Arctic Wolf
    1x Arctic Armor
    10x Weapon part

    Rollers Royce: St. Petersberg Level 2185 $20 billion
    1x Private Car
    1x Kamaz 5320
    10x Vehicle Part

    Pizza Cutter: Paris level 2395 $30 billion
    1x Rolling Pin
    1x Glass Knife
    1x Fan
    10x Weapon Part
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