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    Sure you can - just keep spending until you outspend THEM! :D
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    Doesn't look like you have permission to do that particular change. I've deleted the poll. :)
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    Thank you kindly @mi7ch ! Have you looked into the possibility of an error or other underlying issues that are causing potential problems on the Forum? As you know, I had problems with adding twenty images per Post and was forced to use a free image hosting service because that issue was never resolved (due to the fact that I was ultimately unable to directly upload the twenty images). Also, shouldn't users have the ability to perform such simple actions like deleting a Poll in a Thread they started (which was also your initial belief)? Having a bit more control in a Thread users have started seems like it would make things easier on everyone! Lastly, is there any chance we could make this Thread a "Sticky", as I believe there are MANY people using it and it's the only complete list I have seen with pictures (and Attack/Defense Strengths of Items as well)? ;)
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    Well done on the list. Personally, I also do not craft, as it does not add value to my loadout. I create them once to assist others when they ask. More work does need to be done on the crafting. Thanks
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    I have put in a good bit of time to create this Thread and include images, strengths/stats of each Item because I could NEVER find one single place where all of the LCN Hidden Blueprint Item Recipes existed in my MANY Google searches when attempting to find certain recipes as I moved up throughout the Game. I have created this Thread so that new (and existing) players could have ONE place to EASILY find ANY Recipe without spending a bunch of time searching the entire internet where some can be found scattered throughout! I have added images, descriptions, and the Attack/Defense Strengths of EVERY Hidden Blueprint Item (including Items I do not even have access to myself yet) so that nobody will have to experience the pain I did when searching for these Recipes every time a new Item is unlocked. I truly hope I have helped (and will continue) to help MANY players by finally providing ONE place with EVERY Recipe, with images, and their stats so you can plan ahead by asking for certain Gifts you may need to create that locked Item - Given the time and work I have put into creating this useful tool, I kindly ask that you PLEASE take just a few quick seconds to give this Thread a "5-Star" Vote/Rating by clicking on the 5th Star found top right of this page (see picture below for location). Thank you!

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    Thanks for the support to everyone who recently cast a 5-Star Vote for this Thread - Your Votes are truly appreciated and make the work and effort put in well worth it! ;)
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    JARVIN Active Member

    bump for those that need it
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    I can't find the second part of the list... :-(
  9. Easy To Remember

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    Not sure what you mean by "second part" - the entire list of Items are all in Post #2..
  10. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the "bump" @JARVIN - Very much appreciated! ;)
  11. The Navigator

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    You should add a description for the recipe items, so we'd know where to get them from. For example:

    Razorblade tophat:
    London – Level: 55
    X1 Assault Rifle (Inventory item)
    X1 Titanium Switchblade [London craftable: x2 fillet knife (London boss drop), x1 L96A1 sniper rifle (inventory)]
    X2 Incriminating Photos (London job drop)
  12. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    If you just hover your mouse over the Item pictures and/or click on the Items they will tell you the Item name, and clicking on them will take you to the City where the Item is located (if applicable). I did state in a previous Post that most of the Items are either from Jobs, Challenges, and most of them are Gifts that players can send one another. It has already taken me MUCH time and work to create the complete list and add pictures! If you would like to gather all of that information and send it to me in a Private Message, I will be more than happy to add those details - otherwise I am hopeful that people will be able to figure out those small details from the descriptions and pictures I have provided and/or network with other players who are willing to help if/when needed! ;)
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  13. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    Another Bump to keep this Thread in the top results for people who use this! ;)
  14. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    Here's some idea I had in mind for the layout. I'll finish the rest some day later, I'm in a hurry right now.

    Razorblade tophat:
    London – Level: 55
    Crafting Cost: $50,000
    X1 Assault Rifle (weapon Inventory)
    X1 Titanium Switchblade (London craftable):
    • x2 fillet knife (London boss drop)
    • x1 L96A1 sniper rifle (weapon inventory)
    X2 Incriminating Photos (London job drop)

    Cellular Gun
    Las Vegas – Level: 90
    Crafting Cost: $150,000
    X1 Gold Brick (Las Vegas craftable):
    • x1 Ithaca 37 (Las Vegas challenge drop)
    • x1 Farmer's shotgun (gift)
    X1 Diamond Knuckles (Las Vegas craftable):
    • x1 Mini Gun (weapon inventory)
    • x1 EMP machine (weapon inventory)
    • x1 Lucky rabbit foot (gift)
    X2 Lead Pipe (Las Vegas boss drop)

    Moscow – Level: 120
    Crafting Cost: $500,000
    X1 Yacht (vehicle inventory)
    X1 S.W.A.T. Bearcat (vehicle inventory)
    X1 Turret-Armed Humvee (vehicle inventory)

    Flamethrower Lamp
    Dubai – Level: 170
    Crafting Cost: $1,000,000
    X1 Sheik’s Scimitar (Dubai craftable):
    • x1 Saudi business intel (Dubai job drop)
    • x1 Dragunov SVU (weapon inventory)
    • x1 blade tonfa (gift)
    X1 Explosive Zippos (gift)
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  15. thank you mate
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  16. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    Here are some more detailed recipes, easytoremember. I'll get back to it later.

    Dragon Cannon

    Shanghai - Level: 210
    Crafting Cost: $7,000,000
    X1 Ninja Spike Chain (Shanghai craftable)
    • x1 Triad cleaver (Shanghai boss drop)
    • x1 Triad machete (Shanghai boss drop)
    X1 Shurikaboom
    • x1 Hunter pistol (Shanghai challenge drop)
    • x1 C4 explosives (gift)

    Transformed Car Robot
    Tokyo – Level: 270
    Crafting Cost: $15,000,000
    X1 Supersonic Train (Tokyo craftable)
    • x1 Nissan skyline (Vehicle inventory)
    • x1 cargo plane (vehicle inventory)
    • x1 Nissan GTR (Tokyo job drop)
    X1 Helicopter (Tokyo job drop)
    X1 RAH-66 Commanche (Tokyo job drop)

    Tequila Flamethrower
    Tijuana – Level: 360
    Crafting Cost: $30,000,000
    X1 Magnum El Diablo (Tijuana craftable)
    • x1 Dynamite (Tijuana job drop)
    • x1 RPG (Tijuana job drop)
    • x1 Chavez FX-05 Xiuhcoatl (Tijuana boss drop)
    X1 Beretta Cheetah (gift)
    X1 Carcano Carbine (gift)

    Magnetic Charges
    Medellin – Level: 420
    Crafting Cost: $60,000,000
    X1 RPG-7 (Medellin challenge drop)
    X1 Information Kit (weapon inventory item)

    RG41 Rolling Thunder
    Johannesburg – Level: 700
    Crafting Cost: $200,000,000
    X1 Safari Jeep (Johannesburg craftable)
    • x1 Maponga armored truck (Johannesburg boss drop)
    • x1 CEO limo (Johannesburg job drop)
    • x1 Pontiac firebird (gift)
    X1 Harley Davidson (Johannesburg job drop)
    X1 Ford Torino (gift)

    Steel Harpoon Gun
    Bangkok – Level: 850
    Crafting Cost: $750,000,000
    X1 Diamond Cleaver (Bangkok craftable)
    • x1 AN-94 assault rifle (Bangkok job drop)
    • x1 Weighted gloves (Bangkok job drop)
    • x1 Broomhandle (gift)
    X1 Attack Chimp (Bangkok craftable)
    • x1 Knuckleduster (Bangkok job drop)
    • x1 Wongsawat dha sword (Bangkok boss drop)
    • x1 Colt detective special (gift)
    X1 Zastava CZ99 (gift)

    Rolex Garrote
    Rio de Janeiro – Level: 1000
    Crafting Cost: $2,000,000,000
    X1 Incendiary AK-47 (Rio de Janeiro craftable)
    • x1 Silva LAPA FA 03 Assault (Rio de Janeiro boss drop)
    • x2 Silva melee dumbell (Rio de Janeiro boss drop)
    X1 Milkor M32 MGL (gift)
    X1 Porsche 911 (gift)
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  17. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    You are VERY welcome @Shanky Gamesac - I am actually VERY pleased to know that players are using the list I created! :)

    WOW - Excellent job on those details @The Navigator - I will most definitely add these (and any future) very specifically detailed bits of information regarding the Hidden Blueprints to my original Post the second I have time! There should be absolutely NO questions when it comes to Crafting Items now - Thank you VERY much! ;)
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  18. Threads like this helps us to determine wether its worth to collect the gift items for certain hidden objects. cheers mate.
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  19. The Navigator

    The Navigator Active Member

    I noticed Palermo and Miami don't have hidden blueprints at all. That's weird... And here are the rest I could write - I'm a mere lvl 2534 Slicer so I don't have access to those high-level blueprints. I think the rest should be correct.

    Attack Gyrocopter

    Crafting Cost: $6,000,000,000
    San Francisco – Level: 1240
    X1 Combat Yacht (San Francisco craftable)
    • x2 Hog (San Francisco job drop)
    • x1 Gridiron pickup (Vehicle inventory)
    • x2 S-Mart boomstick (gift)
    X1 Hot Rod (San Francisco boss drop)
    X1 Gold Jet (Vehicle inventory)

    Crafting Cost: $16,000,000,000
    Sydney – Level: 1720
    X1 Damascus Katana (Sydney craftable)
    • x1 Cyber tags (Sydney boss drop)
    • x1 Dual hatchets (gift)
    • x1 Barbed wire (gift)
    X1 Scimitar (gift)

    Spike Club
    Crafting Cost: $16,000,000,000
    Havana – Level: 2120
    X1 Crisobal M2 (Havana boss drop)
    X1 Boomerang (gift)
    X1 Diamond (gift)

    The Eiffel Laser
    Crafting Cost: $17,000,000,000
    Paris – Level: 2520
    X1 Assassin Baguette (Paris craftable)
    • x1 Baguette launcher (Paris boss drop)
    • x1 Ammo box (gift)
    • x1 Lucky rabbit foot (gift)
    X1 Rolex (gift)
    X1 Digital Recorder (gift)

    Exploding Leprechaun
    Crafting Cost: $17,000,000,000
    Dublin - Level: 3070
    X1 LPO 50 Flamethrower (Dublin job drop)
    X1 Incinerator (gift)

    Roadster Bike
    Crafting Cost: $18,000,000,000
    Prague – Level: 3470
    X1 Jet Quad (Prague craftable)
    • x1 Digital Humvee (Prague boss drop)
    • x1 BMW dirtbike (gift)
    • x1 Tablet (gift)
    X1 RC Bomb (gift)

    Pulse Blaster
    Crafting Cost: $20,000,000,000
    Berlin – Level: 4370
    X1 Panzerfaust (Berlin job drop)
    X1 Shock Gauntlets (gift)

    Crafting Cost: $22,000,000,000
    Madrid – Level: 4920
    X1 Gun Glove (Madrid job drop)
    X1 Detonator (gift)
    X1 Firecrackers (gift)
  20. Easy To Remember

    Easy To Remember Well-Known Member

    Glad to learn people are actually using this Thread & my hard work has helped others! That's what this Thread is ALL about - helping anyone who needs it and thus hopefully creating more long term players! :)
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