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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    Hello everyone,
    We're aware of reports of transferred hi5 players taking advantage of the points they've received in such a way that they are maxing out their squad at a very low level. We agree whole heartedly that this is unfair and not a situation that we either want to tolerate or condone. I do not have specific details as yet, but wanted to make people aware that we will be rectifying this situation as best we can and as soon as possible (read: within a few days).

    Update: that is going live now!
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  2. Arrgh, what are you guys doing now, screwing us(hi5 players) even more??
  3. satanitys

    satanitys New Member

    osea de que me bajaron 225 mobs hired.. y por que razon.. que no les parece justo que yo vine subiendo niveles desde el nivel 1 y cuando andaba en nivel 1800
  4. They didn't screw you in the first place. It was hi5 that screwed you. As far a I know, they're the only developer that gave you anything at all.
  5. Luuzy Salvatore'

    Luuzy Salvatore' New Member

    Pùes jòdanse..!! Todavìa de que la riegan con sus jaladas nos quitan mob por aumentarlos??? que se creen ahh??
  6. satanitys

    satanitys New Member

    que nos quitastes hoy mis 235 mobs hired.. a cambio de esta arma que nos distes TROUBLE SHOOUTER que tiene un ataque 115 y 103 de defensa.. maldita sea esto no es justo !!
  7. Chris Mend

    Chris Mend New Member

    Y no te devolvieron los favor points de esos hired mobs?? Te lo quitaron??
  8. Doug1202

    Doug1202 New Member

    we have work or pay for our points we can do whatever we want with them if you had payed for your clan or weapons would you be happy if they take it away
  9. crip

    crip New Member

    man tha fb player should jus STFU if he ain know wa goin on Doug right how yall goin do tha sayin is unfair yall forget wa we have been doin on hi5 for tha past 800 days? FB PLAYERS U DONT LIKE US HAVING SO MUCH MOB THEN BUY SOME IM SURE KANO WONT MIND....
  10. Doug1202

    Doug1202 New Member

    FB PLAYERS U DONT LIKE US HAVING SO MUCH MOB THEN BUY SOME IM SURE KANO WONT MIND.... hahaahahaha you are right Crip we are just to play with 1500+ mob ,chieftains,clan and now they want us to play with 100 not cool
  11. crip

    crip New Member

    but seriously man they the ones sayin hi5 players suck n what not n still yet they crying to kano(give me a break) is best yall keep ur mouths shut from now on before yall say some otha stupidness yall know yall goin regret
  12. Maler

    Maler Member

    Deltan, you're new to the game, but still you should read the Help and FAQ sections of the games. NO matter how many chieftains you have, you can't use all of them, only proportional to your level ( i am level 500 and have 2000 chieftains, but can only bring in battle 500 chieftains).
  13. Doug1202

    Doug1202 New Member

    plus all the weapons and MATEYS that u need to fill the 2000 clan or chieftains if ur pirat ur going to need 20k weapons and 20k mateys and viking u need 20k warriors and 10k weapons do u think thats posible?
  14. Duke Lajaulaazul

    Duke Lajaulaazul New Member

    What is the goal to have favor points and can't use them? WHEN THE MIGRATION WAS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE FROM HI5 TO FB, YOU DIDN'T TELL US ANY RULE TO EXPEND THEM.
    Deltan, you guys take me off more than 400 hired chieftains at Viking Clan, so then please give me back my favor points.
  15. Duke Lajaulaazul

    Duke Lajaulaazul New Member

    I'm noticed of the message in the "Hired Chieftain" page:
    "Notice for transferred hi5 player: you currently have an excess of 352 hired. Level up to use additional hired members."

    So, we will can use the hired chieftains as we're increasing our level.

    Not cool! I didn't received the "rules to expend your favor points" memo... :/
  16. Kano didn't owe you a damn thing.
  17. Rossi

    Rossi New Member

    "Notice for transferred hi5 player: you currently have an excess of 33 hired. Level up to use additional hired members." What is the meaning of this? Those 33 hired guns will be available again as I'll grow up some more levels?
  18. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Kano didn't owe Hi5 players anything, but it was Kano who came up with these packages. Hi5 players are just playing with what Kano gave them.

    The whole point of these package was to get Hi5 players to start on another net work, to keep playing.

    Kano don't care about the hammering Hi5 players have gotten since starting on either MS or FB, yet as soon as Hi5 players builds up and do well for themselves they have what Kano gave them to keep playing, taken back off them.

    I've gotta be missing something here, because that just seems very unfair.
  19. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Kano, first you take back 1000 FPS, now you take back 515 Hired guns, this game just become to complicated.
    Thanks for everything, good by.
  20. Aalex Preutescu

    Aalex Preutescu New Member

    runnunig out of patience

    i used to play on hi5, i got the transfer package and i did with it best i could play this game and besides that i was frustrated that in the package i didn`t received my income specified , now you even took 40% of my hg.
    i would like to make a suggestion : give all of us the fp spent on those hired guns so we can spent them in guns for example. thanks and have a good day
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