Game Update: Rivals Heal Link Adjustment

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. God of Bacon

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    I however do agree that the skull heal should be brought back. I'll be the first to admit the real reason. I'm lazy and don't want to pay attention while I'm healing. Countless times I've taken my wireless mouse and just left the computer to do something more productive while riding the list. Hell, when i get listed and start riding that's usually the incentive for me to do something else besides play the game since i have to stay on the heal button. Also for the people who always assume heal bots, it really isn't hard to just take the mouse with you and keep clicking while you go and make dinner, watch a movie, go to the bathroom, ect.
  2. Fusheng

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    Eric moving my mouse around isnt gonna help the fact that because there is a fast heal skull and us players chose to raise our health big time to ride the list then its been taken away because its a way of detecting cheats ?
    we now being penalised because of bots
    surely you can use other methods of detection then resorting to removing the rivals skull heal
    thats taken out alot of the fun now as riding the HL was a big part of our play
  3. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    wont make a difference im very good at bounty hunting so if i get a lot does that mean im usieng something ? it wont matter as big health helps alot in bounty hunting as you can carry on attacking while others have to reheal
  4. God of Bacon

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    I too am against skill point reallocation. Although I have the say in an instance like this I am for it as long as it is limited. This is like in the past when ZS changed their Max energy from 10k to 4500 and a friend of my put 9000 skill points into energy he was pretty pissed, but they were fair and gave him a partial reset. Did the heal button affect my decision? No, if I was offered a reallocation at this point I would turn it down being very happy with my account, but not everyone is like me.
  5. Aceman41287

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    Without being rude Kendall you seriously have no idea then if that is how you think....... my reason for saying this is due to people wanting to ride the hitlist in a NON-CHEATING way by clicking the mouse on the heal button well that has just been removed altogether and nobody will last more than 10-15 seconds tops. The way i have built my mobster is in such a way that when i go up on the hitlist i can ride a short time but this has just made that even shorter.

    Personally i think this is a VERY BAD update and again you guys go changing what people are used too and the more you change the more people are getting upset and thinking "sod it, why bother with this game". I know of a lot of people who have done this and not returned. I just hope you come to your senses and see this is not beneficial to reduce the amount of bot users its just making things harder for those who play legit.
  6. So what

    So what Member


    about time those that didnt invest in their skill points for health were getting away with a misuse of the feature

    skill allocation is all personal i get that but if you have invested in health att and def and you can heal using the health button
    you can still sucessfully ride the hitlist ..FACT

    having the luxury of just adding to def and not any other skill and having a little heal button to spam was making a joke of any player who invested in a solid build

    we all know whom to thank in any given game on a knao platform ...who could not possibly be able to ride without a bot or script

    shame on anyone for not sending in all the links that are like confetti around the game at present
    its simply not good enough to justify it by saying
    "its the price of doing business"

    many are out there who can build a sucessful account without the "aids" of a bot or a script and should not be peanalised for those who dont trust their own skill or play

    so KUDOS

    WIPE OUT ALL THE SCRIPTS AND BOTS ...plenty will return if they see an open and honest CONTEST
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Well i def not going to argue your statements.....of course players should get XP for attacking someone regardless of whether its hitting someone on bounty or off their rival page. But it doesnt make"perfect sense" that a player being attacked while on the bounty doesnt get any XP....that part makes zero sense and your comments dont even go into that part of the comparison.

    This subject has been debated many times here in the forums and I think now that Kano has "tweaked " the skull heal tab.....its a good time to revisit that debate. To be perfectly honest.....I thought when Kano installed the skull heal tab one of their intentions for doing so was to help players heal on bounty for 3 reasons... 1) allow players that couldnt previously ride the opportunity to do so....which in turn allowed.... 2) ....more players the opportunity to get to a bounty before it was gone. 3) To help battle levelers speed up the process because o the already distinct disadvantage in comparison to boss leveling. It actually achieved all these things.....but we now know this was not Kanos intent rather just a very "fortunate" yet unintended side effect which just so happens to be seemingly enjoyed a great deal by the vast majority of players.

    I actually didnt like it when the skull heal tab was first introduced......but looking back now I realize my reasons were pretty selfish and short sighted. I was/am predominantly a boss leveler....I didnt understand why battle levelers needed n additional leg up when at the lesser levels battle leveling was an extremely fast and cheap way to level. I also took it as another slap in the face as it allowed more players to ride the bounty list without all the additional time and resources it took adding to health and defense(Which btw is another reason why players should recieve XP while riding the list). Before the skull heal tab their was literally a very small handful of players that could ride the list based on the actual strength of their account and SP allocation. With so little to do at the higher levels it was one area of the game in which they enjoyed all to themselves and had little or no negative impact on the rest of the game. They installed the skull heal tab and poof....everybody and their sister could seemingly ride the list over night. Overtime I realized that the skull heal tab was actually a good thing for the 3 reasons I listed previously. But now that they have "tweaked" it...not only has it taken away the "unintended" positives... its gone even further in that some players didnt really see as much need/reason to add as much to those particular attributes. When one considers how long the skull heal tab actually worked that way....thats a looong time players were allowed to make SP allocation decisions based on "unintended " side effects. I still dont understand how Kano let this go so long in the first definitely wasn't a secret as it has been talked about and discussed here in the forums since its inception. It could be argued that some of the attributes that help one ride the list are also good for the arena but lets not forget that the arena came to be well after the skull heal tab and that the arena was intended to be completely separate from the main game. In the end.....Kano took way to long in getting around to this "tweaking", players built their account on and around this aspect of the game only to have stripped away overnight without any open debate on whether the players were in agreement or not. "unintentional or not it had become a pivotal point of many players game and Kano stripping them of it with little or no warning simply isnt right. In games that are already struggling in terms of participation numbers....I cant help but wonder if this was a horrible mistake.

    So now that the skull heal tab has been "tweaked" to the way it was originally intended we are back to only a very select few being able to ride the list for any substantial amount of time.....that makes it once again a very impressive feat due to its rarity. So why shouldn't these players be rewarded for all their hard work and impressive numbers? How is an attack while on bounty different than any other attack? It doesnt work that way for the attacker. The person on bounty still needs to pay for healing do they not? A win is still a win and a loss is still a loss is it not? The results of the attacks are still based on the strength and or weaknesses of our individual accounts are they not? They only way a player is getting off the bounty is to die and lose XP is it not?

    Why is it all upside for the attacker and all downside for the listee? It could be argued that it is not all upside for the attacker...they can attack and even be killed while attacking, there is also the 24 retaliation window. But isnt that a moot point for the simple reason that they have a choice whether to attack or not? Nobody is forcing them to go for that bounty....the rewards are potentially makes sense that there would be consequences. They have a choice. Now on the other hand....the listee has no choice on whether they are listed or not and we all know damn well that someone doesnt have to be guilty of some dastardly deed to get listed. Their is but one thing that is certain when put up on bounty and that is death and its corresponding loss of XP.....regardless of the reasons behind the listing.

    One of the most common things ive read or heard about why XP is not awarded to those on the bounty is that it could be easily abused and used for leveling purposes. Not only do I disagree with that.....but who cares if it could be used for leveling purposes....isnt leveling one of the thing were all trying to do? Isnt building ones account strong enough to ride the list not only impressive but worthy of obtaining a few levels when at at a stage of the game in which their is already much less to do?

    Players also argue that a player that rides gets a rival list....thats pretty much a joke. Players that can ride for a substantial amount of time are among the highest level players in the game. The players that end up on their rival page usually end up dead in a few hits or the XP is so crappy its not worth the stamina usage.

    Being a higher level that has ridden the bounty page for hours on end even when the games were at their height of participation I know these things to be true. The number of players that attack falls off significantly after only a few minutes when players realize the futility of it all. Sure...every now n then u will get some lil level whos greed over rides their sensibilities and they will sit there and click away for hours....but the measly XP they could potentially give wouldnt add up to squat in terms of leveling the higher leveled player. So who cares if a player is sitting on the list for hours and picking up some paltry amount of XP? OH NO....maybe their using a bot! Wouldnt them sitting on bounty healing with a bot make them a prime target for Kano? Some might argue that higher level alts or friends could sit there and hit the person on bounty in an effort to level them. Ummmm....they can do that whether the person is on bounty or not ....right?

    What about the person attacking a player on bounty that actually wins yet still cant take the target down? Whos racking up the XP now? There is no limit to the number of times you can hit someone on bounty....they could essentially level forever limited only by the amount of stamina they want to burn. Is that an intended result of the bounty system? Heres an example...... Player (A) can beat player (B) but they know they cant take them off bounty due to player (B) having high health and defense. So player (A) has their cash cow alt or even a friend (player (C)) list player (B) so they can level off them for as long as (B) stays up there and they still have the potential of getting the coin. This could also be done between friends to skirt the 5K attack limit. Is that not abusing a loophole? So we will reward that but not reward the player who took the time and resources to build their account strong? That sounds pretty ass backwards if ya ask me.
  8. So what

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    THERE is no way you can level doing bosses the exp is floored as many of my bosses most ppl could not even attack as the att def is way to high for their build and the exp reward is SHOCKING its so low

    the issue was BOT healers and SCRIPTS that were not making a level playing ground

    higher levels NEVER had a fight list ....that's why your build allowed you to ride the hit list hence giving you a rivals list to have a fight stat
    nothing has changed there......I can still ride the list with a build I doubt knao ever expected anyone to build

    BUILD been the operative word ......
  9. So what

    So what Member

    YOU dont GET ANY exp attacking on the hitlist in zombies
  10. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    ZS is completely diff than the other 3, an unfortunate result of that is that its not really considered in many debates that affect the other 3 differently. Personally....If a player who is on the HL doesnt get any XP than the people attacking someone on the HL shouldnt get any either. The potential reward should be enough or both parties should be treated equally and awarded xp.

    In regard to you first reply....what are u talking about? Of course you can level with bosses....its the way most players do it now. Once again ZS is a completely diff game and revolves much more around energy. Comparing it to the other 3 is apples and oranges
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    How does this update catch more bot users? What benefit was their from auto healing while on bounty? At the highest of levels any rival list obtained from riding the list doesnt amount to much if anything. Like I said.....They either die in a couple of hits or the XP is so minimal its not worth the stamina burn.
  12. So what

    So what Member

    sorry dont know what apples and oranges your buying

    energy is capped and they have to spend UN to keep using it so thats a moooot point

    bosses well i have bosses over levels 500 - 750 and they dont give me crap exp for doing them
    hence i need lower level bosses

    the thread was about BOTS and misuse of a feature that MANY would not have been able to use due to their builds

    and apparently that works all ACROSS the platforms :cool:
  13. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Pretty much everything is capped....not sure where your going with that. My comment in regards to leveling with bosses was in direct reply to your comment of "THERE is no way you can level doing bosses", thats simply not an accurate statement as it was written.

    I know what the thread was about ....I was giving my opinions/thoughts on that subject and other aspects affected by this update. I was not criticizing ZS in any way ...i was merely pointing out in it was different and how some updates affect the games differentlly because of those differences.
  14. DMQ

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    With my phone i click the rivals link then heal, if you click anywhere else on the screen the blanking message disappears instantly, this should be teh same with tablets, so if we use 2 fingers is that cheating ?
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    I cant see that as being considered cheating but definitely advantages as it pertains to this update. Just another unintended side affect I suppose....wonder if they will try to remedy that as
  16. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    I think the point has been totally missed about catching autohealers.

    It's not how fast someone heals that does not make a blind bit of difference...It's for how long AND the attacking an opponent with no retaliation while they just carry on healing, i.e not ambushes or attacks back.

    I really have no idea how this change makes it a level playing field for all.

    I am well aware there are certain freezes in place to catch healers. Obviously this hasn't worked.
    When this change came into place yesterday I still found a player healing on Lcn took them to over 1k attacks and they used protection against me!!

    This change has just about killed my game...I ask my friends to list me for fun so I get rivals.
    I hunt I have just under 40k hitlist kills...The skull was a great way for people to be able to heal and ALL hunters got the chance to get a hitlist kill. Now we are just going to see flashes where just certain players will get the kills over and over again :(

    Cara the dev who used to be here infact used to list me alot on Lcn and I would heal using the skull...This new change is not a good one so could we please have it reversed.
  17. Aceman41287

    Aceman41287 Member

    so how exactly did you work out that you cannot level by just doing bosses?? the bigger your health the more damage you do which in turn gives more xp so you are wrong there and as for a previous comment you made about the fact you can still ride the list, it all depends how many big mobsters you have hitting you at the same time. i GUARANTEE you couldnt last as long now if you had some of us hitting you ALL at the same time.
  18. God of Bacon

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    What are you talking about? You certainly do get xp attacking people on hitlist or off hitlist.
  19. God of Bacon

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    Also I forgot to bring this up. I can plug in a second mouse, have another cursor come up, and then still heal perfectly fine. All this is going to do is make people go out and buy a second mouse. I can take a 2 minute walk down to staples right now and get a cheap one for $5 if I really wanted, but I already have 2 so no need.
  20. Linda

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    Slight Correction, Cara was the support person , Not a dev :)

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