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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BitterSweet, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Honestly try and read what you wrote !
    Of course we have to come here and complain with our issue when KANO just send out a standard mail and dont return any further mails.
    As I said in MY OWN TREAD I was level 584 in 66 days HOW can that be camping ??? it is a hunt on SOME HI5 players.
    Relentless who is/was my faction member has a much higher fight and kill rate and lower level. She dont get banned why ?? she is a moderator. another one from hi5 got banned with 2500 fight kills is that to much ? honest to say the way they banned players dont make sense at all. AND I CAN ONLY SEE IT AS A WITCH HUNT ON OLD HI5 PLAYERS.
    If they want to banned players for camping they should do it to all not just hi5 players. Further more they should either set up rules how many levels per day or give warnings but they do either.
    Actually you can say that if you dont stay anonymous as an old HI5 player you will get banned.
  2. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    I have NEVER heard of any other game banning someone for this.While I see where this is coming from,the levels gained and the days played seem pretty matched up.Not many would see that as camping.Now,if you're level 584 and been playing 584 days while being active every single day,then that could be considered camping.
  3. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    I have missed all this drama that goes on here lol
    Good luck for all former hi5 players, you'll need it!
  4. LoL guess most didn't have the luck. 9 of 23 left of my faction. Lucky I didn't spend money as planned on this game.
    Guess its only a question of time before we are all banned :eek:
  5. David Stroud

    David Stroud Member

    There was a time I went several months hardly playing the Kano games on both Facebook and MySpace. It was because I was ill and had computer problems. Then when I got back together, I rose very quickly in rankings and stats.

    Now, if someone plays very little because some issues outside of the game where they look like they have not advanced and racked up the win/lose record? It may not mean they are camping. They play to get their daily gamer points in to stay active. There was a time a few weeks ago for a few days when I was not feeling well, I play only to get my dailies in. I guess that players should email Kano the reason why they looked like they are camped there at low levels.
  6. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    yes there are lots of reasons some camp but there are genuine reasons like you already mentioned
    ie they play other games or they busy at work or family life is hectic
    just because someone camps doesnt mean its suspect unless there feed shows different
  7. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    The issue of "camping" is only for the ex Hi5 players who took a UN package. Everyone else is free to play as they like.
  8. BitterSweet

    BitterSweet Active Member

    Lol - QED
    Lets see this game is for everyone and we all have to play on the same rule, why do players who came from hi5 needs to get "a special treatment" ??? we are all now on the same game and they should treat all the players the same because we should be equal.This is what i mean when i say this is witch hunt.Is not fair like this and in my dictionary this is called discrimination!
    Do Kano forgets that for more then 2 years we did play on hi5 and supported them there???

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