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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Christopher Gregory, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Christopher Gregory

    Christopher Gregory New Member


    I first emailed support about this, but it is not a bug with my account and someone *may* be able to assist with this here.

    I joined a syndicate that was NOT at war (had feature disabled) and now they have enabled it and I have lost my protection.

    Will leaving the syndicate re-enable that protection, or because of their decision do I perminantly loose the remaining 8 days?

    It seems rather unfair if I do loose the protection perminantly as this was not a choice of mine. I like being able to build up defence/attack etc without having to constantly watch my back.

    I want to enjoy the game and help other new players advance. I am not interested in warring.


  2. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    As our wonderful Support person mentioned through Support, joining a syndicate involved in a war or one who later enables war mode will permanently remove your new-player protection for the sake of having a fair competition. Unfortunately, leaving the syndicate won't re-enable your protection, although finding a good group of players should offset any difficulties the pre-emptive removal might cause. :)
  3. Christopher Gregory

    Christopher Gregory New Member


    Thank you for your response, but I am NOT happy. One syndicate leader has NO right to destroy a persons game. This is totally WRONG.

    As I have done programming, I know that this feature would be able to be turned on again, but I know that the choice is entirely the developers.

    In this situation people should not be penalised due to one high level players urge to war with others.

    I am getting attacked by level 1700 players.

    Please provide me with the new protection as this is making me seriously think about dropping out of the game. I worked hard to build up before I joined a syndicate and have spent some real money, though not a lot on purchasing favour points.



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