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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jon DeCou, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Jon DeCou

    Jon DeCou New Member

    Here is where I stand with my fight strength totals:

    Attack: 93,790 (armed 934)
    Defense: 94,713 (armed 926)

    I have bought several balanced weapons from the premium store and have those loaded out. I am just under 14,000 health points too. I have been focusing on buying additional mob members since my recruiting is at 1000. I currently have 1073 mob members. I am a level 907. I can not figure out how to get my ability to win fights to go up. I have been told by everyone and their brother on what I need to focus on. Whether it be my attack/defense sp points, to health, to building up my stamina to just grind, to building weapons and weapons in the workshop. I already have and continue to build weapons in the workshop. What I am seeing is that that is having little to no effect on my fight strength totals. I have noticed that when I upgrade my health, my strength goes up. Should I just focus on building up my health totals now? I have nearly 900 stamina right now and it usually lasts me for a couple level ups. My goal is to start winning more fights so i am able to start leveling up a lot faster. I usually level up around 5-7 times a day. I have had people say to buy the premium items that are top heavy on attack (300+) but I do not see the reason why you would want to buy those as you are going to be light on the other side, opening you up to heavy counter attacks. Am I understanding the whole attack/defense concept?
  2. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    First off IMO look at how much mobbies the people you are fighting have ,if they have more, ya prob gonna lose most fights, getting that second 1,000(hired) mobbies, with FP, it will make a difference, so stop buy limited items until you have the 1,000 hired mobbies.
  3. Jon DeCou

    Jon DeCou New Member

    I bought the items that I am equipped with now towards the beginning. The ones that I attack are those that have less mobbies than I do. If I attack someone who is close to me in mobbies and level, I will lose 99% of the time. In order to get my gamer points every day, I have been only attacking those in the whacked mobsters. This does not help me with trying to level up faster.
  4. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Don't be in hurry to level, concentrate on being strong and Definitely get those hired mobbies
  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Health enables you to deal more damage overall as well. It's also a good idea to study the Fight details when you hit an opponent, that should give you an idea of where you're your problems might lie.
  6. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison New Member

    dont for get your personal attack and defense ----skill points-------
  7. Jon DeCou

    Jon DeCou New Member

    Take a look...I stopped putting into defense when I noticed that there was no help adding SPs to attack/defense. It was not evident that it made any sense to keep wasting those SPs on those categories. Fight Skills.jpg SP.PNG
  8. Jon DeCou

    Jon DeCou New Member

    Level 934 too...check the the personal loadout Personal Loadout.jpg
  9. true blood

    true blood Member

    Hello Jon i looked into your stats and i can give you some advice.English is not my native so forgive my grammer mistakes.

    First of all before build anything your first goal must be reach 2k mob size.So you can be use 2k weapon-vehicle-armor.Even you have strong stuffs its no chance you can reach your max potential.

    Second advice about how can you use workshop correctly ? For that you must know what stuffs do you using rght now.So attack someone on your fightlist once on fight screen click [Show Details] and copy past all your attack stuffs (weapon-armor-vehicle) to the a notepad page and save it.After that ask a friend to attack you once and tell them click [Show Detail] as you did before and make sure save your defance stuffs (weapon-armor-vehicle) and sent you on fb message or normal message on fb chat.So now you know your correct size of everything ( you can see them on stockpile-inventory menu too but you can see everything what you have there.We want to know what are we using right now.We using best attack and defance gears X our mob size.So this is why we prefer long way).

    Now we can see is workshop worth to create ? Cause we can know our min effective stuffs so we can compare with workshop stuffs.
    For example you said 1037 mob you had that.After saved all stuffs on clean notepad page click stockpile then inventory then choose stuff type (weapon-armor-vehicle) then click sort by and choose attack or defance (if workshop item defance stuff choose defance if attack stuff then choose attack) and click filter and choose ""i own"".

    And after all that you can see last stuff you can use with stats and you can compare and choose correctly.For example with notepad list you saw your last attack weapon stat 30 attack and 23 defance.And weapon on workshop you thinking create has a stat 33 attack and 30 defance.That means wih creating 1 of this item you can get extra 3 attack point from that weapon.I dont know how i can write more understandable if English my native i can explain better hope you get the point at least :)

    And about spent skill points.You can spent once and no restart option so you must think wisely before using it.For a build strong character i can tell you energy is a completly unnecessary.So 500 is enough but you reached 1000 so stop adding it.It wont help or effecting fighting later.About health, health does couple effects on couple things.Health helps you do more damage and getting more experience while doing boss fights.It helps get you more experience while you fight wons.Gives you more damage while ambushing your target.And gives your more success chance while huntin and give you more chance trying to ride on the list.So health is important skill.Now lets talk stamina.Its all up to you.Early on game if you wanna strong quickly you can prefer less stam and much att and def.But there is couple things later on game.Every leveling your just 50 stam refreshed but with a refill option you can get full stamina.And without stamina you cant attack, you cant ambush, you cant hunt, so simply you can do nothing.So i prefer after the times be sure at least you get 1500 stam.With that way if you find level partner you can level really quick cause later on game you need much much experience and its not easy with regular fight list fights.

    And lets talk about att and def.These 2 directly join effect of you can win while attack or defend so they are important.Much attack can make you strong but less defance ?this is serious later on game people can chain you if your defance low so even you can win couple you can loose reall much and maybe you can die with normal attack cause your low defance so never think att is important.Defance is more important in this game cause there is boost option you can win by more stamina but there is not boost option for your defance.Hope this message helps you little bit.Cheers.

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  10. faii

    faii New Member

    If u wanna lvl up fast, there's only 3 things u need.
    1) 1 or more Leveling partner to do 5k fights with u everyday
    2) Time, lvling takes time.
    3) Stamina, 8k stamina per 5k fights that's how much u gonna need.

    FYI, The rest of energy atk def doesn't help u to lvl fast.
  11. coolestcool

    coolestcool Member

    In addition to what @true blood suggested, you'll need to start joining boss fights with good rewards. They can be gotten in large quantities(with goods stats as well) easily than any other means. You're already on the right track with your skill points allocation. It is all about finding the right balance between leveling and strength. The higher your leveling rate, the better your chances of getting stronger. Hence I'll suggest that you use your skill points this way;for every 20 sp, add +5 stamina, +5 health, +5 attack.
    When your stamina gets to 1500, adjust to; for every 25 sp, add +5 stamina, +5 health & +10 attack. Later on when stamina gets to 2500, you may change to +5 stamina, +5 health, +10 defense & +5 attack for every 30 skill points you get. You may make some adjustments along the line by sharing some parts of the attack with defense instead of all out attack. It all depends on you and how you want your character to be but don't ignore your stamina, health & boss fights since you want to win those on your fight list.

    As for boss fights, the best/easier way to get those with good rewards is by joining a syndicate/group whose members have unlocked those bosses and they share theirs among themselves. When attacking these bosses, aim for minimum damage required to be rewarded then move on to others unless you come across those with good xp return and you have the stamina. Remember its all about getting the right balance between xp/leveling and strength. Same applies for attack and defense. Worry about attack first then later on defense because revenge is sweet.
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