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  1. Opsman116

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    is there a way to keep someone from attacking you? I can’t play the game anymore as every time I heal myself to fight bosses they are there waiting to kill me. I do mean every time also. Like just sitting there watching for me to get on and renew my health. Tried rigging and all that does is makes them attack me until I have no more rigs then I am dead again. Why I don’t like theses kind of games There should be a limit on attacks per day from one person
  2. ajui

    ajui Member

    yes. if you stay dead then no one will attack you. lol 2nd option get stronger. 3rd option change platform. server 1/fb has too many people on all level with no life. they always there 24/7. i don't really like it there.. i prefer server 2 and kong/armor server. less player and more peaceful there.. wait a minute! what platform you're on again? 4th option change game. wait, what the game you play again? but sounds like LCN there.. yup, i think that is the most troublesome game with most troublesome player. ;)
  3. Kirsten

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    Everyone experiences this from time to time, My advice figure out when this player is online and don't heal then, it ia s PVP fighting game so ya have to accept that people are gonna attack theses are not peaceful games they are fighting games, there is always gonna be someone stronger, I imagine you are on this persons fight list, so the person is just playing the game. Learn the game, do adventures and coop bossed get those drops and learn to craft, get your full clan, and just ignore the person, we have all been there, I would rather take it as a challenge to get stronger and get my revenge lol.
  4. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    limit is 5k times per day :)
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  5. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    Complainer? sounds like a crybaby that can't take the heat boohoooooo deal with it lol If you join kano games you are gonna expect to be attack daily dont matter who it is an the only way to over come that you will have to 1. have 1,000 Mobbies 2.1,000 hired guns 3. let someone teach you how to craft or what you might need to craft if it comes to it an buy items that you need for whether you wanna be all attack or defense the choice is yours :) make sure you work on your income per hour which raises the cost of the bounty an make it hard for them to put you up but I doubt that would work cause everyone as bank these days like over 100 quad LoL

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