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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wonder Bread, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Wonder Bread

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    We have had a number of players express frustration about certain aspects of their fight list, and because of this we've made some changes that should help with this!

    Fight list sourcing has been changed for players over level 1000, as there were some issues preventing players from seeing many (or any) players on their fight list. Players over level 1000 will now have more players sourced on their fight list, which should make it much more likely that there's always someone on your fight list.

    It's also important to mention that this update came from feedback we've received from the community both here in the forums and through support. Thanks for being awesome, and helping us make the game even more awesome!

    Note: If you're still experiencing fight list issues (no out of range opponents, blank list, etc.) please send us a message through Support so we can take a look. :)
  2. Huuummm....
    Not sure what this new fightlist is supposed to look like but here is a copy and paste of mine

    No squads available in your range, check back soon.

    I'll give it a day or two before I send a support ticket.
  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    What level are you Midnight? This should not have made anyone's situation worse but I have been wrong in the past. Like 1 time only though... maybe twice.
  4. slave

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    i keep waiting to see something different....but im not sure how anything you did will change a thing for me

    heres what i see
    No squads available in your range, check back soon.

    so ......you increased visibility in over 1000 level fight lists.....which gave them a bigger fight list than they had before
    and yet people with no fight lists, still have no fight lists, im failing to see any balance in this

    heres my suggestion
    since you apparently havent figured out things are changing and people are getting to levels you never even considered when you programmed the game, its time to start changing things
    the variation of the listing game needs to change
    the variation of the fight list needs to change
    the rule of under 300 even needs to change

    lets be honest for a little bit
    i can list a level 301 for a long long time without sweating it
    if they have anywhere near the cash to list me once, they will be broke for a month, yeah i know once in a while a bacon king will emerge and have hit the list and scored some cash but base price of 100 billion versus 1 million, thats apples and oranges

    im not sure what the rule is anymore for listing but it needs to be looked into
    im not sure what the rule is for fighting but it absolutely needs to be looked into, it used to be 10 percent which is a great rule for under 100, not so good for 1000-2000 and absolutely bites the big one 2000-3000 and over 3000? forget it ....not to mention over 4000 who is so far into no mans land he doesnt even have undeads (which is unfair for him)
    so i think you need to revisit the percentages as people get bigger and extend the ranges and yeah i know all the people will cry and whine about how unfair it is blah blah blah but they dont see this every day all day "No squads available in your range, check back soon."

    how many people in the top 10 in levels are in the top 30 for fights won?
    how many people in the top 30 in levels are in the top 30 for fights won?


    kano go back to the drawing board and fix your game
  5. Sorry about my late response, time is a precious commodity that I seem to be running low on these days. LOL

    Level 1190 Machinist and the situation hasn't gotten worse I was just saying that it didn't appear that anything had changed for me.
    I have noticed a few more targets than usual on my fightlist however I do still see "No squads available in your range, check back soon." more often than I see those beloved little red buttons. :cool:
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  6. God of Bacon

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    I actually came up with an idea that could solve it.
    It was buried back on the third page and I just revived it after reading these posts.

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