Facebook/Kano Play Server 1 Add-Me Thread!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Jhon Parks, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. ChefD_74

    ChefD_74 New Member

  2. rewertyn

    rewertyn New Member

  3. ChefD_74

    ChefD_74 New Member

  4. Warlock The Slayer

    Warlock The Slayer New Member

  5. Just Leo

    Just Leo New Member

  6. _-V-_

    _-V-_ New Member

    Code: 24C624
  7. hello guys, I see on my mobile announcement:shielded Crates are now available..view now.....................?????were please??????
    MOB WARS LCN KANO/APPS........................I donot see it on mobile guys
  8. Rakat

    Rakat New Member

    New but daily player seeking connections.
    Code: 564426
  9. djdano316

    djdano316 New Member

  10. M Rafiq A

    M Rafiq A New Member

    My code : 9C098C
  11. Wilhelmus Waanders

    Wilhelmus Waanders New Member

    hehe now finally i got y remarks.I only see y code.does not work in my MOB WARS and LCN.
  12. Wilhelmus Waanders

    Wilhelmus Waanders New Member

    disturbing events.I cannot even apply a invite code and Mit7chel is only busy with his number of questions and answers.I HATE KANO/APPS and FORUM.

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  13. Wilhelmus Waanders

    Wilhelmus Waanders New Member

  14. ChefD_74

    ChefD_74 New Member

  15. Randy Jenkins

    Randy Jenkins Active Member

    33C102 need more help
  16. Deatgnoodle

    Deatgnoodle New Member

  17. iDeals

    iDeals New Member


    Add Please :)
  18. Bartrab

    Bartrab New Member

    Add me please..
    My code: 9F88A4
  19. QQruza

    QQruza New Member

  20. Grunt

    Grunt New Member

    My code 9738DB

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