Facebook/Kano Play Server 1 Add-Me Thread!

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by mi7ch, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. linda mino mckeen

    linda mino mckeen New Member

  2. Monique

    Monique New Member

    275DD5 add me
  3. travail

    travail New Member

  4. MrOptimistic

    MrOptimistic New Member

  5. Fantasie

    Fantasie New Member

  6. Nancy Bilotta

    Nancy Bilotta New Member

    New player add me BC1492
  7. Maceo

    Maceo New Member

  8. Edwin Alvarez

    Edwin Alvarez New Member

  9. Paul Elliott

    Paul Elliott New Member

  10. hagbart

    hagbart New Member

  11. Pirate John

    Pirate John New Member

  12. gods people

    gods people Active Member

  13. Peter0812

    Peter0812 New Member

  14. HUCK

    HUCK New Member

    New player looking for a family and members need guidance in the right direction on the game as well any help would be appreciated 269109146788842
  15. killer killuminati

    killer killuminati New Member

  16. welcome,i try, MOB WARS LCN or MOB WARS....................my invite code is 7FA462 LCN game.
  17. bogart

    bogart New Member

    There is a post in the forum for Kong site , you are on the Server 1 post ..
    use this for the kong site to recruit
  18. The Gab 03

    The Gab 03 New Member

    I am a new member,
    Your User Id: 10203773534883934

    Joined 96 days, 23 hours ago yo! ;)

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